4 Contemporary Amber Jewellery Additions to Your Jewellery Box

Looking to add some newness to your jewellery box? What would be a better idea than incorporating some unique charms and beads to your jewellery? Amber beads studded in a stunning piece of necklace or bracelet can give you a gorgeous look.

The History behind Wings of Amber

Amber is a gleaming natural gemstone. The history of amber dates to the times of ancient civilizations. In recent times, the use of amber beads has been profuse in jewellery making. Amber has always been used as a protective stone for decades.

Update Your Wardrobe with Some Intricate Designs of Charming Amber Jewels

Amber Sphere Necklace

A unique design, featuring a blend of elegance, minimalism and style. The contemporary Y necklace can make you look beautiful on your romantic dates or special dinner parties. The golden, spherical amber beads are studded in sleek, sterling silver chains with different lengths. This lightweight jewellery is apt for everyday use.


Unique Amber Bracelet

For all chic bracelet-loving enthusiasts, deep rich golden amber bracelet is all what your jewellery box needs. Not only is this trendy, but it also gives you a dazzling look. This bracelet includes amber beads with multiple shapes, arrangement in a sterling silver chain with a lock.


Gorgeous Bright Dangle Amber Earrings

A pair of charming round dangle earrings is the elegant way to accessorize yourself. This appealing pair of earrings feature stylish oval shaped amber stones decorated in an impressive handcrafted sterling silver pattern. This can be an adorable addition to your accessories collection. These dangle earrings can go with almost every attire and would make you look classy.


Wings of Chamber Bangle – Limited Edition

Every jewellery closet deserves an aesthetically allure addition. This unique piece of silver bangle with two embellishments, amber bead with cute wings on the top and fascinating bee spacer. The wing of amber beads are limited-edition beads used to decorate many accessories. Offering a unique illusion of a beautiful fly on the top shore of sea sparkling by the drops of sunlight inside the beads, this beautiful bangle is not an afterthought.


Where to shop for unique jewellery collection?

Fashion trends go and come! All you need to do is to ensure that you are keeping up with it.

Finding the best jewellery provider can be a daunting task for you. Online shopping stores like Acotis Diamonds can help you to find unique jewellery. At Acotis, you can find a large selection of designer jewellery, designed by some famous jewellery designers like Trollbeads and Thomas Sabo.

Why trust Trollbeads for authentic Jewellery?

Not every brand can offer the perfect combination of intricate designs and superior quality. It can be a tricky business to find the most authentic and unique collection for your wardrobe. Fortunately, there are few brands that can assist you to get some desirable jewellery collection with great quality. Trollbeads is a renowned brand that bring the most authentic and chic designs of jewellery, including a wide range of necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings and much more. This brand also brings a splendid collection of natural beads, from the wings of amber to pearls, enabling you to customize their jewellery by their own.

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