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    Links of London

    Discover the latest from Links of London. Stunning women's jewellery, watches and jewellery for men. From earrings and necklaces to our iconic charm bracelets to cufflinks and much more. We provide the perfect gift for someone special, or simply something special for yourself. Personalised pieces are at the top of everyone's wishlist, take a look at our engraving service to mark a memory with a special message.

    Links of London Open Heart Rose Gold Opal Ring 5045.7665

    Inspired By The Playful Spirit Of Love, This Rose Gold Vermeil Ring Features A Trilogy Of Pink Opals To Signify Compassion. The Reimagined Heart Silhouette Is Both Elegant And Unique And Is The Perfect Style To Stack With Multiple Rings.

    Jewellery, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Diamonds

    Links of London Open Heart Monstone Ring 5045.7657

    Three Moonstone Cabochon Gemstones Unite In The Centre Of A Sterling Silver Heart Motif, Representing Intuition. A Subtle Statement Piece, This Sterling Silver Heart Ring Makes The Perfect Gift, Or As A Treat To Self To Remind You To Stay True To The Passions And People You Hold In Your Heart.

    Jewellery, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Diamonds

    Links Of London Endless Love Small Hoop Earrings 5040.4152

    Small And Discreet Yet Imbued With Romance, These Delicate Rose Gold Vermeil Heart Hoop Earrings Are An Original Take On The Classic Hoop. As Part Of The Wholehearted Collection, They Symbolise The Enduring Nature Of Love In A Sleek Design That Is Effortlessly Alternative. Wear With Our Endless Love Medium Heart Hoop For A Blended, Layered Style.

    Links Of London Endless Love Stud Earrings 5040.4143

    Our Rose Gold Vermeil Heart Stud Earrings Pay Homage To The Iconic Silhouette That Encapsulates Our Greatest Passions. The Minimalist And Sleek Design Means These Earrings Can Be Layered With Any Hoop Or Drop Earring Or Gifted To Someone Special.

    Jewellery, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Diamonds

    Links Of London Endless Love Climber Earrings 5040.4146

    Our Rose Gold Vermeil Climber Stud Earring From The Wholehearted Collection Features Three Hearts That Follow One Another. Each Silhouette Locks Together To Form The Iconic Endless Love Motif. Confident And Chic, This Climber Stud The Perfect Partner To Simple Hoops Or Worn Alone As A Singular Statement.

    Links Of London Endless Love Small Heart Bracelet 5010.4243

    The Elegance Of A Simple Heart Silhouette Is Captured By This Modern Rose Gold Vermeil Bracelet From Our Wholehearted Collection. Each Interlocking, Three-Dimensional Heart Plays On The Contrast Between A Smooth And Polished Metal Finish For A Stylish, Contemporary Piece To Add To Your Jewellery Collection. Stack Two Or More Endless Love Mini Heart Bracelets In Contrasting Metals To Personalise Your Style.

    Links of London

    Links Of London Endless Love Small Heart Choker Necklace 5020.3972

    A Rose Gold Heart Necklace With A Difference, This Unique Design Features Interlocking Hearts That Symbolise The Endless Love Stories That Unfold Around Us Every Day. Each Heart Silhouette Combines Polished Rose Gold Vermeil Edging With A Satin Centre For A Contemporary Finish. Layer Multiple Endless Love Mini Heart Chokers To Create A Unique Style.

    Jewellery, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Diamonds

    Links Of London Endless Love Small Hoop Earrings 5040.4151

    Fall In Love With Our Yellow Gold Vermeil Heart Hoop Earrings That Use The Simple Motif Of A Heart Silhouette To Echo The Spirit Of Our Wholehearted Collection. Ideal For Making A Subtle Statement, They Can Be Worn As A Pair Or One Ear Only While Teamed With Other Gold Studs.

    Links Of London Endless Love Climber Earrings 5040.4145

    Our Yellow Gold Vermeil Climber Stud Earring Features Three Hearts That Interlock In A Minimalistic And Stylish Design. A Polished Piped Edge Contrasts With A Satin Smooth Finish In The Centre Of Each Heart. Pair With Our Endless Love Mini Heart Hoops To Create Added Interest To Your Jewellery Styling.


