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  • 5 Rings That Would Make Her Say ‘Yes’ This Christmas!

    Diamonds have been a part of romance in fiction, history, the movies, and contemporary art. When worn on a woman’s ring finger, diamonds do a lot more than simply say that the lady is engaged or married. A real diamond ring is about narrating tales of love, symbolic of loving someone for eternity. Not just the era of silent movies or those that had legends enact scenes in black & white, every movie generation has romanced the idea of a gentleman going down on his knee with a diamond studded ring, desperately waiting for a ‘YES’. This still remains the classic and new-age standard for a romantic gesture that usually leads to the altar. So, if there is a proposal awaited or if you have been planning to pop the most important question of your life around the Christmas season, we have something really special for you…

    Drop All Apprehensions about Proposing during Christmas

    This is perhaps the best time of the year to express your love and your intentions to get hitched, and take vows forever. Christmas vibes are also about the gifting season, when emotions like generosity are in abundance. The snow, lights, and love make the entire setting more affable. Perhaps, the only question that remains is about what type of ring is perfect for such momentous occasions. We have listed 5 diamond rings that will leave your beloved awestruck…

    1. Nothing Conveys Love Better than a Heart Shaped Ring

    The heart is a profound symbol of feelings. The Silver-White Zirconia Heart Ring is among our most frequently bought rings among couples about to get married or engaged. The diamond-studded ring would definitely make her heart skip a beat. A huge heart-shaped diamond in the middle with small diamonds outlining amps the graceful look. The diamonds on either side make it more alluring. The sparkle is hard to miss. This ring would probably speak out your love if you happen to get tongue-tied with emotions!

    1. Cupid Hits you with an Arrow

    Romantic and unconventional and yet it gets the job done? Perhaps, this is patronizing a ring but this cupid arrow ring leaves nothing to chance. If your girl has a quirky personality who has an unusual sense of style in jewellery then this ring is the perfect way to get a Yes from her. The arrow-shaped ring covered with diamonds is the perfect match for her personality. In ancient Greek traditions bow & arrow was associated with tools of goddess Artemis. This is why bow & arrow jewellery designs also represent female empowerment. This Modern Silver White Zirconia Arrow Ring would take her breath away!

    1. A Ring to Cherish her Simplicity

    If your beloved idolizes the idea of ‘Plain Jane’ then this ring fits in the picture. This elegant ring would take her into the world of the Victorian romantic era—somewhat of a period ring that has the ultra-classic looks. The ring has 10 round-shaped diamonds which decorates the ring, giving it an exclusive look. This ring is for women who believe in a unique, minimalistic style. Your woman can wear it daily, the simplicity is such that this can be an everyday fashion accessory, at the workplace or at romantic evenings.

    1. An Evergreen Solitaire

    A classic solitaire is on every girl’s checklist. The charm has managed to engage and overwhelm every lady over the centuries. If you aren’t sure about your woman’s style then play it safe by picking up a solitaire. A Silver-White Zirconia Solitaire Ring would never go out of style. A diamond solitaire goes with every dress, style and occasion. It doesn’t look flattering and also imparts class. The solitaire remains a benchmark for expressing your love. This ring has class written all over it – you won’t regret this choice!

    5. A Purple Affair!

    Purple is often associated with royalty and wealth—there is something very upbeat and opulent about the shade. Purple often symbolises power too. So, if you are planning to make your proposal seem bigger-than-life, purple should complement your moment. This ring is unlike other solitaires because of the purple stone in the middle. Several small diamonds covering the purple stone gives it a sophisticated look. This Silver-White Zirconia Solitaire will remain a sight to glare at any venue. You beloved would not feel anything less than a princess!

    Why choose Diamonfire for buying rings?

    Diamonfire is a perfect blend of style and sophistication—as a jewellery brand it chooses not to be caught in a stereotype. The designs are refreshing. The range is often updated and the additions are usually hailed by trend-spotters and fashionistas. Diamonfire often uses hand-cut diamonds with precision without over-pricing their merchandise. The brand has a huge variety of rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for women. You can find a suitable piece of jewellery for the most special moments like wedding and engagements. Many popular UK TV stars have been spotted wearing these spectacular pieces while other celebrities and lifestyle bloggers have the best things to say about Diamonfire.

    Why buy special occasion jewellery from Acotis Diamonds?

    Acotis Diamonds is an online store which has created the perfect way to shop for fine jewellery from the best of global brands. This includes a wide variety of diamond jewellery. As a buyer, you get instant access to well-categorized inventory, products with detailed information, and the best online prices along with the promise of quick order processing. Expect only genuine merchandise with hand-picked selections.

  • Urbane, Cool & Trending – Reasons why Holler is a Great Christmas Gifting Option!

