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Revealed: The 10 Best Mother’s Day Gifts Of 2022

Are you ready for Mother’s Day? On Sunday 26th March, it’s time to celebrate the incredible women who made us. We think that giving the leading lady in your life some gorgeous jewellery is the perfect way to show your appreciation. If you’re not sure what to get your mum for Mother’s Day, don’t worry! At Acotis, you’ll find the ideal gift for mum.

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Here Comes the Sun: Summer Jewellery That Makes You Sparkle

With the summer in full swing, it’s time to pick out some fresh summer jewellery for those sunny days ahead. Whether you are heading towards a leisurely outdoor picnic with your loved ones, beach parties, or simply running errands for the day, our summer jewellery will elevate your looks in an instant. Melding your glitzy outfits with mood-lifting chunky pieces, eye-catching ankle bracelets, and sparkling diamonds, our womens jewellerywill add a glamorous touch from top to toe. Assemble the most dazzling combinations of everyday jewels to make your fashion statement this season. ... Read More


Bring Home the Charming Thomas Sabo Jewellery

Who said pampering yourself or making someone feel special comes with a hefty cost? Be it you or your mother, father, brother, son, friend or special someone, everyone deserves something precious, which could be a stunning piece of jewellery. Acotis Diamonds is making all those moments and relationships more special by offering a stunning range of Thomas Sabo jewellery on sale. Know What You’ll Get You can shop for beautifully designed jewellery pieces and accessories available at discounted prices. Be it accentuating your look or making others feel loved, Thomas... Read More

Create Your Treasure Box of Memories with Thomas Sabo Charms

Charms have been worn since time immemorial and continue to scale high among the fashion trends. Known to attract positive energies and ward off the evil eye, charms also serve as a great way to reflect your creative style. This versatile piece of jewellery elegantly clips to your accessories, taking your outfit from zero to hundred in a matter of seconds. No one can resist the allure of charms, you can let your creativity run wild and add anything from dainty stones, smiley, stars, to spiritual symbols without overshadowing the... Read More

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Add the Hottest Summer Jewellery To Your Collection

Soak up the sunshine and slay the summers in style with the most beautiful collections of jewellery from renowned brands around the world. When the days are getting warmer, let your jewellery speak for you. Summer is always filled with bright and vibrant colours, so why not your jewellery? Yes! You need to sort your jewellery wardrobe and pile up those astonishing and stunning range of pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, chokers, charms, and studs before you head out to any event or summer festival! Accessorize your gorgeous summer outfit with... Read More


Know the Pendants You Adore: Tree of Life

Tree of Life pendants and necklaces have been gaining immense popularity for its spiritual symbolism across several cultures. This pendant is often denoted with hope and fuel for strength that helps you keep moving on with complete faith. This blog takes a dive deeper into the connotations and denotations of your favourite pendant. It also emphasizes on its symbolism across various cultures and religions. Usually, the Tree of Life is considered a widespread myth in several mythologies, religious, and philosophical traditions. It has been mentioned across folklore, culture, and fiction,... Read More


Men’s Bracelets: Accessorise Your Look in Style

Many might think bracelets are a feminine accessory, largely because of the difference in market size for males and females. How about we tell you that bracelets are a breed of jewellery, relaxed and laidback, that every man can wear without feeling out of place. Men’s bracelets add a touch of class and style to your overall look. Sunday luncheon, biking day or just a casual workday – a bracelet is sure to amplify any outfit on any occasion. A bracelet is a versatile accessory that reflects your personality and... Read More

Dazzle This Season with the Magical Thomas Sabo Rita Ora SS20 Collection

Personifying the beauty of life in all its glory, the Thomas Sabo with Rita Ora collection is here to dazzle the Spring and Summer of 2020. Emphasising bold colours and glimmering metals, the collection features a myriad of designs fashioned to accentuate the wonders and liveliness that springtime comes draped in. With refreshing hues from the rainbow and cascades of pastels, the new Thomas Sabo x Rita Ora line sees an avalanche of charming jewellery curated for both, him and her. “With my Thomas Sabo campaign I want to empower... Read More

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Steal the Show with a Ring of Charm This Valentines… Literally!

Rings are not only mere pieces of jewellery, but symbols of love, emotions and relations. Finding the perfect ring for the perfect one will reap a wonderful reaction and an experience laden with sentiments and affections. To take her breath away, or to make him feel adored and special, rings are a timeless offering and the perfect gift for Valentines. Even if not someone else, pamper and spoil yourself with beautiful designs and elegant style for some self-loving! With millions of designs afloat in the world of jewellery, it can... Read More

Rebel without a Cause: Thomas Sabo Rebel Collection

Fashion and trends are subject to evolution over time as much as anything else. The constantly changing industry always brings in something fabulous and exceptional that suits the ongoing trend and the personality of the generation in focus. The same is the case with this new collection from Thomas Sabo, crafted for the rebellious hearts with unconventional designs and style. The new Rebel collection of the brand is the key to every Goth lover’s closet as it sparks the ideals and the personal preferences of the ones who are rebels... Read More