    Links Of London Endless Love Stud Earrings 5040.4142

    Our Endless Love Studs In Yellow Gold Vermeil Are The Ideal For A New Signature Piece. These Gold Stud Earrings Effortlessly Add Contemporary Elegance To Suit Any Outfit Or Ocassion. Team With A Pair Of Endless Love Hoops For Extra Sartorial Flair.

    Links Of London Endless Love Small Heart Bracelet 5010.4242

    Love Stories Unfold Endlessly. Our Endless Love Mini Heart Bracelet In Yellow Gold Vermeil Evokes This Inspiration With A Continuous Line Of Interlocking Hearts. Part Of Our Wholehearted Collection, It Reimagines The Traditional Heart Silhouette With A Contemporary Design. Style With Other Bracelets And Cuffs In Your Collection.

    Links Of London Endless Love Small Heart Choker Necklace 5020.3971

    This Gold Heart Necklace Pays Tribute To The Countless Love Stories That Unfold Around Us Everyday. The Intricate Design Features Interlocking Gold Heart Silhouettes With Signature Piping Edge Detail. Part Of Our Iconic Wholehearted Collection, This Striking Choker Balances Femininity And Strength. For A Fresh Take On Layering, Wear This Choker With A Longer Pendant Necklace.

    Links Of London Open Heart Opal Bracelet 5010.4237

    Soft, Feminine Colours Create A Stunning Effect In This Rose Gold Vermeil Bracelet, Complete With Pink Opals That Cluster In The Centre Of The Heart And At The Ends Of The Chain. This Discreet Bracelet Is Symbolic Of The Love, People And Passions That Touch Us Most.

    Links Of London Open Heart Lapis Bracelet 5010.4236

    The Polished Yellow Gold Vermeil Heart Silhouette Holds A Trio Of Lapis Lazuli Gemstones To Represent Inner Peace. The Delicate Chain Is Finished With Gold-Capped Lapis Lazuli Stones For A Unique Extra Detail. Wear Stacked With Other Bracelets In Your Collection To Create An Individual Style Statement.

    Links Of London Open Heart Moonstone Bracelet 5010.4235

    The Focal Point Of This Chic Sterling Silver Bracelet Is The Heart Motif That Contains Three Stunning Moonstones Representing Intuition. With Additional Moonstone Gems Adorning The Ends Of The Chain It Makes A Special Gift For A Friend Or Loved One, Or Simply As A Present To Yourself.

    Links Of London Medium Open Heart Opal Necklace 5020.3969

    Pink Opals Represent Hope, Calm And Compassion In This Reimagined Heart Pendant Necklace. Pink Opals Also Adorn The Stem Of The Heart Pendant And The End Of The Chain To Make This Piece Truly Special. Style It With Our Endless Love Choker For A Chic Statement.

    Links Of London Medium Open Heart Lapis Necklace 5020.3968

    This Stunning Yellow Gold Vermeil Jewellery Heart Necklace Is Inspired By The Energy And Spirit Of Love. With A Trilogy Of Large Lapis Lazuli Gemstones Set Between Mini Lapis Lazuli Stones To Represent Inner Peace, This Gold Heart Necklace Is A Reminder To Let Love Be Your Guiding Light. Additional Lapis Lazuli Stones Adorn The Stem Of The Heart And End Of The Chain, Making It A Distinctive Piece.

    Links Of London Medium Open Heart Moonstone Necklace 5020.3967

    This Sterling Silver Heart Necklace Jewellery From Our Wholehearted Collection Features A Stunning Design Of Moonstones Set Within The Heart Silhouette And Along The Pendant Stem. Inspired By The Playful Spirit Of Love, From Meaningful Connections To The Beauty Of Friendship, The Moonstones Represent The Power Of Intuition To Guide Us In Matters Of The Heart.

    Links Of London Small Open Heart Opal Necklace 5020.3966

    Inspired By The Playful Spirit Of Love. A Delicate Rose Gold Vermeil Chain Marries With A Trio Of Pink Opals To Create A Contemporary Heart Silhouette Pendant; The Pink Opal Gemstones Represent Hope, Calm And Compassion. Layer With A Longer Pendant Necklace For A Layered Look.