    There’s Christmas in the air. This is when people reconnect with traditions, the festive spirit comes alive, and a wonderful occasion is celebrated with gifts. Christmas primarily means family time and sharing with folks we adore. A gift of jewellery can be a great choice, whether you are gifting it to a man or woman, someone who has just started a family, a young adult, or someone who just retired. There is something very lovable about the blend of fine metals, flawless polishing, and gemstones that casts a spell. Holler comes across as a universally loved, unisex brand with a wonderful collection of bracelets. Expect an innovative range with a premium on unique designs and real craftsmanship.  This range of jewellery comprises seven different sets of collections—Kirby Collection, Lasky Collection, Mancha Collection, Mosley Collection, Tipton Collection, Jefferson Collection, and Bailey Collection. Read ahead to understand how some of Holler jewellery pieces can be the perfect Christmas gift this Holiday Season…

    Holler Mancha Bracelet with Gold Polished U Buckle & Burlap Paracord Strap

    You might have assumed that a paracord belongs to the backpack of an adventure traveller or a daring climber. However, the Mancha Collection has something to shake-up such beliefs. It stocks a dual paracord bracelet that fastens with the help of a durable and tough U buckle. Though toughness is seldom associated with fine jewellery, this burlap-coloured Paracord bracelet breaks the convention. Available with a stunning gold-polished U Buckle, featured in the Holler Baller Winter 2015 Collection, this bracelet has been a favourite among last-minute gift-shoppers and those who have well-chartered Christmas gifting plans. Made from a sturdy Paracord, this bracelet is a perfect gift for special occasions, especially for folks who want an element of surprise without compromising the grace associated with a jewellery bracelet!

    Holler Tipton Bracelet with Black Polished Small Hook and Navy Leather Strap

    Inspired by angling or fishing or creates with purpose by someone who doesn’t like the typical fasteners in bracelets? There are many theories at play when it comes to the creativity that yielded this Holler Tipton Bracelet. This black leather bracelet comes with a small hook that acts as the fastener. Also from the Holler range of jewellery that stands apart with a bit of unpredictability, this leather bracelet is from their Winter 2015 Collection. Specially meant for birthdays and special occasions, it is the perfect choice for folks who love the charm of pure metals and black leathers, albeit with one element that grabs attention. The design is very urbane, instantly likeable among millennials and people who prefer laidback, contemporary style!

    Holler Mosley Bracelet with Gold Polished Anchor, Brown Leather Strap

    Holler Mosley Bracelet is the ultra-cool fashion accessory for those who want to flaunt a bit of nautical vibes. Perhaps inspired by love for maritime theme, the Mosley bracelet has a brilliantly rendered gold-polished anchor. The overall presentation is both stylish and subtle. The lustre is just about perfect. When worn with other wrist accessories like a watch, the Holler Mosley bracelet adds more layers of style. A part of the Holler range that made a splash in their Winter Collection, this bracelet can be worn to a date night or the workplace. The brown leather will always be in fashion and the anchored hook will not age for years!

    Why Gift Holler?

    Holler jewellers is a well-established producer of luxury jewellery for men and some exquisite unisex fashion pieces which are the result of state-of-the-art engineering. Holler values are expressed through 100% commitment to quality. This invariably combines elegance, class and attention to detail. The collection of jewellery bracelets evokes many emotions. While some are outright fashionable and meant to grab attention, others tell about lifestyle preferences, give insight into personality types, or whisper stories of adventures. Other might have design icons and some can highlight your best achievements. Featuring irrefutable luxury, Holler collection of bracelets has some everlasting concepts like the use of metal clasps that will never become redundant. The use of genuine leathers and ultra-durable materials like paracord underlines how Holler creates the most interesting assortments using different materials. All Holler products are perfectly presented in branded packaging. From artisan-like designs to those that are ultra-slick, Holler jewellery is definitely trending, a perfect option for Christmas gifting!

    Where to acquire the latest jewellery from Holler?

    Acotis Diamonds is the perfect destination to acquire the latest jewellery designs. You get the assurance of a happy shopping experience with infinite choices and each product perfectly categorized with complete product details to help you make the perfect purchase every time! The multi-channel jewellery retailer hosts almost all the greatest names, clubbing them under one roof for your convenience. It is the leading provider of stunning jewellery, catering to clientele from different marketplaces.

  • 4 No-Brainer Christmas Gifts:

    Has to be Silver Jewellery by Fiorelli!

    Christmas though the most festive time of the year can be very hectic, often cramped for time. While some folks get overwhelmed with family dinners, repeated shopping trips, and endless parties, others take pride in choosing the best gifts for people who hold a special place in their lives. While some Holiday Season gifts can get repetitive and don’t have that stand-apart aura, others are able to make a mark. The latter is about making an impression, about creating a moment with smart gifts that will be treasured forever. This is where most people struggle. What is often tag-lined as ‘special gifting’ is actually about extremely expensive things, including those that have very little practical use. This is where Fiorelli comes to the rescue. This is not just another jewellery brand but the choice of millennials, corporates, newly wed or engaged couples, and nearly every other gifting demographic out there. But what makes Fiorelli so special?

