Wedding Ring Cleaning 17/11/2021

How to Clean Your Engagement Ring

After all the browsing, research and efforts you have put into finding the perfect ring for your better half, it is important to know how to care for it too. Not only is an engagement ring probably one of the most expensive pieces of jewellery in your collection, but the sentimental values attached to it make it all the more precious. It is really important to clean your ring the proper way to preserve its beauty and make sure it remains timeless, just like your bond. Over the years, general... Read More

Couple dancing at the wedding, the ohoto is zoomed in on them holding hands 17/08/2021

How To Photograph Your Wedding Ring

When you decide to seal your friendship with your partner into a marriage, the one thing that is symbolic of this union is your wedding ring. It is the emblem of love, a symbol of devotion, and a promise of a lifetime. You must have spent days and months to find that perfect wedding band that resonates with the personality of your partner; it should convey your feelings beautifully and effortlessly. Finding the perfect stone, diamonds or platinum is way trickier than you could have imagined. But isn’t the whole... Read More

Diamond shapes 14/05/2021

The difference between Diamond shapes

Finding the engagement ring that you or your partner has always dreamt of can be greatly impacted by the main stone it has been crafted with. With the numerous types of shapes floating around the market and social media, you may have spotted a design that you like but don’t know a lot about. Each diamond sparkles differently and can influence the wearer’s daily style. The shape of the stone can have a traditional and classic look, a vintage edge or even a sleek, modern look that is flawlessly shaped. ... Read More


Valentine’s Gifts for Loved Ones

February is the month of love and every year this month brings a rush of excitement, emotions, and a desire to extend an extraordinary gesture of love among couples. Valentine’s day marks a day for the celebration of love and just like every other celebration, gifts are a major part of it. When it comes to choosing the perfect gift for your loved one, the decision is not very easy. Everybody wants to gift something unique and as beautiful as the love that they share with their partner. This article... Read More


Good Gracious Engagement Ring Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

No stone is left unturned when it comes to selecting engagement rings. Millennials are moving away from old-fashioned trends of opting for the typical engagement rings textured yellow or just a plain white stone. In today’s day and age, there are multiple options such as multi-stone bands, antique designs among others. From which you and your partner can choose from. Every fashion-savvy femme and every guy who wants the proposal truly unforgettable for his partner, want something out of the box to make their special day, extra special and that... Read More


Celebrate your Love and Relationship This Couple Appreciation Month

Your relationship is the most beautiful thing that happens to you and it is indeed the responsibility of both the partners to keep it balanced and make it work. Love, patience, sacrifice and shared commitment towards each other is what defines a perfect couple. There is no better thing than love and it requires practicing every day, it is as simple as through small gestures towards your partner. You need to enjoy, learn to live in the moment with your partner that is the only thing which is guaranteed. Love... Read More


5 Rings That Would Make Her Say ‘Yes’ This Christmas!

Diamonds have been a part of romance in fiction, history, the movies, and contemporary art. When worn on a woman’s ring finger, diamonds do a lot more than simply say that the lady is engaged or married. A real diamond ring is about narrating tales of love, symbolic of loving someone for eternity. Not just the era of silent movies or those that had legends enact scenes in black & white, every movie generation has romanced the idea of a gentleman going down on his knee with a diamond studded... Read More

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Let Love Themed Jewellery do the Talking this Christmas

“Amazing gifts always come in small boxes!” And if you are buying gift for the special woman in your life then you should acknowledge the fact that every woman feels ecstatic when she gets diamonds in a little gift-wrapped box. Christmas is all about spreading love and wishing that compassion stays alive forever. Therefore, gifting this love themed jewellery on Christmas makes sense. Love Themed Jewellery The heart-shaped charms and pendants are not just meant for romantic gifting at weddings, Valentine’s Day or engagements. Heart shaped jewellery symbolizes what can... Read More


A Celebrity Style Guide for Choosing the Perfect Ring

For quintessential glitz and glam, you can simply wear a crystal Swarovski necklace, bracelet, or statement piece to your next fancy party. Swarovski reveals your unique sparkle and the latest collection of jewelry, watches and fashion accessories help get you noticed. When it comes to fashion and style we always turn up to our favourite celebs for getting some inspiration on the latest trends. We all know that celebrity relationships have always been the favourite gossip in H-town and so have their engagement rings. We have thoughtfully compiled a list... Read More

Engagement Ring Styles that will put Your Partner in the Spotlight

If you have already said ‘Yes’ before having a discerning glance at your ring, then you might want to change your decision looking at these lustrous rings which will sweep you off your feet completely. For the men who have been looking for some avant-garde element in the rings, they are getting for their partners, the following is your guide to impress your lady love. An Eternal Bond of Love with Engagement Bands If a single diamond is not enough to compliment her personality, then getting her a blinged out... Read More