Bring in Summer Vibes with Sunset at the Beach Collection 2020

The summer season is upon us and beach vibes are all right around the corner. This means that beach outfits and prints inspired by summers colours and floral patterns are in trend again. Beach-inspired accessories are another thing that you would like to add to your wardrobe this season to make it even more exciting to and exclusive. Trollbeads has launched a new collection with the name Sunset on the beach. Designed by taking inspiration from the nature that blooms at its best in the summers, the Sunset on the Beach Collection is not only the perfect way to accessorise your beach outfits but also every other summer outfit that you plan to wear. Capable of being woven into a beautiful bracelet these beautiful beads, this collection from Trollbeads is a must-have for every summer lover.

The Colours of the Calm Sea

Capturing the essence of the sea, the Blueberry Flower beads and the Mint Mesh beads are made considering your peace of mind and calm as the top priority for the summer vacation. The Beautiful shades create a beautiful contrast with other elements that you use to create for your bracelet. The Blueberry Flower bead features beautiful deep blue shades and incapacitates the spirit of a beautiful garden. The mint mesh is the ocean personified itself. With the mint green colour and the 2020 stamp of the collection, it is an ideal piece to add to your jewellery box.

The Charm of Sophistication

The essence of the plum flower intact, these two beautiful beads offer the same kind of elegance but in two different colours so that you can get the ideal shade as per your preference. The Raspberry bush bead from Trollbeads has a beautiful red shade that raspberries carry and a vague figure of a flower in it. The beautiful bright shade makes it perfect to be styled in a bracelet or a necklace alone and create a statement piece. The Plum Tree bead is another beautiful representation of nature and its beauty. The Plum Tree bead showcases a very laidback, sober, calming shade which means that it can be paired with any colour of beads with to create a beautiful mix and match bracelet or necklace.

Beads as Bright as the Daylight

No summer beach vacation is complete without some lemon margarita like Lime Leaves beads. A refreshing shade of green, these beautiful beads not only complements every other bead from the collection but will also go well with all other kinds of beads you may have. Tagged along with it the bright yellow Honey Bee Bead which reflects light in the best possible way to make you glimmer. The beautiful glass bead is the perfect one to style with blackened, oxidised chains and other beaded ornaments. The vibrant colours of these two glass beads are perfect to be fashioned with each other as well, given the complimenting shades of the two. You can pair them with your casual white t-shirt and blue jeans outfits and for more refined ones like evening gowns and dresses.

Acotis Diamonds for Beauty and Authenticity

When searching for the right kind of jewellery, one needs to weigh in all the options that matter – the design of the piece, colours, intricacy, bling, weight, material, trend and compatibility. The one other thing that should never be overlooked is the quality of these pieces. While a piece can be just what you wanted, imagined or pictured, overlooking quality for design should not be the case and neither should the choice of design be compromised because of quality. Ensuring that you get the best of both worlds, Acotis Diamonds is a platform that presents you with several top brands like Trollbeads which keep benchmark quality right beside beauty and design of a piece of jewellery. Handpicked from the top brands which are globally renowned in the jewellery world other like Elements Gold, Elements Silver, Swarovski, D for Diamonds, and Beginnings, Acotis Diamonds brings you the most recent top-tired collections from all your favourite brands in one place.

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