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Monthly Archives: November 2018

  • Christmas Gifting Ideas that Cannot Go Wrong for the Men in your Life

    The countdown for Christmas is on—the time when the calendar is packed with holiday parties, a formidable to-do list of festive chores, decorating, shopping, cake baking and merry making. You can make the festival extra special with a gift that speaks from the heart. They say that a right gift can be a perfect opportunity to create a lasting memory. The time to hunt down the best gifts is flying and like for every member of your family and friends circle, you need an ever-elusive perfect gift list for the men in your life. We have compiled a list of items to buy for the men in your life from the leading brand Fred Bennett and we bet it going to be a success.

    Elegantly Designed Watches

    A classy watch is a perfect Christmas present with purpose. It indeed is an intense personal gift that will probably last for the entire lifetime and beyond, through future generations. Most of the watch collections are elegantly designed and are available in leather as well as in metal strap. Most of these models exhibit craftsmanship that represent timeless tradition and embrace innovation.


    Leather Wallet

    A leather wallet would be a perfect gift for this Christmas season. The wallets are, in fact, most widely used accessories that a man possesses with also having an emotional attachment to these. You can select from huge array which includes pieces like Fred Bennett Brown Leather Wallet or Fred Bennett Black Leather Wallet. Some of the available pieces are crafted from genuine leather.


    Leather Card Holder

    Another present which you can give to a guy this Christmas is leather card holder. The card holder can be a powerful accessory that a man can use in his everyday life. Some of the highly recommended pieces for this Christmas include Fred Bennett Black Leather Cardholder. These pieces are amazing in designs and shades.


    Leather Bracelet

    There is no denying the fact that jewellery is as much a man’s prerogative as of a woman. Modern men love to wear bracelets and several other beautifully crafted pieces of accessories as they represent their attitude and royalty. There are myriads of designs available to choose bracelets and other accessories. Some of the best pieces include Fred Bennett Braided Brown Leather Bracelet. The contemporary artwork along metal with leather offers a rugged feel to these everyday wears.



    Cufflinks symbolise wealth, class and sophistication. These small yet functional and ornamental embellishments are loved by men as they add charm and charisma to their personality. These are perfect gifts for this Xmas. Pieces like Fred Bennett Stainless Steel White Mother of Pearl Cufflinks are pure manifestation of elegance with a mystifying Mother of Pearl centre. The ultimate finishing touch and innovative designs of these collections give a nod to smart masculinity.


    Why choose Fred Bennett for buying Christmas Gifts?

    Fred Bennett is the only men’s jewellery brand that covers all accessory needs from leisurely downtime to strictly business. The range offered by Fred Bennett is bold and stylish. Fred Bennett's award-winning designers get inspiration from ever-changing fashion landscape around them. Fred Bennett focuses on two key metals, sterling silver and stainless steel. While crafting watches and bracelets, they merge metals with leather, while giving stylish, sharp, and masculine designs that always remain in trend. Further, they mix classic techniques with innovative technology and high-quality materials while creating their designs to offer awesome finished products.

    Where to get exclusive Christmas Gifts?

    Acotis Diamonds presents amazing collection of Christmas gifts. Whether you are looking for a gift for a lovely lady or man or you are searching gifts for your family members and kids, Acotis Diamonds is the one-stop destination for you. Acotis has added some splendid items into its inventory which are procured from some of the top sellers across the globe. You can browse through the widest collection of Christmas gifts at Acotis. These available items will help in making your Christmas more memorable.

  • What to Expect from the Newly Assorted Winter Collection by Trollbeads

    Making a fashion statement takes a lot and accessories only make it easy when worn in the right way. Enhancing the overall appeal of any outfit, accessories are undoubtedly a must to have. From a gilded bangle to gleaming pendant, anything can heighten the glamor of even the soberest of looks. Trollbeads is a jewelry brand that has been established keeping these factors in mind and serves those accessory lovers who dedicatedly follow fashion trends and want to stay updated at all times. The brand has lately launched a unique collection of awe-inspiring trinkets that are perfect for winters. Designed exclusively using Sterling silver, 18k gold, and precious stones, each piece speaks for itself.

    This winter collection features a gamut of eclectically crafted neckpieces, bracelets, and bangles that can be customized and styled using colorful quality beads. Scroll down to learn more about the appearance and craftsmanship of these accessories.


    There is nothing better than a bracelet that can accessorize your wrist the best. Bracelets by Stardust are perfect both as a self-pampering gift and thoughtful present to someone—all thanks to their exclusive features like captivating beads made of quality materials, embellished lobster claw clasps, and quality Sterling silver or gold finishing. These wrist adornments can even be customized by stringing different types of beads to bring versatility.


