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Hot Diamonds – Finding the Perfect Diamonds This Summer

What’s better than jewellery? Jewellery on sale! The Hot Diamonds Summer 2020 sale is here with attractive discounts to help you get your fashion on! 20 years of experience fetches Hot Diamonds beautiful pieces of jewellery laden with elegance and sophistication. Nobody can deny the fact that diamonds can have a girl’s heart in seconds, and diamonds can become the medium of love, expression, and basically, joy! Making timeless essence that diamonds bring to the table will add grace and refinement to your jewellery box. Ranging from rings to bracelets,... Read More

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Add the Hottest Summer Jewellery To Your Collection

Soak up the sunshine and slay the summers in style with the most beautiful collections of jewellery from renowned brands around the world. When the days are getting warmer, let your jewellery speak for you. Summer is always filled with bright and vibrant colours, so why not your jewellery? Yes! You need to sort your jewellery wardrobe and pile up those astonishing and stunning range of pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, chokers, charms, and studs before you head out to any event or summer festival! Accessorize your gorgeous summer outfit with... Read More

A Gift that will Last Forever: Hot Diamonds for Your Mother

Summer season comes and brings several occasions to celebrate along with it. One of these pious occasions is Mother’s Day which is celebrated all across the world. Just like every other celebration, this one calls for a grand gesture made to surprise your mom and thank her for all the efforts that she makes all year long. One of the all-time popular ways to express your feelings is buying the perfect gift which not only shows your gratitude but also matches well with the expectations of the receiver. The one... Read More

Diamonds Are a Girls’ Best Friend: Takes You to the World of Sparkle

Well, nobody can deny the fact that ‘Girls Love Diamonds’ and when nothing works, diamonds does! Diamonds being the epitome of love and joy always makes us celebrate and adore the abundance of the sparkle stone. Diamonds are forever—the timelessness and elegance of a diamond in any jewellery lends the refinement and grace to the appearance. For every girl out there, who is the journey to find the best diamond jewellery with unsurpassable craftsmanship to upgrade her jewellery collection; this is just the right doorway. Just Add Love Necklace: Quintessential... Read More


A Jewellery Styling Guide That You Can’t Miss

Style-savvy women always manage to look stunning with their simple and sophisticated style. They like styling their outfits with subtle jewellery. Keeping it elegant and sleek with minimal jewellery is what everyday styling demands. You do not have to limit yourself in terms of accessories but you really need to avoid being too flashy to dress up for your office or going out shopping. If you are not sure about where to start, then following is your guide to follow to look everyday phenomenal with these accessories. Sterling silver Bracelets and Bangles... Read More

Acotis Select 5 Necklace Pendants that every Woman Should Own!

In some way, every woman has this inherent desire to look fashionable no matter how crazy the daily schedule gets. From her shoes to the handbag and dress, everything should be sorted for looking stylish. But sometimes, this is hard to accomplish. There is always a chance of dressing-up in a hurry for a just-finalized date night. Impromptu party invitations too can upset the freedom to accessorize. This is when women need style elements that instantly transform their looks—a thoughtfully chosen touch of bling can do this effortlessly. Vibrant pendants... Read More