    This discussion provides a brief about the brand &

    Some of its best Holiday Season gifting options…

    Not just another floral design


    Take a break from the usual floral jewellery designs. These silver earrings, primarily moulded from sterling silver, are rhodium and rose gold plated. Their sparkle can light-up your lady’s face no matter how boring things get. The rose folding design sets this pair of earrings apart from other rose-themed jewellery options. Part of the Fiorelli Spring Summer 2016 collection, these earrings are meant primarily for gifting as they appeal to nearly every woman out there, making for smart surprise gifts too. These can also be worn to the office or as a part of everyday attire. These silver rose earrings by Fiorelli are a blend of classic and contemporary impressions, complete with genuine Swarovski elements. A gifting option you just cannot go wrong with!

     Fiorelli Silver Knot Ring

    Twisted to enthral you


    Knots and jewellery have often been in cahoots when it comes to designs that defy the norm. This rhodium-plated silver sterling ring is a part of the Fiorelli Autumn Winter 2016 Collection. Rings from this collection are meant to be gifted. One look at the knotted ring and you realize it is perfect to be exchanged at weddings, gifted at anniversaries, or used to surprise your loved one at the Holiday Season dinner table. The ring, is both unique and suited for everyday wear—something about the smooth, but unpredictable loop, that makes the ring suited to bridal styling and for Christmas gifting. Innovative design of this Knot Ring makes it stand apart from the usual collection of rings with encrusted precious stones and similar embellishments. The design is trendy, a bit iconoclastic and the craftsmanship simply outstanding!

    Fiorelli Silver & Gold Pave Wavy Necklace

    Elegance speaks louder than Bling


    Talk about creating the perfect amalgamation of gold and silver and nothing comes close to the brilliance on display here. This silver and gold Pave Wavy Necklace is adorned with Swarovski elements that lend a definite sparkle. The glimmer is not loud but restrained and elegant. A part of the Autumn Winter 2016 Collection, the necklace is the perfect addition to your wardrobe for special occasions. This necklace, manufactured from genuine Sterling Silver, is gold plated. The Wavy Design Necklace can be a part of formal and casual dressing. Not scintillating but more elite and tastefully designed, gift this necklace with the assurance that any contemporary woman will love it!

    Fiorelli Silver Blue Degradee Baguette Earrings

    Rectangular masterpieces


    Women often complain about the need to segregate daily-wear fashion jewellery from fine jewellery reserved for special occasions. These beautiful earrings resolve the conundrum. For starters, their layout is very contemporary. The baguette design grabs attention with its geometric correctness. Made of Sterling Silver and Swarovski elements, each earring has a set of 3 brilliantly coloured Swarovski stones in different colours—Deep Blue, Oceanic Blue and Green. Suspended stylishly, the individual baguettes make an instant fashion statement. Part of the Autumn Winter 2016 Collection, this earring set is a perfect match for most attires!

    Why Fiorelli?

    Fiorelli is among the most appreciated lifestyle jewellery brands in the United Kingdom. It is renowned for its innovative craftsmanship and the skill with which the jewellery is created from genuine sterling silver. Fiorelli creations feature not only classic, but also edgy designs. Present in a wide array semi-precious stones and plating options, you can choose from Fiorelli rings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets. Fiorelli consistently incorporates coloured Swarovski stones for better visuals. The collection can be accommodated easily into everyday use, special occasions, not to mention as a part of the bridal wardrobe and for festive season gifting. All Fiorelli silver jewellery is presented in Fiorelli packaging with gift bag and box. This includes some of the bestsellers like the Fiorelli Silver Pale Blue Agate & Rose Quartz Station Necklace.

    Where to buy jewellery this Christmas?

    Acotis Diamonds keeps a stock of the best designs from all over the world, handpicked by industry experts and procurement specialists. You get the convenience of finding all the leading jewellery brands neatly organized on your desktop or mobile. There are always new, seasonal and sensational additions where emerging bestsellers and designs voted for by trend-spotters are fast-tracked so that you get the latest without waiting. Not just an online platform for premium jewellery, Acotis also offers a smartly rendered, virtual showroom with jewellery curated for discerning buyers like you.

  • Redefining Christmas Gifts: Jewellery, not Chocolates, for Kids & Teenagers!

    The most awaited time of the year, Christmas gives us every reason to feel happy and spend time with our loved ones. Christmas vibes invariably inspire buying gifts – something that no one can resist. Christmas preparations and often the gifting too follow some patterns. While preserving some traditions is a great idea, Christmas gifting can be rethought, with a slightly different approach, by choosing something beyond chocolates and teddy bears. Young adults and kids are very conscious about their style. Fashion accessories and greetings cards are good enough but jewellery can be everlasting, turning a gift into something to be preserved for a lifetime. The choices are not limited these days as younger individuals are turning more expressive, wearing everything that layers them in style. This includes stylish neckpieces, earrings and bracelets. We have listed the best of trending jewellery options that can be come great Christmas 2018 gifting options…

