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Eternal Style: Jewellery Trends that Will Not be ‘Leaving Soon’

While most lifestyle bloggers and fashionistas talk about fashion in terms of the trending, forthcoming and possible disruptions along the way, we are going to talk about jewellery in a very different manner, i.e. trends that are here to stay no matter how our sensibilities change. Fashion-faithful folks realize that certain trends are meant to be repeated because they are eternally stylish. From award shows to gala events and special screenings, there are many celebrities across the world who continue to wear such classic jewellery, regardless of how dated/aged the design might be…why? Because people realize that just like an iconic historic building or once-in-a-millennium artistic creation, some things never really age. We have gathered some jewellery options that are here to stay for a long, long time…

1. Rose Gold Rings

Rose gold has become somewhat reclusive these days but this is because its beauty is seldom talked about. If you want to score a slam-dunk on glamour, if you want to bling it up with some classical options, a rose gold ring or more than one, can be the best bet. These rings can be adorned with a gemstone or have studded diamonds. Some have a marquise cut design. The best part about this metal is that it blends well with different gemstones or semi-precious stones. Rose gold complements all shades of skin tone too. It is a sensible option for adding a warm, youthful glow. Delicate jewellery in rose gold can be worn to the workplace. For special events/celebrations, it remains an eternally fashionable choice.

2. Sports Inspired Jewellery Charms

If you have sporty apparels and footwear then why can’t jewellery be athletically inspired? Sports charms are meant to celebrate achievements and inspire actions. There can be seasonal variations here. You can expect soccer-inspired charm jewellery when FIFA World Cup madness prevails. Tomorrow, the inspiration can be the NBA or MMA. All sports enthusiasts and those who connect with the physically active lifestyle, should try charm jewellery that underlines the zeal to prevail.

3. Oversized Watches

For the bold and those who like to live king-size, there is something about oversized fashion trends that continues to drive engagement every year. Fashion favourites here include oversized watches that are not going to leave us anytime soon. Women’s’ large face watches have now become de rigueur for those who have replaced their feminine timepieces with flashier and larger, men-sized watches.

4. Zodiac Charms

Whether you believe in astrology or not, despite what you might think of sun signs, there is something astrophysical and mystical about zodiac-inspired jewellery. Many people still love wearing birth-charms. Sun signs and zodiac symbols are not a fashion statement that can be easily forgotten. It can be flaunted with tattoos and zodiac charm jewellery.

5. Personalized Jewellery

Personalized jewellery items always make a buzz due to the touch of exclusivity. Alphabet charms and pendants with love notes or encrypted charms say a lot more about you than the usual range of fashion accessories. They reflect your way of styling and your lifestyle preferences.

6. Chain Bracelets

It is because these are classics designed so sleek that they match any attire you choose. So, being trendy without thinking too much means having some metal chain bracelets since they are not leaving the fashion scene for a long time. Stack it up with some heavy bracelets, cuffs, bangles or a nice dress to complete the look.

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Where to buy the best in eternally fashionable jewellery online?

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