    Links Of London Small Open Heart Lapis Necklace 5020.3965

    Inspired By The Playful Spirit Of Love, This Striking Mini Heart Necklace Effortlessly Blends A Minimalistic Style With Classic Appeal. A Delicate Yellow Gold Vermeil Heart Motif Encloses Three Blue Striking Lapis Lazuli Gemstones, Representing Truth, Confidence And Inner Peace.

    Jewellery, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Diamonds

    Links Of London Small Open Heart Moonstone Necklace 5020.3964

    A Sterling Silver Heart Encloses A Trilogy Of Moonstones, Symbolising Intuition, Sensuality And Power. Featuring A Delicate Cable Chain That Is Finished With A Single Moonstone Heart, This Precious Pendant Can Be Worn Every Day, Reminding You Of The People And Passions You Hold In Your Heart.

    Jewellery, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Diamonds
    Jewellery, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Diamonds
  • The Easy Guide to Buying the Perfect Christmas Gift

    Christmas is just around the corner. You must be soaking up in the festive atmosphere. You must be wondering what an ideal gift for would be for your loved one. We appreciate the dilemma that many people find themselves in. It is an exhaustive task to find the correct gift that expresses your affection for the special people in your life. Why not gift a fine piece of jewellery that will last beyond a season? Jewellery is something timeless—an ultimate gift for him, for her and for all those lovely people who have made your life special. A finely crafted piece of jewellery can impactfully express strong emotions like love and commitment. We are sharing some great jewellery edits that you can present as Christmas Gifts to your beloved ones.

    Christmas Jewellery for Her


    There is no iota of doubt that every woman loves jewellery. These classic and timeless pieces are very touching for a woman as they add charisma to her personality. When Christmas is on the brink of commencement, some of the iconic jewellery brands like Links of London offer collections especially curated for this festive season. The comprehensive range available in the market includes numerous items like pendant, earrings, necklaces, anklets, and rings. The trendy designs of these jewellery pieces will make every woman fall for these. On the special occasion, you can present items like clover necklace and pendant. These can be real gifts for your beloved ones as these will go with almost every outfit. Further, because of their distinctive designs, they never really go out of fashion.

    Christmas Gift for Him


    Selecting a gift for a guy is really a tough task. It is time for you to alleviate the stress as we are sharing few gifting ideas for you. Most men love to wear accessories. Gift items like silver buttons and watches can be perfect assets for them. A designer leather watch from brands like Links of London would be an ultimate Christmas gift. Some of the available models have modern designs with classic touches.

    Christmas Gifts for Friends


    Christmas is a perfect occasion to strengthen your bond of friendship. By presenting items like a bracelet, you can express your feelings to your friends. The chorded bracelets are not just the accessories to put on, but these are threads that strengthen your bond with every passing day. Some of the world’s top most brands offer collection exclusively designed for Christmas season.

    Why choose Links of London for buying Christmas Gifts?

    Links of London is an iconic jewellery brand. Since its inception in 1990, the brand has proceeded to captivate attention worldwide with its award-winning craftsmanship of bracelets, charms, necklaces and earrings. The design team of Links of London strives to create exquisite jewellery and statement watches with a focus on unparalleled quality. For special occasions like Christmas, Links of London comes up with an exclusive range comprising charms, bracelets and watches. Give joy to the people you love by gifting them with something special this Christmas.

    Where to get the exclusive range of Christmas Gifts?

    Acotis Diamonds is a one-stop destination for awesome Christmas gift collection. The webstore has included splendid items into its inventory which are especially crafted for Christmas season. Acotis has made Christmas gifts shopping a great experience with its online portal. The exhaustive range from Acotis gives you the flexibility to buy a special piece that is not just captivating but is also apt for your loved ones.