    White Pearl Bow Charm Bracelet

    Being minimalist is what many young adults prefer. Pearls are classic yet an endearing choice that continues to be popular across all age groups, including the high school and on the university campus. The idea of wearing a Pearl Bracelet too remains largely unchanged, as more people are understanding that wearing pearls is about saying a lot with very few pearls. Very wearable to any formal event or a birthday, pearls can come with a studded bow that makes this fine piece of jewellery a big part of any modern wardrobe ensemble. The white pearl bow charm is skin-friendly and can be carried easily. It makes sense with nearly evening dress or when getting ready for a date night. Truly, a gift that defines opulence, this bracelet comes in a bright shade of pink, dark blue and red star gift box accompanied by a card that allows you to pen a personal message—personalized Christmas gifting without any confusion! The bracelet and card are delivered in a bag that makes the gifted item even more beautiful.

    Rose Gold Plated Smiley Pendant


    This Cheek to Cheek Smiley Pendant would be perfect to make adulting kids gush over their latest acquirement. Impeccably carved smiley face with gold plated cheeks held together with chain makes the perfect Christmas Gift! You know that kids would definitely love wearing Smiley Pendants that are playful and opulent, ideal to be flaunted at birthday parties or casual outings with friends. Teenagers love wearing such Emoticon Pendants as they exude a bold, but personalized sense of style. The pendant is skin-friendly and the parts don't get stuck in the clothes. Perfectly wrapped with a card along with the gift box and a personalized message, this can be the perfect gift for Holiday Season 2018-19

    Yellow Enamel Starry Night Stud Earrings E5363


    Gift kids this exceptionally studded Yellow Enamel Starry Night Stud Earrings. This fine piece of jewellery is definitely a must-have for kids who want to dress-up in style for a party. The style is rather lively with bright shades beautifully blended into earrings—a feat not many jewellery designs can boast about. A perfect Christmas gift that can uplifts a teenager’s sagging energy immediately, the enamel earrings are wearable throughout the year. The vibrant colour means more scope for shade contrasting or colour coordinated looks. Pamper your kids with this classic and simple pair of earrings that can be paired with any attire. Teenagers have sensitive skin and thus, the use of premium, quality-tested materials makes a lot of sense.

    Enamel Child and Balloons Pendant P4420

    The first thing that comes in mind while arranging a birthday party is to fill the room with balloons—what if this exuberance could be captured in a piece of jewellery.? The Colourful Balloon Studded Pendant does this seemingly impossible job with amazing ease. Just like bright party decorations, this pendant will glimmer and spread the happy vibes from every viewing angle. A fine pendant that goes perfectly for birthday parties, casual outings, and picnic, it has multi-coloured balloons that are in-sync with the Christmas spirit. Wrap this in a gift box along with a personalized message and a touch of love—ticks all the boxes for the perfect Holiday Season gift!

    What makes D for Diamonds a preferred name in this domain?

    The sparkling and eye-catching collection by D for Diamonds has a special place in the niche of jewellery for kids and young adults. D for Diamonds understands the preferences of this segment, the cheerfulness associated with youthful energy. This is why you find unique design elements, such as emoticons, bow, balloons, and stars that attract young jewellery wearers. The jewellery parts have been optimized for the lively lifestyle that means more caution to prevent breakage or jewellery bits coming loose.

    Why trust Acotis for premium segment jewellery?

    Acotis Diamonds is among the biggest online stores for the finest jewellery. Expect impeccable creations that are find to hard anywhere else. Acotis stands out in the marketplace for fine jewellery with its multi-segmented inventory. The bestsellers and emerging favourites from top jewellery-makers are organized under one roof for your shopping ease. Expect everything from minimalist collection to the most spectacular designs and the ultra-stylish creations that are worthy of red carpet events. If your wardrobe needs a makeover, think about the vast array of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and other luxury jewellery options at Acotis Diamonds. Take a minute to browse through the expanding range of classic, contemporary, fusion, modern, vintage, and retro jewellery, each ready to be shipped to an address of your choice!





  • Christmas Gifting Ideas that Cannot Go Wrong for the Men in your Life

    The countdown for Christmas is on—the time when the calendar is packed with holiday parties, a formidable to-do list of festive chores, decorating, shopping, cake baking and merry making. You can make the festival extra special with a gift that speaks from the heart. They say that a right gift can be a perfect opportunity to create a lasting memory. The time to hunt down the best gifts is flying and like for every member of your family and friends circle, you need an ever-elusive perfect gift list for the men in your life. We have compiled a list of items to buy for the men in your life from the leading brand Fred Bennett and we bet it going to be a success.

    Elegantly Designed Watches

    A classy watch is a perfect Christmas present with purpose. It indeed is an intense personal gift that will probably last for the entire lifetime and beyond, through future generations. Most of the watch collections are elegantly designed and are available in leather as well as in metal strap. Most of these models exhibit craftsmanship that represent timeless tradition and embrace innovation.


