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Urbane, Cool & Trending – Reasons why Holler is a Great Christmas Gifting Option!

There’s Christmas in the air. This is when people reconnect with traditions, the festive spirit comes alive, and a wonderful occasion is celebrated with gifts. Christmas primarily means family time and sharing with folks we adore. A gift of jewellery can be a great choice, whether you are gifting it to a man or woman, someone who has just started a family, a young adult, or someone who just retired. There is something very lovable about the blend of fine metals, flawless polishing, and gemstones that casts a spell. Holler... Read More


4 No-Brainer Christmas Gifts:

Has to be Silver Jewellery by Fiorelli! Christmas though the most festive time of the year can be very hectic, often cramped for time. While some folks get overwhelmed with family dinners, repeated shopping trips, and endless parties, others take pride in choosing the best gifts for people who hold a special place in their lives. While some Holiday Season gifts can get repetitive and don’t have that stand-apart aura, others are able to make a mark. The latter is about making an impression, about creating a moment with smart... Read More

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Christmas Gifting Ideas that Cannot Go Wrong for the Men in your Life

The countdown for Christmas is on—the time when the calendar is packed with holiday parties, a formidable to-do list of festive chores, decorating, shopping, cake baking and merry making. You can make the festival extra special with a gift that speaks from the heart. They say that a right gift can be a perfect opportunity to create a lasting memory. The time to hunt down the best gifts is flying and like for every member of your family and friends circle, you need an ever-elusive perfect gift list for the... Read More


The Easy Guide to Buying the Perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas is just around the corner. You must be soaking up in the festive atmosphere. You must be wondering what an ideal gift for would be for your loved one. We appreciate the dilemma that many people find themselves in. It is an exhaustive task to find the correct gift that expresses your affection for the special people in your life. Why not gift a fine piece of jewellery that will last beyond a season? Jewellery is something timeless—an ultimate gift for him, for her and for all those lovely... Read More


3 Unbeatable Pendants for Christmas Gifting by Acotis Diamonds

Most of you must be super excited that Christmas is around. This is the perfect occasion to make everyone’s Christmas special with a beautiful gift. Finding the best Christmas presents can be stressful. And the task would be more complicated if you are looking for Christmas gift for a lovely lady. Presenting something special will not only make her Christmas magical but also convey your true feeling. What would be better than a piece of jewellery? The love of a woman for jewellery is more than anything. A beautiful collection... Read More

Inject Some Luxurious Originality into Your Appearance with a Thomas Sabo Necklace

Most people want others to notice their attention to detail regarding appearance, design and fashion choices, which is why they adorn themselves with elegant items of jewellery that make them stand out in the crowd. If you want to browse a selection of products that promise to make your appearance unique, then you should look at the Thomas Sabo necklace collection available at Acotis. Thomas Sabo Silver Anchor Heart Locket Necklace D_KE0039-356-14-L45v When we meet people for the first time, the first thing they notice is how we look, which... Read More

Premium Thomas Sabo Earrings That All Jewellery Lovers Adore

If you only settle for the very best when it comes to purchasing new earrings, then you should browse our extensive selection of Thomas Sabo products. At Acotis, we stock items of jewellery from some of the world’s most renowned manufacturers and make them available at unbeatable prices here in the UK. Browse our exclusive of Thomas Sabo earrings to find the perfect luxury gift, whether it’s to give a loved one or add to your own jewellery box. Some people wear earrings just to fit in with the latest... Read More

Boasting One of the UK’s Broadest Selections of Thomas Sabo Rings

Nowadays, rings are more than just a fashion statement. These items of jewellery give people an insight into who we are and what we’ve achieved, but finding the perfect ring can be a challenging because there are so many options to choose from. We’re confident that you’ll find a Thomas Sabo ring that complement’s your style perfectly by browsing our broad collection, but you can always call the professionals at Acotis if you need assistance. Some of us invest heavily in items of jewellery because they say a lot about... Read More

Thomas Sabo Beads by Acotis Diamonds

Create Your Own Jewellery Masterpieces with Beads from Thomas Sabo If you struggle to find jewellery items that perfectly complement your style when browsing the high street store collections, you might want to consider making your own unique creations by purchasing a set of beautiful Thomas Sabo beads. You’ll find exclusive designs at high-value prices here at Acotis, whether you’re looking for your next high-quality bracelet or the perfect gift for your loved one. We all like to add a touch of originality to our style because we want to... Read More


Nothing Says Season’s Greeting Better than Diamond Necklaces for Christmas

Keep the spotlight on and indulge in the little extra sparkle this Christmas! Celebrate it with twinkly lights, sugar cookies and diamond jewelry! Diamond greets you in the classic way to make your holiday season more fun. The magnificent sparklers are versatile and always blend well with your styling theories. We all dream of dripping in diamonds, yes, the more the better! This Christmas, celebrate diamonds in the most creative way possible. The luxe jewelry adds to your personal style and uplifts your overall appearance. Put an end to your... Read More