    Crafted by keeping up with the aesthetics, neckpieces in this series are sure to add subtle glitz. The necklaces have a Christmassy feel to them, becoming the perfect accessory for gifting during festive season. Holiday Spirits Necklace, for instance, embodies the merriness and mysticism of Christmas as reflected by More Cookie Joy bead, faceted glass bead, and Yellow Twinkle bead. Featuring attractive pendants and beads, each necklace in this series is a designer’s masterpiece.


    A traditional yet trendy accessory, bangle is the most worn and desired piece of jewelry by women. Subtle or exuberant, a bangle is enough to bring about a lasting impact in your overall style. In the new collection by Trollbeads, you get to choose from a variety of bangles that can be customized using preciously crafted beads. Heart Bangle by Stardust can either be worn alone or in combinations. The plainly crafted Sterling silver bangle can be adorned using beads with similar finish.


    The colorful and oxidized beads reflect diverse ideas used by the designer in assorting them. Many beads have been crafted using the stones extracted from earth’s crust, symbolizing and holding some or the other kind of higher energy. For instance, a Pyrite bead embodies good luck and fortune and is believed to be a guiding force for your spirit towards higher wisdom. Use of natural materials in the making of these beads helps enhancing and maintaining the respective mysticism. The others like Sterling Silver beads are handcrafted using an ancient technique called Circe Perdue. This 3000-year-old method is also used to design 18k gold beads. These beads can be used for accessorizing a bracelet or worn as a pendant with a neck chain in similar finish.

    Designed by professionals, Trollbeads jewelry is specially assorted to make an impactful fashion statement; always keeping its customers updated with trends. The new series by this brand, Stardust is all about soothing winter hues and dainty beads. Not only the accessories by this series do a justice to wintery and festive vibes, they can even be personalized using beads that are available in a wide array. Each piece of jewelry in the winter collection has been designed with utmost precision and effective creativity because of which you can expect unique motifs.

    Why Choose Acotis Diamonds for Designer Jewelry

    Shop for the Trollbeads collection at Acotis Diamonds, an online hub that offers qualitatively and creatively designed accessories ranging from charms to luxurious watches. Our website provides a huge platform to browse through various products that are ideal for festive gifting as well. Crafted by professional designers, the lifestyle products found here befit the needs of women, men, and children equally. The advanced user interface and accessibility ensure the online shopping becomes a cake walk for the users.

  • The Easy Guide to Buying the Perfect Christmas Gift

    Christmas is just around the corner. You must be soaking up in the festive atmosphere. You must be wondering what an ideal gift for would be for your loved one. We appreciate the dilemma that many people find themselves in. It is an exhaustive task to find the correct gift that expresses your affection for the special people in your life. Why not gift a fine piece of jewellery that will last beyond a season? Jewellery is something timeless—an ultimate gift for him, for her and for all those lovely people who have made your life special. A finely crafted piece of jewellery can impactfully express strong emotions like love and commitment. We are sharing some great jewellery edits that you can present as Christmas Gifts to your beloved ones.

    Christmas Jewellery for Her


    There is no iota of doubt that every woman loves jewellery. These classic and timeless pieces are very touching for a woman as they add charisma to her personality. When Christmas is on the brink of commencement, some of the iconic jewellery brands like Links of London offer collections especially curated for this festive season. The comprehensive range available in the market includes numerous items like pendant, earrings, necklaces, anklets, and rings. The trendy designs of these jewellery pieces will make every woman fall for these. On the special occasion, you can present items like clover necklace and pendant. These can be real gifts for your beloved ones as these will go with almost every outfit. Further, because of their distinctive designs, they never really go out of fashion.

    Christmas Gift for Him


    Selecting a gift for a guy is really a tough task. It is time for you to alleviate the stress as we are sharing few gifting ideas for you. Most men love to wear accessories. Gift items like silver buttons and watches can be perfect assets for them. A designer leather watch from brands like Links of London would be an ultimate Christmas gift. Some of the available models have modern designs with classic touches.

    Christmas Gifts for Friends


    Christmas is a perfect occasion to strengthen your bond of friendship. By presenting items like a bracelet, you can express your feelings to your friends. The chorded bracelets are not just the accessories to put on, but these are threads that strengthen your bond with every passing day. Some of the world’s top most brands offer collection exclusively designed for Christmas season.

    Why choose Links of London for buying Christmas Gifts?