    Leather Wallet

    A leather wallet would be a perfect gift for this Christmas season. The wallets are, in fact, most widely used accessories that a man possesses with also having an emotional attachment to these. You can select from huge array which includes pieces like Fred Bennett Brown Leather Wallet or Fred Bennett Black Leather Wallet. Some of the available pieces are crafted from genuine leather.


    Leather Card Holder

    Another present which you can give to a guy this Christmas is leather card holder. The card holder can be a powerful accessory that a man can use in his everyday life. Some of the highly recommended pieces for this Christmas include Fred Bennett Black Leather Cardholder. These pieces are amazing in designs and shades.


    Leather Bracelet

    There is no denying the fact that jewellery is as much a man’s prerogative as of a woman. Modern men love to wear bracelets and several other beautifully crafted pieces of accessories as they represent their attitude and royalty. There are myriads of designs available to choose bracelets and other accessories. Some of the best pieces include Fred Bennett Braided Brown Leather Bracelet. The contemporary artwork along metal with leather offers a rugged feel to these everyday wears.



    Cufflinks symbolise wealth, class and sophistication. These small yet functional and ornamental embellishments are loved by men as they add charm and charisma to their personality. These are perfect gifts for this Xmas. Pieces like Fred Bennett Stainless Steel White Mother of Pearl Cufflinks are pure manifestation of elegance with a mystifying Mother of Pearl centre. The ultimate finishing touch and innovative designs of these collections give a nod to smart masculinity.


    Why choose Fred Bennett for buying Christmas Gifts?

    Fred Bennett is the only men’s jewellery brand that covers all accessory needs from leisurely downtime to strictly business. The range offered by Fred Bennett is bold and stylish. Fred Bennett's award-winning designers get inspiration from ever-changing fashion landscape around them. Fred Bennett focuses on two key metals, sterling silver and stainless steel. While crafting watches and bracelets, they merge metals with leather, while giving stylish, sharp, and masculine designs that always remain in trend. Further, they mix classic techniques with innovative technology and high-quality materials while creating their designs to offer awesome finished products.

    Where to get exclusive Christmas Gifts?

    Acotis Diamonds presents amazing collection of Christmas gifts. Whether you are looking for a gift for a lovely lady or man or you are searching gifts for your family members and kids, Acotis Diamonds is the one-stop destination for you. Acotis has added some splendid items into its inventory which are procured from some of the top sellers across the globe. You can browse through the widest collection of Christmas gifts at Acotis. These available items will help in making your Christmas more memorable.

  • The Easy Guide to Buying the Perfect Christmas Gift

    Christmas is just around the corner. You must be soaking up in the festive atmosphere. You must be wondering what an ideal gift for would be for your loved one. We appreciate the dilemma that many people find themselves in. It is an exhaustive task to find the correct gift that expresses your affection for the special people in your life. Why not gift a fine piece of jewellery that will last beyond a season? Jewellery is something timeless—an ultimate gift for him, for her and for all those lovely people who have made your life special. A finely crafted piece of jewellery can impactfully express strong emotions like love and commitment. We are sharing some great jewellery edits that you can present as Christmas Gifts to your beloved ones.

    Christmas Jewellery for Her


    There is no iota of doubt that every woman loves jewellery. These classic and timeless pieces are very touching for a woman as they add charisma to her personality. When Christmas is on the brink of commencement, some of the iconic jewellery brands like Links of London offer collections especially curated for this festive season. The comprehensive range available in the market includes numerous items like pendant, earrings, necklaces, anklets, and rings. The trendy designs of these jewellery pieces will make every woman fall for these. On the special occasion, you can present items like clover necklace and pendant. These can be real gifts for your beloved ones as these will go with almost every outfit. Further, because of their distinctive designs, they never really go out of fashion.

    Christmas Gift for Him


    Selecting a gift for a guy is really a tough task. It is time for you to alleviate the stress as we are sharing few gifting ideas for you. Most men love to wear accessories. Gift items like silver buttons and watches can be perfect assets for them. A designer leather watch from brands like Links of London would be an ultimate Christmas gift. Some of the available models have modern designs with classic touches.

    Christmas Gifts for Friends


    Christmas is a perfect occasion to strengthen your bond of friendship. By presenting items like a bracelet, you can express your feelings to your friends. The chorded bracelets are not just the accessories to put on, but these are threads that strengthen your bond with every passing day. Some of the world’s top most brands offer collection exclusively designed for Christmas season.

    Why choose Links of London for buying Christmas Gifts?

    Links of London is an iconic jewellery brand. Since its inception in 1990, the brand has proceeded to captivate attention worldwide with its award-winning craftsmanship of bracelets, charms, necklaces and earrings. The design team of Links of London strives to create exquisite jewellery and statement watches with a focus on unparalleled quality. For special occasions like Christmas, Links of London comes up with an exclusive range comprising charms, bracelets and watches. Give joy to the people you love by gifting them with something special this Christmas.

    Where to get the exclusive range of Christmas Gifts?

