Acotis Diamonds: Jewellery Pieces that are Pocket Friendly

Jewellery is perhaps the best fashion accessory a lady can own – if chosen carefully, there is a sense of eternity to it, as jewellery styles always resurface, ensuring your collection is never really out-of-sync. Grooming a jewellery collection also ensures you always have something special to transform an ordinary outfit into something special. With smartly chosen jewellery pieces, dailywear and most casual outfits can look stylish. Earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other types of jewellery pieces should be in every lady’s wardrobe. But how can this be accomplished without hurting the pocket? This is when you need to shop smarter, buy lesser units, lesser priced items but more stylish creations. Acotis Diamonds can be your personal haven for jewellery choices that don’t make you spend big but still deliver impressively in terms of authenticity and style. Read ahead to understand what type of jewellery pieces should you own and explore jewellery that is a great blend of price, quality and elegance…

Circle Stud Pierced Earrings

Circle stud earrings are sheer elegance! These Swarovski earrings are high-fashion products and work better with evening dresses and get-ups where elegance is the objective. This pair of earrings in white is especially designed for styling on-the-go as the studs tend to complement nearly every color in the wardrobe. Choose these earrings for their affable styling and the flawless rhodium plating—an ideal fashion accessory that takes care of most eveningwear ensembles. The eye-catchy design has a restrained sparkle, just about right to add some radiance. The design works well with subtly designed outfits and is easy to blend with other fashion accessories when you want to grab the spotlight!

Silver Plated Bangle

Accessories for the wrist walk the tough line of being practical, hopefully with an unfussy design and should have a style that is relevant for most occasions, from casual movie nights with friends to a business lunch. The silver plated bangle does this with amazing ease. This versatile wrist accessory adds a stunning touch when combined with matching danglers or necklaces—it can help you turn glamorous without investing much time. The silver radiance comes at a comfortable price-point. Most women need such multipurpose jewellery options. The pendant coin adds a bit more fun to the otherwise perfect design. Rhodium plating ensures a sleek finishing. Stainless steel construction makes it a great pick for career-juggling moms, travelling women and those chasing deadlines at the office!

Fun Charm Bracelets

What outfit can be truly fun or relaxed without a happy bracelet? Yes, fashion accessories is not just about pricey options dense with gemstones. There is a big room for bracelets that help you stay positive and exude optimistic vibes. This mesmerizing charm bracelet wraps your wrist gently. Instantly, you can feel those bright colours communicating with a smile. The Thomas Sabo bracelet with freshwater pearls in multicolour can be paired with any outfit—there is nothing that can beat its versatility! Additionally, it can be worn to any occasion, from an office meeting to a casual day out with friends.

Emerge Open Heart Ring

Women of all ages need some romance in their wardrobe too. This can be a great way to pamper themselves and connect with moments that were about true passion. Then why not invest in jewellery that helps you reminiscence and feel optimistic about love. The Emerge Open Heart Ring is a truly elegant option. The Hot Diamond ring is adorned with a diamond minus all the fluff that sometimes competes for attention and drives the prices crazy. This statement ring is especially designed for women who love graceful jewellery. This rhodium plated ring is worth every dollar it commands!

Calista Pendant

Inspired by organic shapes, this beautiful Calista Pendant underlines why simple styling can sometimes be as gorgeous as the most exquisitely crafted jewellery. The pendant has a soft, very feminine silhouette. The gradation of crystals, combined with crystal pearls, creates the visual effect. You can wear this statement pendant with basic tops, sweaters, and cardigans for a charming look. This exquisite pendant by Swarovski comes with an adjustable palladium-plated chain.

Little Secrets Lily Bracelet

A bit artsy, slightly unconventional and more like a trending fashion jewellery—this defines the Little Secrets Lily Bracelet. This is a must-have for women who want that relaxed, causal look. It is the perfect gift for women who admire the power of simplicity. This elegant Thomas Sabo bracelet comes with adjustable sliding clasp and can be a part of formal get-ups too. Accented with a sparkling infinity pendant, this grey bracelet offers a lot of graceful and can be your trusted buddy when you need to dress-up in a jiffy.

Crystal Ring

No matter what we preach about updating your jewellery collection, there is always space for a gorgeous crystal ring in every woman’s wardrobe. Why? Some classics are meant to be rejoiced for centuries. Perhaps, slightly pricier than other jewellery options discussed here, it deserves your attention. Recommended for all women, who love dressing boldly or in a restrained manner, the uniquely designed Swarovski ring with brief detailing cannot be ignored!

Why trust Acotis Diamonds for fashion jewellery?

Offering an exquisite range of jewellery, Acotis Diamonds has gained popularity as an online store that serves the perfect mix of eclectic, classic, contemporary, Boho-chic, boutique, and special edition jewellery. The store has all the popular designs, from engagement and wedding rings to earrings and necklaces sported by celebrities. Customers get complete control in their purchase journey, assisted by the customer care team. The online jewellery store chooses to showcase creations from all the renowned jewellery brands, with most items handpicked by its team of industry experts and jewellery designers.

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