A Gift for Box of Timeless Classics : Pearls

In this time and age when the world is going bonkers about fashion trends and millennial trends, there are still many that want to stick to the classics. From retaining a permanent place in the box of passed down heirlooms of many families to making it to events like London Fashion Week in the forms of eccentric forms and designs, pearl jewellery on one of the most sustainable forms of fashion. One can never go wrong with pearls– they are absolutely fabulous to pair with every possible traditional dress and bring the best out of hipster outfits as well. It is undeniable that pearls have a throne of their own in the world of fashion and jewellery.

Bracelets for the Ones with Love of Intricate

Often seen as something that one would wear on a daily basis as an everyday piece of jewellery, bracelets are the simplest yet one of the most beautiful adornments that one can feast their eyes upon. Being extremely versatile, bracelets are also paired with bangles and watches. They are the perfect piece of jewellery to get layering right even when tried for the very first time. Want to go minimalistic? Choose the sterling silver pearl bracelet from Thomas Sabo. Need a statement piece but you feel shackled with a necklace wrapped around your neck? Get hold of the Freshwater Pearl bracelet from Beginnings with 3 layers. Just like any other fashion forward collection, pearls are no less when it comes to variety.

Right from the Box of Heirlooms: Pearl Necklaces

How has the queen of England been spotted flaunting a fine piece of pearl necklace in the countless events and functions that she attends? Can’t even count right? The royal box of jewels is overflowing with marvellous pearl beauties and so is the box of heirlooms that you will soon be receiving from your grandma. Pearl necklace is the epitome of simplicity and grace and there is no counter statement for that. The best thing about modern fashion is the freedom that you get for mixing and matching different material and gems. While a complete pearl string spells out ‘Classic’, the modern versions of this subtlety comes as gold necklaces with pearl pendants, black pearl strings combined with a beautiful silver charm, etc.

A Silent Cry of Elegant Minimal Earrings

If one tries to express one of the most mythical and mystical celestial nymphs in terms of jewellery, pearls would be the obvious choice. So sinfully silent and yet making the loudest statement of all. A simple pair of pearl earrings or studs would look apt at both a casual brunch afternoon and a big family gathering or even a wedding reception. It wasn’t a mere fluke when the phrase ‘you can’t go wrong with pearls’ came into existence.

Pearls Forever – the Symbol of Long Lasting Bonds

The reason behind the phrase ‘Pearls of wisdom’ is quite simple: pearls are forever and so are wise words if listened to carefully. Pearls make up the biggest portion of passed down jewellery because of two reasons: strength to endure hardships put forth by time and their everlasting timeless beauty. Gift something made of pearls to your loved ones so that your bond is never broken and there are countless designers who will support you through this. From Thomas Sabo to Florelli Silver, pearls are everywhere and that too carved in various beautiful designs.

Choose Acotis as You Forever Authentic Partner

Jewellery is a lifetime companion which is always versatile enough to be styled for various occasions or for normal day outfits. But it should also be bought from someone who lies within your trusted circle and offers authenticity above everything else. While there are countless stores and designers which offers you a great collection of designer jewellery, not all of them will offer you authenticity. Acotis Diamonds handpicks pieces from globally renowned brands in the domain including Thomas Sabo, Beginnings, and Elements Silver with enthralling collection and quality that stays with you for a life time. Choose Acotis as your partner and get the kind of pearls which will last many lifetimes.

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