    Acotis Diamonds is a one-stop destination for awesome Christmas gift collection. The webstore has included splendid items into its inventory which are especially crafted for Christmas season. Acotis has made Christmas gifts shopping a great experience with its online portal. The exhaustive range from Acotis gives you the flexibility to buy a special piece that is not just captivating but is also apt for your loved ones.




  • Making Christmas a Golden Treat with New-Season Jewellery Essentials

    Adding another charm to your jewellery repertoire does not need an occasion though. But getting it at the right time gives lifetime memories and ecstatic feelings to behold. There is no better time than the final month of the year to show your love to your dearest ones. We all love to have something gold in our collection—the more, the better! A golden trinket can be an elusive and classic way of greeting yourself on Christmas this year. These magnificent baubles get you the perfect way of styling in a minimal and elegant way. Making Christmas more special and invigorating, consider wearing these new-season jewellery essentials in gold.

    Pendant Necklaces That Speak Your Heart Out


    Every style needs a luxurious makeover whether it is for the holiday season or regular occasions. Pendant necklaces are just the right gleam you need for the sumptuous look you always wished to take off.  Being the statement stunners, these dainty necklaces uplift your overall appearance and adds a classic appeal with an interesting gold twist. Intricate designs with an exuding flair of sophistication—these pendant necklaces go perfectly with your Christmas outfit whether you want to keep it simple or prefer extra sparkle this time. The best part about these lariat necklaces is that you can always recreate the styles. So, get these precious gold charms layered up with the cosy attire or wear it solo with the elegant dress you have planned to adorn this Christmas!

    Keeping it in Sync with Your Look: Dainty Bracelets


    Undergoing a huge makeover, gold bracelets turn out to have a variety of options this season! From sleek to chunky, the dazzling designs are sure to make heads turn. Your Christmas look can be opulently completed with a rightly chosen bracelet. A spot-on way to highlight and define your wrist, these versatile bracelets are timeless and go amazingly well with your every day looks just like the party specials. The most-worn accessories by women on and off duty, the exquisite gold bracelets give an instant edge to your appearance without overdoing it.  The perfect blend of authenticity and modernity, a choice of gold for your wrist will surely have you stand out whether it’s the Christmas night, casual dinner party or sunny brunch gathering.

    Another Golden Element with a Right pair of Earrings


    Gold is forever and earrings in gold are beyond that. The precious metal commands on-the-spot attention while making an irresistible impression. A notable pair of earrings in gold can bring the needed extravagance to your look, matching the styling spirit of Christmas. The exclusive Elements Gold range has got some classic designs covered—you can choose from open circle earrings, organic swirl designs, long drop earrings, diamond-cut hoops, and cluster studs. Also, make your selection among different gold hues. Be it the rose gold tinge or the traditional yellowish tone or the white gold with sparkling embellishments! The lustre and brilliance of gold is sure to add a sense of luxury to your overall look.

    Luxurious Collection of Elements Gold—Experience Exclusivity and Trends

    An eclectic mix of gold earrings, bangles, bracelets and necklaces, Elements is known for its stunning collection of handmade gold jewellery. A favourite name with the fashion icons of UK, the Elements Gold range of the brand features most unique and intricate designs that speak perfection and impeccable craftsmanship. You can find the finest gold embellishments at Elements Gold, that too for every style and occasion. Suzie Calder and her Elements Collection have been gathering the attention of style-savvy women of UK for decades now! Choose from most convincing motifs of Elements Gold Range, where each one is crafted to drive the best in you.

    Why Choose Acotis Diamonds?

    One of the pioneers in the niche of jewellery, Acotis Diamonds has an inevitable knack for capturing the best and modern designs to get you introduced with. The online retail store has collaborated with some of the best jewellery designers across the UK. Bringing them all on a single online platform, Acotis leverages you with a wide selection of ornaments to choose from. We believe in serving you with the quality and best-in-class services and therefore with the innumerable products and brands, we have listed everything categorically for a smoother shopping experience. From the gleamy beauties to the red-carpet minimalists, Acotis has something for every fashion sense.


  • 3 Unbeatable Pendants for Christmas Gifting by Acotis Diamonds

    Most of you must be super excited that Christmas is around. This is the perfect occasion to make everyone’s Christmas special with a beautiful gift. Finding the best Christmas presents can be stressful. And the task would be more complicated if you are looking for Christmas gift for a lovely lady. Presenting something special will not only make her Christmas magical but also convey your true feeling. What would be better than a piece of jewellery? The love of a woman for jewellery is more than anything. A beautiful collection of jewellery gives her a sense of joy and pride while adding sparkle and glamour to her personality. An elegantly designed piece of jewellery will be a treasure forever.

    One gift that makes a lasting impression is a beautifully handcrafted pendant. A pendant is, in fact, a classic choice for a gift that will stay close to her heart, literally and figuratively.

