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Making Christmas Merrier with Luxurious Fashion Accessories

The festive mood of Christmas is not only supposed to be felt but manifested as well. The embellished pine trees and vibrant decorations fill us with immeasurable elation. This ecstatic feeling encourages us to accessorize ourselves in a way that would keep us excited through the Christmas Eve. Sometimes, fashion accessories like a trendy necklace, classy watch, or dazzling bracelets are enough to make festivities more invigorating. To match the excitement that you keep holding up for this time of the year, consider wearing these luxury accessories. Timepiece: Eternally Elegant... Read More


5 Best Jewellery Gifts for Your Wife this Christmas

Though there are many opportunities to pamper your wife throughout the year, Christmas is the perfect time to give her a gift that she would remember for a lifetime. Finding the perfect piece of jewellery can make her holiday special. In case you are looking for a little shopping inspiration, our top 5 jewellery gift ideas will help you find a special gift for your better half. Quirky Bracelets When it comes to selecting the best Christmas gift for your lady love, bracelets are one of the best choices. At... Read More


Christmas 2018: 5 Best Sterling Silver Jewellery Gifts for Special Someone

Giving a quirky or beautiful piece of jewellery is a considerate way to treat the special woman in your life. Christmas is an auspicious time of the year to give exciting, memorable gifts, which can last beyond the season. As a gift, jewellery can be really challenging to buy. This is because personal preference plays a huge role, so it is indeed tough to pick out pieces, which might actually match the interests of someone you love. But the effort to get the choice right can score many sentimental points!... Read More


Christmas Gifts Guide For the Best Holiday Season Ever

That Christmas vibe always cheers you up! Isn’t it? You live up to experience that ecstatic feeling every year of waking up on a Christmas morning, discovering a small gift box under the tree or in a stocking. Gifts always make you feel happy, no matter what the occasion is! Christmas gives you a beautiful chance to express your love and affection for the special people in your life. Sweets would empty the jars one day and flowers will die, but a fine piece of jewellery is something timeless that... Read More


Dance to the Beats of Trollbeads: Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas comes with an energetic vibe and you get a chance to celebrate it with all the love and passion. For such special occasions, you need special jewellery that will not only express your individuality but also makes a perfect gift that helps you exhibit your love and affection for the people who matter! For this holiday season, find the jewellery that adds the meaningful accented charm to your collection. Charming jewellery adds spirit to your look and are sure to brighten up your holidays. Adding the classic flair, these... Read More


Christmas Gifts: Elating Your Dear Ones on a Festive Morning

We do remember Sheldon Cooper saying – ‘Gift-giving is based on reciprocity. You haven’t given me a gift. You’ve given me an obligation.’ No one would disagree to the fact that Christmas is the most awaited holiday time that is harbinger of happiness and joy. If you are struggling to find the right gift for your friends and family, then look no further. Whether it is about choosing a luxurious gift for your boss or a thoughtful one for your partner, we are here to help you. Following are the... Read More

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Let Love Themed Jewellery do the Talking this Christmas

“Amazing gifts always come in small boxes!” And if you are buying gift for the special woman in your life then you should acknowledge the fact that every woman feels ecstatic when she gets diamonds in a little gift-wrapped box. Christmas is all about spreading love and wishing that compassion stays alive forever. Therefore, gifting this love themed jewellery on Christmas makes sense. Love Themed Jewellery The heart-shaped charms and pendants are not just meant for romantic gifting at weddings, Valentine’s Day or engagements. Heart shaped jewellery symbolizes what can... Read More


Gifts for Christmas at Acotis Diamonds

Not just another discussion about GIFTING IDEAS… 5 JEWELLERY Options You Should Consider! There is nothing like a right time to gift someone special to you! You don’t need to wait for special events or typical moments that come with a high flavour of being heavily marketed. You should be thanking others and reciprocating their gesture with gifts that can perhaps never go wrong. How do you do it? We are talking about gift selection. Lifestyle bloggers continue to talk about creating surprises but this is not easy. Even within... Read More


A Celebrity Style Guide for Choosing the Perfect Ring

For quintessential glitz and glam, you can simply wear a crystal Swarovski necklace, bracelet, or statement piece to your next fancy party. Swarovski reveals your unique sparkle and the latest collection of jewelry, watches and fashion accessories help get you noticed. When it comes to fashion and style we always turn up to our favourite celebs for getting some inspiration on the latest trends. We all know that celebrity relationships have always been the favourite gossip in H-town and so have their engagement rings. We have thoughtfully compiled a list... Read More

5 Charms for Your Jewellery Collection by Acotis Diamonds

Since centuries, jewellery has been an integral part of the women’s styling regimen. Jewellery made of bones, feathers, shells and coloured pebbles. Nowadays, people prefer to wear their signature style jewellery; a piece of jewellery that signifies their unique personality. In the pre-historic period, people wore charms as amulets to avoid bad luck. In ancient Egypt, charms were a symbol of luck. And, in the medieval period, charms were worn by knights for protection. Jewellery designs can be personalized by adding elegant charms to bracelets and chains. Here are 5... Read More