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Valentine’s Gifts for Loved Ones

February is the month of love and every year this month brings a rush of excitement, emotions, and a desire to extend an extraordinary gesture of love among couples. Valentine’s day marks a day for the celebration of love and just like every other celebration, gifts are a major part of it. When it comes to choosing the perfect gift for your loved one, the decision is not very easy. Everybody wants to gift something unique and as beautiful as the love that they share with their partner. This article... Read More

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Bring Home the Charming Thomas Sabo Jewellery

Who said pampering yourself or making someone feel special comes with a hefty cost? Be it you or your mother, father, brother, son, friend or special someone, everyone deserves something precious, which could be a stunning piece of jewellery. Acotis Diamonds is making all those moments and relationships more special by offering a stunning range of Thomas Sabo jewellery on sale. Know What You’ll Get You can shop for beautifully designed jewellery pieces and accessories available at discounted prices. Be it accentuating your look or making others feel loved, Thomas... Read More


Colourful Crystals, Perfect Pearls and Celestial Vibes: Our Favourite Jewellery Trends for Autumn 2020

Every year as the new season fashion collections are unveiled, we always turn our eyes to one thing – the accessories. More specifically, the jewellery. Stylish jewellery that’s on trend is one of the best ways to bring your look together and create the ultimate finishing touch, and this autumn, there’s so much to choose from to help take your look to the next level. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the hottest jewellery trends for this season, along with some of our favourite pieces to help you... Read More


Select from the Spooky Halloween Jewellery Costume Accessories

Spooky season is here and it is the time to step out of your usual fancy clothing and jewellery repertoire. Whether you have decided on what you have to wear for Halloween or not, we have got some creative, spooky, and yet so charming pieces of Jewellery that are sure to complement your attires. There is no trick here and it is all about the treats in terms of beautiful and stunning jewellery that is sure to set the creepy Halloween vibes too. A perfect combination of elegance and modern... Read More


10 Reasons Why People Prefer Buying Jewellery from Designer Brands

If you have an enthusiasm for jewellery, it’s for sure that every piece in your box of trinkets is a branded trend in style. Just the way everyone is defined by a personality that is often associated with their fashion choices, jewellery too, is majorly linked to specific brands or designers. You will soon find the process to be subconscious, making you return to your favourite designers for styles that are made to impress. It becomes easy to invest in stunning pieces of jewellery again and again without considering better-budgeted... Read More


Good Gracious Engagement Ring Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

No stone is left unturned when it comes to selecting engagement rings. Millennials are moving away from old-fashioned trends of opting for the typical engagement rings textured yellow or just a plain white stone. In today’s day and age, there are multiple options such as multi-stone bands, antique designs among others. From which you and your partner can choose from. Every fashion-savvy femme and every guy who wants the proposal truly unforgettable for his partner, want something out of the box to make their special day, extra special and that... Read More


Unleashing the Extravagant World of Brooches

Fashion trends determine what’s in and what’s not every season and year. From classy earrings to funky pendants, each jewellery piece has a phase in which it booms and become part of every accessory box and wardrobe. But there is one accessory piece that has been accentuating your jewellery box for ages. From Princess Diana to Jay Z, everybody has tasted the style created by these beautiful and awe-inspiring brooches. Brooches are often classified as an elegant and sophisticated piece of jewellery, which adds a rich and royal look to... Read More


Trending Jewellery Pieces in The New Normal World

The noble coronavirus brought along some unexpected shifts in the world economy and consumer behaviour. With various restrictions, like social-distancing and quarantine, rooted with the global pandemic, there’s been a surge in demand for household and athleisure items. It has become a new normal sight of watching people nailing a chic top with sweatpants look while attending their office meetings and online classes. With the new everyday world, things, especially in the fashion industry, have experienced a paradigm shift. Individuals are opting for sustainable jewellery pieces that offer a fine... Read More

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Welcome Fall Fashion with Trollbeads Autumn Collection

The harvest season is almost upon us and that calls for a wardrobe and a jewellery box upgrade. Trollbeads is here with an autumn special collection for you to add a few bright harvest colours to your collections of necklaces, bracelets and any other accessory that you prefer to fashion yourself. Harmony Harvest is the new autumn collection for the year from Trollbeads and it is all about harvesting the spirit of harvest in Trollbeads new porcelain beads which are stronger but every bit beautiful as the classic glass beads.... Read More

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Sneak Peek into Trollbeads’ Autumn Collection 2020 – Harmony Harvest

When stunning designs and a luxurious brand come together, magic happens! If you’re all about wearing jewellery that is classic and enhances the aesthetic appeal, then, Trollbeads is just perfect for you! The brand has just made your autumn look ravishing and mind-boggling by announcing the launch of its gorgeous autumn collection 2020 – Harmony Harvest. The jaw-dropping designs and premium-quality material construction are what you get at Trollbeads and in this new jewellery collection. The mesmerizing designs and use of porcelain beads make this autumn collection a must-have to... Read More