A Touch of Bohemian for Your Jewellery Box with Trollbeads

Jewellery is the perfect way to tell your story and has an exquisite way of enhancing any personality or attire. Trollbeads is a brand celebrated for spreading happiness masked in personalised jewellery. Picking beads one by one and stringing them into bracelets and necklaces is the perfect way to reflect who is. Go boho this season and let your spirit flow with the beautiful bohemian collection by Trollbeads. Selecting your own beads for your own style will let you match your jewellery with both your character and your boho look! Fuse together oxidized metals and quirky designs with Trollbeads. Featuring striking beads for you and your loved ones, find a quirky piece to make a statement!

Out of the hundreds of beads and jewellery pieces that can help you get your ‘Boho’ on, how about something like…

Oxidised Boho Beads

Trollbeads features a wide collection of beads that are perfect for the free spirits! The artistic designs include stunning beads designs oxidised for the most beautiful artistic touch. The flowing abstract designs are the essence encompassing the bohemian style. A path of life bead is an example of the abstract silvers of the range, standing out for your jewellery collection. Or how about an oxidized silver berry bead? The unique, quirky design will surely add an uncommon touch to your jewels. Shells, skulls, angels, insects, birds and what not! The enormous range is exclusively created for the bohemian style, with the most exceptional designs.

The Glimmering Gold Beads

Though golds are slightly conventional with more of a modern ring to them, Trollbeads fashions the conventional golds in rare and uncommon designs, giving them a unique twist for a rather unusual touch. Find beautiful gold beads from Trollbeads, such as this subtle, yet boho-chic three siblings gold bead and adorn your bracelet with a dash of glamour! The elegance of gold creates a distinctive blend with unconventional designs, making the perfect pieces for all those fashion-enthusiasts going bold and walking in the spotlight!

Precious Stone Beads

With metals saying Boho the loudest, stones and gems are too, a part of the Trollbeads collection. These beautiful stone beads are not only captivating but create an atypical look when strung together unevenly or mix and matched. Going for the Boho look? Compose a medley of unconventional colours and designs that for a distinguished appeal, why stick to the predictable styles? Go for bright and bold colours, or cascading shades of pastel, its all up to you and how bohemian you want to go! After all, isn’t that what Trollbeads are all about? Not creating jewellery for you, but creating jewellery that is you!

Glass Beads for The Naturals

Creating stunning designs is easy with the perfect metals but the glass beads have a flowing essence that they inherit from their very origin. With beautiful and stunning designs to choose from, Trollbeads features some exclusive designs of beads with little glass beads reigning boldly, such as this glass trolls bead. With a very different design of a troll, this is the perfect bohemian you have probably heard of! Solid glass beads in beautiful colours, ranging from the monochrome to the boldest shades of the colour wheel, and designs made to impress, are surely a pick that will never cease to catch the eye!

The Trollbeads Ready to Wear Collection

So, if you’re not going for the personalising experience, Trollbeads features the most striking collection of oxidised rings, necklaces, earrings and so much more that can help you make a boho-chic statement in seconds! With floral designs, big bold pearls, eccentric animals and insect designs, flowing swirls and designs that will definitely make you want to pick them all, Trollbeads offers the most extravagant boho designs for your collection.

Trollbeads Goes Boho

Trollbeads has made a significant mark in the jewellery world so far and strives to keep doing so. There most prominent feature is their ability to personalise from client to client and create jewellery that will make heads turn inevitably. Highly customised necklaces, bangles, bracelets, and more, are just the beginning. With the thousands of unique Trollbeads, anyone can customise their own, unique collection. Find new collections to blend your own fashion style with the beauty of jewellery with Trollbeads, or simply dive into the ready to wear collection for something exclusive from the Trollbeads designers!

Charming Beads for You at Acotis Diamonds

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