Behold the Beauty of France with Antibes Collection

Antibes is a Mediterranean resort town situated in southern France, between Cannes and Nice. It is a popular tourist destination that homes some of the most historic places such as Musee Picasso, and hiking trails. Inspired from the French Rivera, Nomination Jewellery presents Antibes Collection an exotic range of jewellery made from 925 silver and gemstone combinations.

The collection is symbolism of the white villas, aqua waters, and pale pink sunsets. It contains necklaces and bracelets that adorn charms and coloured gemstones. Some of the most used gemstones are Malaysian gemstone, black crystals, blue crystals, and green crystals. What makes the range special are the pendants such as the tree of life, star and shell, starfish, snake, heart and heart and arrow, sun and moon, and eye. Most of the pendants radiate the coastal vibes.


The Antibes jewellery is made of 925 sterling silver – an alloy which contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals in composition. These chains and bracelets are then rose-gold plated, giving the jewellery a sophisticated and chic look. They give the jewellery a feminine and timeless appeal reminiscent of a vintage era. Variations in colour and markings of the stones make the jewellery different.


Tree of Life

The tree of life pendant is symbolic to wisdom and knowledge. The pendant encourages for the quest of awareness, knowledge and wisdom. It is synonymous of strength and stability in you. It guides, encourages and inspires you to dream big.

Sun and Moon

Sun and moon jewellery charms are based on the shapes of the two most significant astronomical bodies. The two have great cultural symbolism. While the sun is a symbol of fertility and healing, the moon is the symbol of time and change in several traditions. It is a symbolism of cynical alternation of birth and death, as well as creation and destruction.

Eye Charm

The Evil Eye charm stares at the world to avoid evil eyes and protects you from harm. The evil eye pendant has the dual capabilities of providing both protection and power. Adorning this symbol for good luck or protection from the power of the negative energy is common across several cultures.  

Starfish Charm

The starfish is a resilient creature that constantly regenerates, intuitively navigates the sea, and impacts the ecology. A starfish pendant symbolizes guidance, intuition, and vigilance. It is an aesthetically pleasing pendant that represents rebirth, teamwork, and equality. It can be adorned by anyone and at any age.

Snake Charm

Jewellery featuring snakes is nothing new. They have been worn and adored by ancient and modern civilizations. Even ancient civilizations like Mayans worshipped snake as God and revered it for representing knowledge and protection. Snakes were featured in Greek and Roman mythology. They were seen as a symbol of regeneration and rebirth.

Trust Nomination Jewellery

Nomination was established in 1980 in Florence, Italy. The brand focuses on delivering qualitatively crafted jewellery and accessories. The craftsmen of Nomination jewellery have been successful in combining the Florentine traditions with innovative technologies and materials in their unique collection. You can explore through their wide collection and choose the best gifts for your loved ones.

Where to buy a thoughtful range of Expressive jewellery gifts?

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