    Sterling Silver Loopy Heart Pendant

    Heart is the classical symbol of love. With elegantly designed and handcrafted heart pendant, you can express your love, passion and romance. Some of the top selling brands like Beginnings offers a stunning range of sterling silver Christmas jewellery. You can easily find some of the most valuable pieces to present her on Christmas. One such piece is Beginnings Sterling Silver Loopy Heart Pendant. The gorgeous pendant feature delicate styling and is perfect to wear day or night. Exclusively crafted for Christmas season, this pendant adds a hint of fun and festivity to her jewellery collection.


    Sterling Silver Engraved Detail Heart Locket Pendant

    On this auspicious occasion, Engraved Detail Heart Locket Pendant from Beginnings can be a perfect Christmas gift. This piece details an intricate, hand-engraved filigree design. With this beautiful gift, you can keep your loved ones close. This fantastic piece is finely crafted to the highest standard from Sterling Silver. Exclusive engraving and decorative artwork provided on this piece reflects true craftsmanship. This gorgeous, high-end locket will bring joy and excitement into your  girl’s life and will eventually make her Christmas more memorable.


    Sterling Silver Slider Plain Cross Pendant

    There can be nothing more special than a cross pendant to present as Christmas Gift. This charming piece of jewellery is perfect for someone who want an extra touch of sweet sparkle. The Sterling Silver Slider Plain Cross Pendant from Beginnings is a beautiful piece of sterling silver jewellery that is specially crafted for festive occasions. Brands like Beginnings are flocking to this noble metal because it's the perfect combination of malleability, beauty, and durability.


    Why buy Christmas Jewellery from Beginnings?

    Beginnings creates stunning and exclusive jewellery collections that are playful, sometimes quirky, but always beautiful. Beginnings offers beautiful collection of sterling silver Christmas jewellery, gemstone presents, angels, candy canes and snowflake earrings, necklaces and charms. Each Beginnings item manifests compelling blend of sportiness and elegance. These pieces of jewellery are expertly handcrafted, offers exceptional quality alongside craftsmanship. The innovation, craftsmanship, and elegance displayed in their selection have made Beginnings one of the world’s most desirable sterling silver jewellery brands.

    Where to get Exclusive Range of Christmas Gifts?

    Acotis Diamonds stocks some of the world's most prestigious jewellery designs procured from the world’s top selling brands. At Acotis Diamonds, you will find a breathtaking collection of exquisite jewellery including engagement rings, eternity rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, Christmas jewellery and much more. Almost all the models available at Acotis are unique in designs and handcrafted with the utmost care to make sure that when you receive it you are over the moon. Browse through the stunning range, pick the perfect pieces and then get together this festive season to share the love!

  • Nothing Says Season's Greeting Better than Diamond Necklaces for Christmas

    Keep the spotlight on and indulge in the little extra sparkle this Christmas! Celebrate it with twinkly lights, sugar cookies and diamond jewelry! Diamond greets you in the classic way to make your holiday season more fun. The magnificent sparklers are versatile and always blend well with your styling theories. We all dream of dripping in diamonds, yes, the more the better! This Christmas, celebrate diamonds in the most creative way possible. The luxe jewelry adds to your personal style and uplifts your overall appearance.

    Put an end to your styling dilemmas by adding a sumptuous necklace to your look! When it comes to buying a necklace, you need to stay updated about the upbeat fashion trends. There is a myriad of designs available, all you need to do is find a perfect one for you. Every style needs a touch of luxurious appeal especially when it comes to holiday parties and you can rock the look with diamond perfection.

    Women with knack for diamond necklace and urge to know all about the latest trend make sure they keep their collection updated. So, for all those women, here is the list of necklaces that will solve your necklace styling queries! From the dainty details to statement stunners, keep what is stylish and trendy!

    Pendant Necklace


    Pendant necklaces perfectly complement your everyday style! Elevating your classic jewelry collection, these dainty necklaces add elegance and extravagance to your appearance. The intricately designed pendant with extra sparkle exuding flair of sophistication and sumptuousness takes your style game up a notch! Another option that you can go for is long pendant, these are highly versatile and appropriate for any time of the year. You can layer these necklaces over your winter sweaters or turtlenecks. Perfectly goes with your plain t-shirts and tank tops during the summers as well.

    Collar Necklace

    Statement-making collar necklace has become instant classic! Offering the much-needed juxtaposition of modern and streamlined look, close fitting necklace is versatile and perfectly goes with your styling spirit. You can spice up the look a little by combining the two collar necklaces to create a unique look for the next event you’re attending!

    Lariat Necklace


    Yes, Lariat necklaces are the easiest way to elevate low necklines! These necklaces are also referred as Y-shaped necklace and are seriously taken as trendy option that tend to uplift your appearance effortlessly.  Every V-neckline dress needs a lariat necklace. The delicate diamond lariat necklace can be your next statement jewelry that will get you tons of compliments! Be prepared to stand out at dinner parties with stylish lariat and to receive some compliments!

