Finding a Unique Gift with Dazzling Swarovski Crystals

Though every occasion and event become even more special with a treasured gift, gifting has never remained limited to occasions. There are countless options to wrap and ribbon for friends and family, but how about an exclusive Swarovski gift to bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces? Jewellery has always held the top tier of the gifting hierarchy, so how about a new road this time, in the Swarovski style? With a vast collection of exquisite designs, select the perfect gift to make a statement of gratitude in a... Read More

Raise Your Style Quotient with Swarovski Accessories

Jewellery exhibits one’s choices and adds graceful details to the ensemble. It is an amazing way of expressing oneself. While your outfits give an avenue to portray your preferences and styles, adding accessories takes it to the next level. Jewellery allows creativity and personal style to shine through the individual. Fashion around jewellery keeps on evolving. From silver to rose gold, crystals to coloured stones, delicate pieces to chunky ones, jewellery endures the scaling trends and changing preferences. Sometimes it just takes a few carefully chosen accessories to make a... Read More

Shine From Season to Season with Swarovski Jewellery

The jewellery we wear says a lot about us. It portrays our personalities, speaks for our preferences, styles, and moods. The type of accessories we choose, diamonds or gemstones,  metal or crystals, each of these elements serve as a puzzle piece that fits into our notions of styling. Whether you want the jewellery to speak for itself or a unique accent piece, Swarovski has it all! Eccentric and exclusive designs that will add unparalleled grace and charisma to your outfit and make you shine bright from season to season. Let’s... Read More

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The Tale of Hamsa: Jewellery for Luck and Good Fortune

Popularly known as the Hand of Fatima, Hand of Mary, Hand of Mariam or Hand of the Goddess, the Hamsa is a palm-shaped amulet that depicts the open right hand. It is believed by some, primarily Muslims and Jews, to provide defense against the evil eye. The early use of Hamsa has been traced to ancient Mesopotamia. The image of this open right hand is prominent in the Mesopotamian artifacts in the amulets of the goddess Ishtar or Inanna. At that time this symbolism was used to protect the women... Read More

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Swarovski Women’s Wristwatches for Special Occasions

Scribbling down the number of things to gift to your loved ones and then juggling in between to find out the best is indeed a difficult and mind-boggling task! Selecting from the numerous options available in the market can be a real pain, but keeping it simple and elegant would be the best thing you can do. When it comes to present a gift to your mother, fiancée or sister, you can never go wrong with watches. She might not be fond of cosmetics, expensive jewellery, classy bags, but the... Read More

Exploring the Most Splendid from Swarovski

From every living being on the planet to every artificial manmade thing, all aspects related to our lives come with a certain set of perceptions which ground to their pre-signified roles. Jewellery and ornaments fall into this category as well. They are often perceived as something which is only useful in terms of styling outfit for a special occasion and seldom carried by men. There have been many potential changes led by various top jewellery brands in the ways jewellery has been perceived over time. . One of these leading... Read More


Cufflinks to Complement your Outfit: Trendiest Collection

Accessories add a delicate touch of style and grace to any outfit, expressing how you managed experiment with your look. Since many men aren’t very fond of accessorizing themselves or wearing jewellery. And if you fall into the category of one of them, we suggest, you should give it a go. We are here to offer some tricks and tips before you decide to venture into this experimentation, which will make your journey easy of pulling-off this perfectly chosen outfit.


Runway Fall Jewellery Trends to Fall For

This year’s runway was hit by a heavily accessorized punk wave with glittering rhinestones, link chains, bright neons and oversized metal chunks. The gender punk vibes of the fashion month inspired the designers to blend cheeky accessories with opulent jewellery styles to create some dark and edgy looks. But, the runway trends were fun to gaze at and worth appreciating because of the fact that the accessories could be effortlessly paired even with the basic fall apparels. Revisiting the key motifs and standout looks that dominated the show, there were... Read More


Dazzling and Ultra-Mod Jewellery to Imbue Your Vanity with Elegance

Fashion influencers, stylists, bloggers and vloggers have magnificently dominated social media world in the recent times; from YouTube to Instagram, one can see their massive impact on young generation and the tech-savvy audience. In fashion industry, opinion of vloggers or influencers can shift the audience, from positive to negative, within few seconds; this shows how big the impact is! Designers, manufacturers, sellers, and customers depend majorly on the reviews that are available online. So, even the minute details are under the spotlight when a piece of Jewellery is reviewed by... Read More