5 Fall Fashion Jewellery Trends to Follow in 2018 by Acotis Diamonds

Just like there is a wardrobe overhaul when season changes, jewellery collection too needs to be re-assessed and updated. Fall is one of the most loved seasons of the year if you are into fashion jewellery. Fall season clothes allow ample room to wear funky, traditional and trending jewellery. 2018 has been high on taking liberties, experimenting and being better than what has been done before. This Fall, look stylish by pairing your fall season outfits with 5 accessories that we have handpicked for you…

  1. Leverage the Lustre of Heavy Metals

Sandwiched between summer and the winter season, autumn signals time to say goodbye to your vibrant summer apparel and accessories. Invariably, the build-up to winters comes with a heavy dose of blues & greys—perfect to be contrasted with metallic accessories! Like mini-light globes, they add some radiance, brightening your wardrobe which can be a little more neutral at this time of year. Metals like gold and silver are versatile, boosting that well-groomed aura. Experiment as much as you want to with the shapes & sizes. Some of the most renowned designers, like Tom Ford and Hellessy, talk about winter and how this season can be used to revisit the glory days of Glam Rock ear. This time, before the winter cold takes over, flaunt some scintillating metals!

It is almost like an unspoken fashion rule—this Fall, colours are getting more impactful, not choosing to play passive. Fashion designers are increasingly seeking the help of shades that exude power. Different hues of red, with varying intensities, are being increasingly worn across the ramps. This passionate shade is associated with energetic, optimistic vibes. Its richness stimulates and helps to convey that you are alive and liberated. Let this colour of the season find & inspire you—invite it into your wardrobe with jewellery that has red stones. Get ready for some serious compliments at the workplace or from your friends with these crimson red earrings. You might want to consider a dainty necklace pendant with red gemstones.

  1. Nature Inspired Fall Jewellery

Falling leaves and trees getting increasingly bare, mark the commencement of autumn. Jewellery designs too can take cues from the natural world. This means designs inspired by acorns and leaves and fall season colours. Expect more of reds, greens, oranges and browns as you take firmer steps towards winters. Some jewellery options even have tree charms—considered a carrier of good luck. These are essentially different types of seasonal jewellery pieces that are rather popular and are not leaving us anytime soon!

  1. Classic Grey/Black Accessories

Women can manage their accessories better as compared to most men—though controversial, this supposition is more likely to be true. Women are more adept at blending and mixing but fashion for men become a little difficult. However, colours like grey & black provide men the chance to experiment without creating room for an absolute failure. These shades are classic choices and are great at accessorizing during Fall, without being ostentatious. Gun-metal grey jewellery is one such option. It has lovely, muted tones. There are more subtle-yet-stylish options in this colour scheme. Addition of some semi-precious stones can add a touch of glamour. Similarly, grey/black cufflinks are as good an option as charms, and bracelets in these conventionally correct colours.

  1. Perfect Shades of Butterscotch and Caramel

Not all colours that men wear should be predictable. Break the clutter of boring colours and choose more vibrant-yet-earthy shades like Butterscotch or Caramel. These colours still have a masculine aura about them and fit somewhere between contemporary and classic. You might want to consider camel coat shade that is considered warm but butterscotch seems to have more warmth to it. These shades mean warmer-toned accessories that will stand their ground when dressing-up during the winters too. Thomas Sabo is one brand that has got a vast collection of Butterscotch Shade Watches apart from watches, bracelets and rings.

Why trust Thomas Sabo while shopping for winter accessories?

Thomas Sabo defines versatility in design. Expect innovative and trendsetting jewellery. The brand specializes in creating scintillating pieces in Fall-inspired colours. The collection features over 600 charms exquisitely crafted with durable materials like 925 sterling silver and those with 18k yellow gold plating and 18k rose gold plating.

Where can you buy the best autumn collection jewellery for men & women?

Accessorizing during autumn can be confusing but if you put some thought into it, accessories can be your saviour. But how do you shop with the assurance of buying genuine stuff? It is difficult to find a collection that has something for every season. From fashion pieces displaying the revival of 80s to oversized chains and frosted jewellery, you should have a wide array of options to choose from. Throw in some chunky rings and statement pieces inspired by the catwalk and you have the perfect mix! Acotis Diamonds is one such retail platform that caters to every fashion jewellery trend, showcasing the best from the world’s most renowned brands!

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