    Links of London is an iconic jewellery brand. Since its inception in 1990, the brand has proceeded to captivate attention worldwide with its award-winning craftsmanship of bracelets, charms, necklaces and earrings. The design team of Links of London strives to create exquisite jewellery and statement watches with a focus on unparalleled quality. For special occasions like Christmas, Links of London comes up with an exclusive range comprising charms, bracelets and watches. Give joy to the people you love by gifting them with something special this Christmas.

    Where to get the exclusive range of Christmas Gifts?

    Acotis Diamonds is a one-stop destination for awesome Christmas gift collection. The webstore has included splendid items into its inventory which are especially crafted for Christmas season. Acotis has made Christmas gifts shopping a great experience with its online portal. The exhaustive range from Acotis gives you the flexibility to buy a special piece that is not just captivating but is also apt for your loved ones.




  • Making Christmas a Golden Treat with New-Season Jewellery Essentials

    Adding another charm to your jewellery repertoire does not need an occasion though. But getting it at the right time gives lifetime memories and ecstatic feelings to behold. There is no better time than the final month of the year to show your love to your dearest ones. We all love to have something gold in our collection—the more, the better! A golden trinket can be an elusive and classic way of greeting yourself on Christmas this year. These magnificent baubles get you the perfect way of styling in a minimal and elegant way. Making Christmas more special and invigorating, consider wearing these new-season jewellery essentials in gold.

    Pendant Necklaces That Speak Your Heart Out


    Every style needs a luxurious makeover whether it is for the holiday season or regular occasions. Pendant necklaces are just the right gleam you need for the sumptuous look you always wished to take off.  Being the statement stunners, these dainty necklaces uplift your overall appearance and adds a classic appeal with an interesting gold twist. Intricate designs with an exuding flair of sophistication—these pendant necklaces go perfectly with your Christmas outfit whether you want to keep it simple or prefer extra sparkle this time. The best part about these lariat necklaces is that you can always recreate the styles. So, get these precious gold charms layered up with the cosy attire or wear it solo with the elegant dress you have planned to adorn this Christmas!

    Keeping it in Sync with Your Look: Dainty Bracelets


    Undergoing a huge makeover, gold bracelets turn out to have a variety of options this season! From sleek to chunky, the dazzling designs are sure to make heads turn. Your Christmas look can be opulently completed with a rightly chosen bracelet. A spot-on way to highlight and define your wrist, these versatile bracelets are timeless and go amazingly well with your every day looks just like the party specials. The most-worn accessories by women on and off duty, the exquisite gold bracelets give an instant edge to your appearance without overdoing it.  The perfect blend of authenticity and modernity, a choice of gold for your wrist will surely have you stand out whether it’s the Christmas night, casual dinner party or sunny brunch gathering.

    Another Golden Element with a Right pair of Earrings


    Gold is forever and earrings in gold are beyond that. The precious metal commands on-the-spot attention while making an irresistible impression. A notable pair of earrings in gold can bring the needed extravagance to your look, matching the styling spirit of Christmas. The exclusive Elements Gold range has got some classic designs covered—you can choose from open circle earrings, organic swirl designs, long drop earrings, diamond-cut hoops, and cluster studs. Also, make your selection among different gold hues. Be it the rose gold tinge or the traditional yellowish tone or the white gold with sparkling embellishments! The lustre and brilliance of gold is sure to add a sense of luxury to your overall look.

    Luxurious Collection of Elements Gold—Experience Exclusivity and Trends

    An eclectic mix of gold earrings, bangles, bracelets and necklaces, Elements is known for its stunning collection of handmade gold jewellery. A favourite name with the fashion icons of UK, the Elements Gold range of the brand features most unique and intricate designs that speak perfection and impeccable craftsmanship. You can find the finest gold embellishments at Elements Gold, that too for every style and occasion. Suzie Calder and her Elements Collection have been gathering the attention of style-savvy women of UK for decades now! Choose from most convincing motifs of Elements Gold Range, where each one is crafted to drive the best in you.

    Why Choose Acotis Diamonds?

    One of the pioneers in the niche of jewellery, Acotis Diamonds has an inevitable knack for capturing the best and modern designs to get you introduced with. The online retail store has collaborated with some of the best jewellery designers across the UK. Bringing them all on a single online platform, Acotis leverages you with a wide selection of ornaments to choose from. We believe in serving you with the quality and best-in-class services and therefore with the innumerable products and brands, we have listed everything categorically for a smoother shopping experience. From the gleamy beauties to the red-carpet minimalists, Acotis has something for every fashion sense.


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