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Essentials by Links of London: For All Seasons and Reasons

With fashion taking the centre-stage comes the ambiguity of following the emerging trends or standing by the signature styles and lasting essentials. In the words of Yves St Laurent, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” The fashion industry observes many scaling trends that fade as quickly as they emerged. To stay on the prudent side, it is necessary you walk down a safer path and add your collection with evergreen styles. While styling is all about playful creativity and personal expression, every individual has a different connotation attached to it. Some... Read More

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Put a Stop to Time: Everlasting Watches For Every Style

Some people are jewellery people, and some are not. It may be a matter of comfort of personal style but the trend, fashion and a bit of outfit styling is something that everyone swears by. So, no matter how minimalistic a person may be, they always look and find one or two pieces that go with their personal style and comfort zone as well. One of these ‘ever-loved’ pieces of accessories is watches. Timeless fashion dedicated to time itself is what watches are. From unique to the classic, there are... Read More


The Easy Guide to Buying the Perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas is just around the corner. You must be soaking up in the festive atmosphere. You must be wondering what an ideal gift for would be for your loved one. We appreciate the dilemma that many people find themselves in. It is an exhaustive task to find the correct gift that expresses your affection for the special people in your life. Why not gift a fine piece of jewellery that will last beyond a season? Jewellery is something timeless—an ultimate gift for him, for her and for all those lovely... Read More

Engraved Jewellery Say a LITTLE & Mean a LOT

Contemporary jewellery doesn’t have a precise definition for narrative jewellery. This too adds to the undefinable charm of this elite genre of exclusive jewellery that is thoughtfully personalized. Without delving into academic definitions, you can interrupt narrative jewellery as embellishment that communicates and has a soul. It is much more than just visual brilliance.  The whole idea behind the creation of Engraved Jewellery is to capture emotions and create memories. What to expect? Boutique creations with unparalleled personalization This collection is low on numbers. The emphasis is solely on creating... Read More

Not Just Another Fashion Accessory Discussion: Discover How to Stay Stylishly Graceful!

It is difficult to define who qualifies to be called a fashionista but ask any fashion designer or a lifestyle and luxury industry expert and one, common opinion arises—anyone credited with have an incredible fashion sense will always wear the most smartly chosen accessories. Accessorizing demands vary a lot but you need to have a collection that is versatile and provides a solution for any wardrobe choice. You cannot wear the party or funky jewellery to work when you want to call the shots at a business meeting. Similarly, you... Read More

5 Jewellery Options that Make YOU Ascot-ready!

Royal Ascot is among the most watched events in Britain, always a big attraction on its social calendar, engaging guests and media attention from other, European countries too. It is one of the most anticipated events where the latest fashion trends are seen and often, the Royal Ascot racecourse inspired events highlight which trends are worthy of being adopted. Preserving an interesting bit of British heritage dating back to the early part of 1700s, the event is closely related to Queen Anne and now, every year, the Ascot is hosted... Read More