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3 Essential Style Tips on Wearing Statement Jewellery

While subtle pieces of jewellery are great for complementing your outfit, it has be said there’s nothing like wearing a big, bold piece of statement jewellery. From chunky designer rings to attention grabbing necklaces, there’s no denying that statement jewellery is a lot of fun to wear. To get the most out of these big, dramatic pieces, it’s important to be mindful of how they work in context with the rest of your look. Here at Acotis Jewellery, we’re proud to stock an extensive range of men’s and women’s designer... Read More

Finding Jewellery That Suits Your Style

Finding Jewellery That Suits Your Style We all have our own personal style that we express in everything from our clothes to accessories. However, it can be hard to find the right jewellery to match our styles. You may have a few pieces that have been gifted or even handed down, but how do you choose the right jewellery to suit your everyday and special occasion outfits? Here are some tips for finding jewellery that’ll match your wardrobe. If you like to keep it simple, then you can let your... Read More

Choosing the Right Piece of Jewellery for Valentine’s Day

Choosing the Right Piece of Jewellery for Valentine’s Day Valentine’s day is one of the most popular occasions for giving jewellery. After all, there aren’t many gifts that are as romantic, and will be treasured for life. However, shopping for jewellery can be a daunting task, and there are so many styles and looks available, how do you choose? Here are some ways you can find the right Valentine’s day gift. See what jewellery she already wears The best way to see what kind of jewellery a woman might like... Read More

Accessorise your style with Great Jewellery From Acotis Diamonds

Jewellery has had a significant meaning for both men and women across the globe over centuries. In some cultures, women’s jewellery is seen more than just decoration and has a lot of value added to it. In today’s world, there are so many inspiring and beautiful pieces available on the market, that they can provide countless styling options. Using what you wear strategically is an important tool for any woman, especially in the business world. The key is to learn which pieces, whether they be designer jewellery items or not,... Read More

Make your jewellery stand out.

Fashion is about many different elements. From your hair to your makeup, your grooming to your shoes, fashion covers a huge range of facets, and it can be time consuming to make sure you tick all the necessary boxes. Here at Acotis Diamonds, we understand this completely! If you want to look as fashion forward as possible, a good tip is to dress around your jewellery, not the other way around! Statement designer jewellery pieces can be lost within a busy outfit of patterns and textures, and a beautiful piece... Read More


THOMAS SABO REBEL AT HEART by Acotis Diamonds Acotis Diamonds Jewellery have fallen in love with Rebel at Heart Jewellery with its free spirit and revel in its spontaneous emotions. The jewellery channels your mindset energy to enhance a source of inner strength. It is symbolically powerful and open to new discoveries. The Rebel at heart line stands out with its iconic statement jewellery for men and women. Created by hand with precision craftsmanship, made from blackened 925 Sterling silver and with hand-picked, precious stones: the iconic Rebel at heart... Read More

Who’s Wearing Claudia Bradby

Claudia Bradby by Acotis Claudia Bradby’s contemporary pearl jewellery is worn and styled by women across the globe. Renowned for their ‘wearibility’ and fuss free aesthetic, her designs have caught the eye of some seriously stylish and high profile women including Dame Helen Mirren, Kate Middleton, Katie Derham, Pippa Middleton and Sophie Kinsella. Claudia Bradby Essential Luxe Silver Earrings CBES0015 Claudia Bradby Essential Luxe White Earrings CBES0003W Claudia Bradby Beachcomber Silver Necklace CBNL0095 Claudia Bradby Beachcomber SIlver Necklace CBNL0067 Claudia Bradby Essential Luxe Silver Necklace CBNL0106 Claudia Bradby Essential Luxe... Read More