  • Engraved Jewellery Say a LITTLE & Mean a LOT

    Contemporary jewellery doesn’t have a precise definition for narrative jewellery. This too adds to the undefinable charm of this elite genre of exclusive jewellery that is thoughtfully personalized. Without delving into academic definitions, you can interrupt narrative jewellery as embellishment that communicates and has a soul. It is much more than just visual brilliance.  The whole idea behind the creation of Engraved Jewellery is to capture emotions and create memories.

    What to expect?

    Boutique creations with unparalleled personalization

    This collection is low on numbers. The emphasis is solely on creating boutique pieces, perhaps some not-to-be-repeated designs. Each jewellery offers unrivalled room for embellishment in the form of Engraving Imprinting, Etching, or Embossing. This is not about mere style or grace. Engraved narrative jewellery caters to those who believe that lesser said things convey messages beautifully. This range is about indulgent personalization where each alphabet or symbol needs your creative pondering. The outcome is meaningful pieces that can be treasured for a lifetime, some perhaps even heirlooms and others that are immortalised with the intimate thought they carry. Yes, it wouldn’t be wrong to define this niche as Keepsake or Soulful Jewellery—this collection is about transformational pieces that are about you and not what style gurus preach!


    Narrative Jewellery

    Making Inanimate Creations Emote & Express

    There is a thin line that separates symbolic jewellery from narrative jewellery. Either ways, these are exclusive pieces that have a persona. Rather than accentuating your wardrobe, they have a tale to share. Everyone involved in the process of creating something so special – the wearer, owner, creator – needs to understand that such a narrative cannot be categorized. It cannot be categorized for being correct or flawed. What might seem like eternally charming pieces to you might seem creatively flawed to others. However, these are not imperfections. This is the essence of narrative jewellery. It communicates to a few in a crowd, its splendour is restrained, and is unaccountable worth is more emotional rather than being a computed number. Narrative engravings can be abstract ideas or rooted in pure materiality—there are no standards to follow here. Links of London collection of narrative necklaces include sterling silver mini disc charms and petite engravable pendants embellished with stylish chains. With these narrative necklaces you can get your message engraved on both sides of the pendant to make it extra special.


    Not Just Fashion Accessories!

    Keepsake Jewellery that Tells Stories

    Engraved jewellery is much more intimate, sentimental, unique and therefore, precious! The smallest of words, initials, monogram or a date can be very meaningful. A lesser known fact about engravings on jewellery is that it is one of the oldest art forms practised and this has been impressively documented. However, the finesse has evolved over the decades. This is apparently when you view the detailed artwork-like engravings we render on traditional signet rings where family names or signatures are often the preferred option. Now, customized engraving jewellery range includes rings, charms or cufflinks. The engraving choices usually include significant date, names of places with a connection, or anything that is at par with a legacy to continue. You can get more creative and try doodled motifs—there are no rules to what you want to get imprinted on a ring or charm. These are not fashion accessories. You are buying keepsake jewellery that will forever be the best conversation-starter!


    Creative Process

    Impossible to Acquire Art Fuelled by Passion

    Engravable jewellery is not for the standard craftsmen. This is not an acquired art or trained skill. This is about using years of experience in shaping forms and thoughts and then applying it to customized jewellery. The engravings are essentially distilling and condensing ideas or thoughts. In a way, the challenge lies in saying the most but with canvas struggling with minimal room for visual representation. For many jewellery-makers, narrative jewellery includes sensual possibilities while others interpret it as jewellery that is more connected with the human form. A bracelet or dangler disc carrying the etching is an exhibition of feelings—an artwork that is seldom given its due credit. These striking pieces can be about lust, love, achievements, remorse, redemption, or celebrations!


    What makes the Links of London engraved jewellery collection special?

    Links of London believes in creating bespoke jewellery. Expect less of the regular and more imaginative designs. The uncompromised craftsmanship shows in never-attempted-before silhouettes. The interplay of beautiful materials and textures has something special in every collection. There are many timeless classics on offer, including those that are still relevant and will be stylish even in the distant future. Internationally-acknowledged excellence underlines the authenticity associated with the brand. Take the time to explore an enlightening range of necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, charms, tie bars, and much more!

