Engagement Rings

Couple dancing at the wedding, the ohoto is zoomed in on them holding hands 17/08/2021
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How To Photograph Your Wedding Ring

When you decide to seal your friendship with your partner into a marriage, the one thing that is symbolic of this union is your wedding ring. It is the emblem of love, a symbol of devotion, and a promise of a lifetime. You must have spent days and months to find that perfect wedding band that resonates with the personality of your partner; it should convey your feelings beautifully and effortlessly. Finding the perfect stone, diamonds or platinum is way trickier than you could have imagined. But isn’t the whole... Read More

Wedding Band 17/05/2021

How to pick a metal for your wedding band

Once you have picked out and locked down the type of diamond you want for your partner’s engagement ring, it is time to choose the band metal that will hold that precious stone. This is an important choice as it should complement the diamond that you have chosen. There is a myriad of metals to choose from, including yellow, white and rose gold, platinum, silver and more. These metals are gender neutral and will beautifully enhance the premium look and feel of your wedding attire.  You can find soft metals... Read More

Engagement Ring Considerations 13/05/2021

Things to consider when buying a wedding ring

When you find that someone special and decide it is time to share the rest of your lives together, you will want to find the perfect engagement ring to commemorate your beautiful bond.  What does an engagement ring symbolise? An engagement ring symbolises love and commitment between two people, signifying the timeless journey they are embarking on. With no beginning or end, the circular shape of the ring, for instance, is deeply symbolic of infinite love that transcends life. It represents the coming together of two people and their connection... Read More