    Chic Feminine Vibes with Dainty Diamond Necklaces

    Level up your Christmas jewelry collection with diamond necklaces that wrap around your neck conveying timeless elegance and eye-catching sparkle. You can always recreate styles by stacking up the necklaces and walk out with your desired look. Combining modernity and authenticity, the uniquely designed diamond jewelry by Acotis Diamonds will keep your styling theories intact. The finest diamond embellishments allow you to add that impressive finishing touch effortlessly!

    Why Choose Acotis Diamonds?

    Acotis Diamonds with an uncanny knack for capturing modern designs stands out in the market. Creating the best and stand-out work of art by best designers, our jewelry collection will prepare you for a special occasion or well-deserved indulgence! Watch out for more collection, as we bring more edgy and spectacular designs! From worthy of being flaunted on the red carpet to minimalistic fashion jewelry that looks best on work attire, we have the perfect mixture, ensuring there is something for every fashion sense!

  • Making Christmas Merrier with Luxurious Fashion Accessories

    The festive mood of Christmas is not only supposed to be felt but manifested as well. The embellished pine trees and vibrant decorations fill us with immeasurable elation. This ecstatic feeling encourages us to accessorize ourselves in a way that would keep us excited through the Christmas Eve. Sometimes, fashion accessories like a trendy necklace, classy watch, or dazzling bracelets are enough to make festivities more invigorating. To match the excitement that you keep holding up for this time of the year, consider wearing these luxury accessories.

    Timepiece: Eternally Elegant Ornament


    Nothing is better than a watch when it comes to styling minimally. If you are not a fan of wearing jewellery but searching for an accessory that is chic as well as functional, then a luxury watch is all you need. When thinking of luxury watches, you must take a glance at the collection by Guess. The range includes stunningly designed wristwatches for both men and women, which feature intricate detailing that sets them apart. Wearing one of these watches on Christmas can be the most thoughtful present you can pamper yourself with.

    Bracelets: Accessorising Your Wrist Right


    The reason why bracelets are counted amongst most-worn accessories is their versatility. Whether it is a casual evening get together, formal dinner party, or some sunny brunch gathering, a luxury bracelet would be the easiest choice to team with any attire. A wide, opulent variety of bracelets can be found in the assortment arranged by Guess. The collection is inclusive of bangle bracelets, patterned bracelets, crystal bracelets, and chain bracelets. These wrist ornaments are available in different finishes — you can find gilded, rhodium plated, and rose-gold plated bracelets. Each bracelet has been meticulously provided with a versatile design that would easily go with your festive look.

    Neckpieces: Spot-On Way to Highlight Your Neckline

    Necklaces are just what you need to add gleam to your overall look. Even a slender pendant neckpiece is enough to bring a noteworthy change in ordinariness. Sometimes, you do not even need other pieces of jewellery if you have worn the right necklace, for it becomes the highlight of your style being at the centre. While styling for celebratory times like Christmas Eve, nothing better than luxury necklaces can do the needful. The range of necklaces by Guess comprises varied types — from chokers to pendant necklaces, each with an exclusive design.


    A Notable Pair of Earrings

    Earrings play the most interesting as well as pivotal role for a woman getting ready for an occasion. The size and style of a pair of earrings matter the most and should be carefully decided according to an event. For this very reason, the collection that Guess caters contains earrings in all sizes and designs for you to choose from. This range contains hoops, dangles, and studs in silver, gold, and rose gold. What makes these earrings desirable is their lush appeal reflected through the finishing. The most suitable time to wear these eye-catching embellishments is festivities — the preparation for your Christmas look is halfway sorted.

    Nail it with a Ring


    To give your overall look a final touch, wear a ravishing ring and let your hands do the talking. Often seen as a wedding souvenir, a ring is more than that. A ring that fits you right and is in appropriate proportion with your finger size is exactly what you need to fully prep yourself for this Christmas. Choosing the right luxury ring for your finger can be a task. Therefore, Guess has assorted an exclusive collection of rings — ranging from double rings and waterfall rings to wave rings for him and her. Every ring in the collection is an epitome of smart craftsmanship. Since these rings belong to a reputable brand, quality is understandably guaranteed.

    Why Trust Guess for Luxury Fashion Accessories

    Renowned for its lush range of accessories assorted for men and women, Guess is one of the leading brands in the industry of luxury lifestyle products since more than 30 years. Covering a large gamut of designs, the brand keeps its inventory updated as per growing customer demands. With convincing motifs and intricate designs, Guess is always proactive in meeting the desires of its clients when it comes to choosing the right jewellery and luxury watches.

    Buying from Acotis Diamonds

    Acotis Diamonds is one of the pioneer suppliers of jewellery that obtain all the products from reputable designers. This online retail store makes the huge gamut of ornaments available all over United Kingdom. Since the web store provide innumerable products, we have simplified the selection procedure for you by segregating them categorically. We are always at the forefront when it comes to attending our customers when they have queries. Moreover, our safe and swift delivery service always add on to the convenience.


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