    Acotis Diamonds is the preferred online shopping destination of discerning jewellery buyers. You get marquise-cut engraved jewellery pieces from the most renowned jewellery designers and globally popular brands.

  • Not Just Another Fashion Accessory Discussion: Discover How to Stay Stylishly Graceful!

    It is difficult to define who qualifies to be called a fashionista but ask any fashion designer or a lifestyle and luxury industry expert and one, common opinion arises—anyone credited with have an incredible fashion sense will always wear the most smartly chosen accessories. Accessorizing demands vary a lot but you need to have a collection that is versatile and provides a solution for any wardrobe choice. You cannot wear the party or funky jewellery to work when you want to call the shots at a business meeting. Similarly, you cannot afford to blend traditional jewellery with more contemporary creations at social events that have a defined dressing guide. These fashion rules and checkpoints are here to stay. Putting the right accessories together is a basic fashion skill but it can be very perplexing. It separates well-dressed people from those who look boring or too desperate. This discussion delves deeper into which fashion accessories qualify to make you eternally stylish, ticking all the right boxes for any season’s trends.

    Impressive Casual Styling

    When you are dressing up casually, it implies you are going to wear something that you feel comfortable in wearing and in terms of carrying a look. There is absolutely no need to wear any heels or overdo the styling with accessories that neutralize the casual, laidback aura. It is much evident that every minimalistically planned ensemble needs some accessories, even if you are wearing a casual white tee or shirt and perhaps 10 of them. You can team these with high-on-substance accessories like gorgeous belts or a sleek gold necklace. White and gold is a timeless combination—its beauty will never fade. A dainty long gold chain necklace worn with a plunging neckline is what you should be looking for. Explore more textures and chain lengths here. You want the necklace without any gypsy vibes. It might have some bling to it but overall, it should look like a slightly contrasted casual jewellery that gets you noticed for all the right reasons.


    Dressing-up for Corporate Meetings

    Dressing for success includes your attitude and your outfit. You should be particular about personal grooming. You accessories should not be a drastic contrast to your primary wardrobe selection. A career-chasing businesswoman cannot afford to look confused at a business meeting, corporate luncheon or when heading a team session at work. The aura should be of a collected, elegant attire. Nothing can destroy the seriousness of a corporate presentation like loud, overtly attention-grabbing accessories. There is some degree of sobriety needed when you want to come across as a decision-maker, as someone who gets the job done. This should reflect in your attire as well. So large accessories are not a safe choice here. You can try a pair of sophisticated danglers that are more graceful than shouting for attention.


    Accessorize for Social Gatherings

    The social events, including the ones hosted by social media event planners, are essentially gatherings where there is more room for exploring fashion accessories you have not tried. However, this does not mean dumpling the poise. Instead of spending the big bucks on jewellery from expensive brands, buy lesser but more sensibly spread out range of accessories. This can be a mixture of some minimalistic designs along with layering options that combine well to put you in the spotlight as a fashionista rather than someone utterly confused about her “individual” sense of style. New collections from the brands lie Links of London has got some amazing designs for statement bracelets. You can stack multiple of these or wear them solo.


    Accessorize Party Attires like a PRO

    Parties are meant to sparkle, to engage compliments and play it up with your choice of jewellery. You can choose standalone accessories that are grand enough to be the highlight of your wardrobe or smaller ones that help the dress to magnetize more conversations. You can choose subtle or heavy bling, but neither should look confused, as if not knowing what kind of look, you had in mind. Cluttered pearl necklace or layered pearl necklace with a beautiful dress watch or a cuff bracelet on the wrist can help you dazzle in the right way. Larger earrings with a sleek necklace or a bracelet can be a party attire option too!

    Get Date Night Ready

    That little black dress which has been waiting in your wardrobe can become more perfect at a date night if you choose fewer but more chic fashion accessories. A special day requires special accessories to make you look interested, with that zeal to explore the night and come across as a person who takes the time to dress-up. Long gold or silver Vermeil Necklace, a chain bracelet, a beautiful minimalistic ring and loop earrings can be the perfect date night accessories.


    Why trust Links of London for jewellery accessories?

