5 Jewellery Options that Make YOU Ascot-ready!

Royal Ascot is among the most watched events in Britain, always a big attraction on its social calendar, engaging guests and media attention from other, European countries too. It is one of the most anticipated events where the latest fashion trends are seen and often, the Royal Ascot racecourse inspired events highlight which trends are worthy of being adopted. Preserving an interesting bit of British heritage dating back to the early part of 1700s, the event is closely related to Queen Anne and now, every year, the Ascot is hosted during June. It receives thousands of visitors from all over the world!

Yes, most people need help to decipher the Ascot way of dressing it up!

Needless to say, the royal way dressing defines the real Ascot aura but there are other attires too that become the talking point. Watched closely by fashion gurus and trend-spotters, Royal Ascot often gets aired on the TV too. However, decoding what really trended and what failed to make a mark at the event is not easy. There are too many opinions out there. The dazzle of jewels and designer collections can be mindboggling. We help you in understand the real Ascot appeal and share some jewellery options that are worthy of being worn to the event or at a social event inspired by the Ascot…

1. Accessorize White Monochrome Attires

Ascot attire of newly-wed Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle grabbed a lot of fashion headlines. We loved the monochrome white Givenchy dress but her complementary accessories were equally well chosen. Her dress was accessorized with gold earrings that added subtle radiance. Fashion stylists praised her stylists for coupling metal accessories with a white dress and matching hat. Metal accessories in gold & rose gold prove to be the perfect as they added grace without getting overwhelming.

2. Jewellery for Volume Sleeves and High Necks

One big takeaway from the event is that voluminous sleeves and high neck dresses are stylish and much adored. This also underlines that you do not need to overdo your attire. Wearing a wristwear or neckwear is optional. What you can do to make the attire look like more elite is adding some statement earrings. Bigger blingy earrings can really work wonders with such dress—the contrast can be restrained and very tasteful. Make sure that the hat does not hide your earrings and doesn’t neutralize the bling.

3. Accessorize with Jumpsuits

Don’t stress just because jumpsuits are in the niche of chic casualwear. Luxury jumpsuits are making a big influence. The news of ‘jumpsuits’ getting entry in the royal Ascot couture made everyone sit-up and take notice. For all those confused about how to accessorize Ascot jumpsuits, just take some clues from the Countess of Wessex—all you need a statement necklace and a minimalistic watch to cut away any sense of sloppiness associated with jumpsuits! If you are someone who likes to dress-up differently, a jumpsuit accessorized with a beautiful chain necklace can be a good pick.

4. Ascot Keepsake Accessories

Ascot is not just a high-octane social gathering, but a way of recreating grandeur of an era gone by that should impress everyone who understands elegance. Ascot is the only time, apart from the royal weddings, when you see most members of the royal family gathered, along with celebrities. Links of London brings a variety of beautiful Ascot inspired charms for keepsake or you can wear them like themed accessories at a similarly-themed event!

5. Accessories to go with Fascinators & Cravats

A princess has a certain way of carrying herself. Stunning looks are complemented by a unique styling sense. This applies to the Ascot-inspired range of fashionwear too. A true Ascot ensemble is about wearing huge fascinators and cravats complemented by minimalistic accessories to complete the look. Some sleek Chain Bracelets are a smart fashion accessory here. You can also consider diamond bracelets that add some sparkle without getting too loud or predictable.

Where should you shop for Ascot-inspired jewellery?

Pulling the Royal Ascot style is achievable if you know about the fashion rules and are aware about the right places to shop for meticulously designed jewellery options. You don’t need royal stylists or designers—all you need is a perfect dress and an online store like Acotis Diamonds. There are few online jewellery platforms that have so many worthy contenders when it comes to Ascot-relevant range of jewellery. At Acotis, you get the best creations from premium brands without any apprehensions about the authenticity or sticker prices—shop with the confidence that you are buying the best!

Why should you trust Links of London for Ascot-worthy Jewellery?

Nothing is as genuine as Links of London when it comes to bespoke jewellery pieces—the brand has unequalled panache with layers of elegance mated into each offering. You get gorgeous creations, including some scintillation jewels and textures that are hard to find anywhere else. Recently, the brand was been honoured for being the official licensee manufacturing the Royal Ascot range of jewellery—this should dust-away any doubt!

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