    Links of London is a brand closely associated with international-level excellence. Captivating the hearts of customers, this brand continues to make unique necklaces, charismatic charms, gorgeous bracelets, designer rings, and much more. The best part about their accessories is that they always have something new to offer. They believe in functional designs across a wide price range, ensuring that you can shop for contemporary classics and fashion must-haves without looking elsewhere.

    Where to buy genuine fashion accessories online?

    There are too many options these days. The ideal blend of quality, authenticity and pricing correctness seems impossible to find. You have numerous online stores that provide a wide range of options but only a few are worthy of being explored beyond the first glance. Acotis Diamonds is an online jewellery & accessory store that has made all the right noises when it comes to a regularly curated inventory of stylish fashion accessories for the modern woman. Choose better, invest time in such reputed online stores and buy jewellery that has relevance beyond a single season!



  • 5 Jewellery Options that Make YOU Ascot-ready!

    Royal Ascot is among the most watched events in Britain, always a big attraction on its social calendar, engaging guests and media attention from other, European countries too. It is one of the most anticipated events where the latest fashion trends are seen and often, the Royal Ascot racecourse inspired events highlight which trends are worthy of being adopted. Preserving an interesting bit of British heritage dating back to the early part of 1700s, the event is closely related to Queen Anne and now, every year, the Ascot is hosted during June. It receives thousands of visitors from all over the world!

    Yes, most people need help to decipher the Ascot way of dressing it up!

    Needless to say, the royal way dressing defines the real Ascot aura but there are other attires too that become the talking point. Watched closely by fashion gurus and trend-spotters, Royal Ascot often gets aired on the TV too. However, decoding what really trended and what failed to make a mark at the event is not easy. There are too many opinions out there. The dazzle of jewels and designer collections can be mindboggling. We help you in understand the real Ascot appeal and share some jewellery options that are worthy of being worn to the event or at a social event inspired by the Ascot…

    1. Accessorize White Monochrome Attires


    Ascot attire of newly-wed Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle grabbed a lot of fashion headlines. We loved the monochrome white Givenchy dress but her complementary accessories were equally well chosen. Her dress was accessorized with gold earrings that added subtle radiance. Fashion stylists praised her stylists for coupling metal accessories with a white dress and matching hat. Metal accessories in gold & rose gold prove to be the perfect as they added grace without getting overwhelming.

    2. Jewellery for Volume Sleeves and High Necks


    One big takeaway from the event is that voluminous sleeves and high neck dresses are stylish and much adored. This also underlines that you do not need to overdo your attire. Wearing a wristwear or neckwear is optional. What you can do to make the attire look like more elite is adding some statement earrings. Bigger blingy earrings can really work wonders with such dress—the contrast can be restrained and very tasteful. Make sure that the hat does not hide your earrings and doesn’t neutralize the bling.

    3. Accessorize with Jumpsuits


    Don’t stress just because jumpsuits are in the niche of chic casualwear. Luxury jumpsuits are making a big influence. The news of ‘jumpsuits’ getting entry in the royal Ascot couture made everyone sit-up and take notice. For all those confused about how to accessorize Ascot jumpsuits, just take some clues from the Countess of Wessex—all you need a statement necklace and a minimalistic watch to cut away any sense of sloppiness associated with jumpsuits! If you are someone who likes to dress-up differently, a jumpsuit accessorized with a beautiful chain necklace can be a good pick.

    4. Ascot Keepsake Accessories


    Ascot is not just a high-octane social gathering, but a way of recreating grandeur of an era gone by that should impress everyone who understands elegance. Ascot is the only time, apart from the royal weddings, when you see most members of the royal family gathered, along with celebrities. Links of London brings a variety of beautiful Ascot inspired charms for keepsake or you can wear them like themed accessories at a similarly-themed event!

    5. Accessories to go with Fascinators & Cravats


    A princess has a certain way of carrying herself. Stunning looks are complemented by a unique styling sense. This applies to the Ascot-inspired range of fashionwear too. A true Ascot ensemble is about wearing huge fascinators and cravats complemented by minimalistic accessories to complete the look. Some sleek Chain Bracelets are a smart fashion accessory here. You can also consider diamond bracelets that add some sparkle without getting too loud or predictable.

    Where should you shop for Ascot-inspired jewellery?

    Pulling the Royal Ascot style is achievable if you know about the fashion rules and are aware about the right places to shop for meticulously designed jewellery options. You don’t need royal stylists or designers—all you need is a perfect dress and an online store like Acotis Diamonds. There are few online jewellery platforms that have so many worthy contenders when it comes to Ascot-relevant range of jewellery. At Acotis, you get the best creations from premium brands without any apprehensions about the authenticity or sticker prices—shop with the confidence that you are buying the best!

    Why should you trust Links of London for Ascot-worthy Jewellery?

    Nothing is as genuine as Links of London when it comes to bespoke jewellery pieces—the brand has unequalled panache with layers of elegance mated into each offering. You get gorgeous creations, including some scintillation jewels and textures that are hard to find anywhere else. Recently, the brand was been honoured for being the official licensee manufacturing the Royal Ascot range of jewellery—this should dust-away any doubt!

  • Links of London

    Jewellery Essentials that Every Style Savvy Woman Must Have

    Accessories and jewellery are indispensable to a woman’s wardrobe. From a businesswoman to homemaker, from party animals to show-stoppers on the ramp, every woman wants to have a chest full of mesmerizing accessories. The online world has brought shopping platforms within easy reach and shopping for jewellery is no different. However, unlike other things you can buy online, buying jewellery is slightly different. There is a huge room to make fundamental mistakes even if someone has been shopping for ages.

    This discussion helps you understand basic checks that everyone buying jewellery online should follow…

    Buy Better! Overview of Basic Checkpoints…

    Always remember this one fashion rule for jewellery shopping—choose simplicity when you cannot differentiate any longer, with confidence. Only a simple piece of jewellery can blend in with different colours and outfits. There is nothing like truly outdate or irrelevant jewellery. You can still wear the most basic stuff if you know how to match it with your wardrobe and pull it off. The second mantra to jewellery styling—choosing versatile options rather than investing in overtly exclusive stuff. This is the key to dressing classy and sophisticated. Don’t lose to the appeal of exclusivity unless you very sure about the premium pricing and the boutique appeal. Simpler designs are any day, more classic. This does not imply that you cannot buy jewellery that uses metals like gold, silver, titanium, and platinum. Experiment with these metals too. Take the time to move upwards on the style ladder and go slow with experimenting different finishing options. More suggestions that will undoubtedly help you shop for jewellery better, include…

    1. Never Give-up on Diamond Stud Earrings

    Having diamond stud earrings is playing safe and still not turning-out boring. This piece of jewellery is largely non-debatable. Why? Diamond earrings can be simple in design or exotic but either ways, they are regarded as a classic. Even ageing diamond studs are most likely to be called classically designed or retro themed rather than being termed traditional. This is about owning fashion staples that make sense with most things in the closet. These earrings work wherever, for whomsoever, from business lunches to date nights and special occasions. Diamond studs add sparkle without competing with other fashion accessories.


    2. Pearls, Pearls and Pearls

    Pearls have always been timeless classics—work with nearly any wardrobe and never look out of anyone’s league. These tiny little teardrops of the moon are known for their versatility. As Jacqueline Kennedy once stated, "Pearls are always appropriate". She was correct, as pearls always fit the role, in necklaces, earrings or even charms. If you are confused about the large array of designs or want minimalism with loads of grace, choose Pearl jewellery!


    3. Contemporary Chain Bracelets

    If minimalistic trend is your thing, then adding a gold or silver chain bracelet to your collection seems like a very wise decision. It gives you a choice to stack it up and layer it with other charm bracelets or fashionable bangles for an ultra-chic style. Fashion bloggers, and even celebs like Gigi Hadid, advocate this trick with chain bracelets. A simple chain bracelet adds a great accent to any outfit.


    4. Dress Watches

    The trend of wearing a watch as a fashion accessory is not restrictive. Easy to couple with your work attire or semi-formals, dress watches look stunning no matter how you wear them. Whether you have to accessorize to rock a party or look stunning at a business conference, dress watches get the job done. You need at least one simple Metal Dress Watch in either gold or silver/platinum finishing.


    5. Classic Hoop Earrings

    Hoop earrings might remind you about the style books form 80s, but they have certainly made a comeback. They add that extra drop of stylishness that works with almost any outfit. 2018 is more about experimenting, and you can have fun with different types of classic hoops in fun shapes and styles. If you want something trendier, try beaded and crystal-heavy hoops.


    Why trust Links of London when shopping for jewellery?

    Links of London is an iconic brand which has an international presence. Captivating people with their exquisite range of jewellery and statement watches, Links of London has a unique inventory of necklaces, charismatic charms, gorgeous bracelets, designer rings, and much more. The brand continues to impress with improved techniques and pays special emphasis on quality.

    The Most Fashionable Online Inventory for Women’s Jewellery!

    If you are fashion conscious, you are most likely to invest in grooming a collection of fine jewellery and fashion jewellery. However, you need that assurance of buying genuine merchandise. With so many brands and designs on offer, making a choice can get tough. However, with Acotis Diamonds you get the promise of uncompromised quality and style at a reasonable price—expect charismatic jewellery options from the most trusted brands!

  • Royal Ascot - A Collection that Captures Elegance and Iconic Style as its Hallmark

    Royal Ascot is not just about elegant dresses, smart suits, and beautiful hats, its inventory of beautiful and on-trend accessories will surely make you explore more! Every year we come across a bizarre of photographs from the events being awestruck and star-struck with the attires and accessories of the racegoers.

    Well, everything that is royal and special has some history associated with it and so does the Royal Ascot. Let’s dig a little deeper to know more about ‘Royal Ascot’.

    Royal Ascot: A Royal Heritage

    It has been over 300 years that the Ascot racecourse is considered to be synonymous with prestige, tradition, and heritage. Ever since then it has been a highlighted event on every social calendar. The tradition began when Queen Anne, in 1711, saw the potential of a site as a racecourse. It has been an event which is thoroughly enjoyed and occupies a special place within British psyche. Watched in around 200 countries every year, the dresses and outfits worn by the racegoers at the event have always grabbed attention and soon became the fashion trend. And, the tradition still continues.

    Explore the Classy Accessories carrying Style and Legacy of Royal Ascot

    Ascot has a range of exclusive jewellery pieces specially designed to revamp your styles for an Ascot-Inspired look. Here is a quick style scoop introducing you to some of the best designs of the Ascot collection.

    Gorgeous Drop Earrings

    Whether you are heading to a racecourse event or a special party, Ascot collection of gorgeous drop earrings will give you multiple options to get you the style edits. Adding elegance to your attire, the forever-trendy drop earrings lend class and elegance to your attire. Ascot’s range of drop earrings has also been favored by the likes of Duchess of Cambridge. Well, there can never be a better inspiration for Royal Ascot than the royals themselves!


    Rose Gold Ascot Charms

    Rose gold is like the new fashion favorite for everyone these days. What can be better than wearing an Ascot charm on the event with a rose gold touch to match the theme and be on top of your fashion game? You can pair these pendants with more stylish and feminine outfits like a collared shirt or a dress and let them be the statement piece of your look.


    The Royal Cufflinks

    The collection of Ascot is not just limited to the ladies. It has a whole new range of cufflinks for men who are more particular about their looks and styles. You may explore, Crown TBar Cufflinks, Barbell Cufflinks, Knot cufflinks, Cross Cufflinks and other varieties and choose the one to grace up your suit.


    Gold Crown Charms

    An absolute treat to eyes, the crown charms is a range of exclusively designed pendants for a classy and poise look you adore. Very elegant and rather subtle looking because of the settled color, you can easily play around with other jewelry items for a personalized style ensemble.


    Sterling Silver Bracelet

    Going bare hands is not what Royals do! A classy alternative to the casual strap watch is a classy silver bracelet which is a versatile little wonder and looks perfect when paired up with your Ascot outfit. Find out the best piece that reflects your style and fashion sense! These feminine bracelets are enough to add a generous scattering of glitz and glamour to any look.


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