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  • Men’s Jewellery Trends for Father’s Day by Acotis Diamonds

    “Your dad is the Baron of BBQ, the leading lawn-mower, and the king of the castle” After everything your dad has done for you, he is the real superhero of your life. He deserves all the affection and love, so how about surprising him with a Father’s Day gift that he will cherish for the rest of his life?

    Men have an unpredictable and subtle kind of styling sense. Some would love to accessorize their attire while others would just go with the best outfit and fully groomed hair. Here are some thoughtfully collaborated gift ideas for men’s jewellery and accessories that are sure to please your father!

    Fashion Watches

    If you are looking something classic for your dapper dad, then nothing would please him more than a designer watch. Brands like Guess, Garmin and Thomas Sabo feature luxury smartwatch collection is to die for! Make the most of the opportunity and buy something that blends well with his neat and sophisticated style.


    Fashionable Bracelet

    If your dad is always up to date with the latest trends and he likes to keep his wardrobe completely filled with trendy jewellery, then a fashionable bracelet will be a perfect addition to his accessory chest. Robert Downey Jr has set this trend of wearing trendy bracelets and we would have to agree that it looks amazing. Trollbeads has got an interesting range real trendy bracelet in their range of men’s accessories.


    Style Savvy Cufflinks

    Accessories with an intricate touch of style make a big difference. If your dad is a workaholic, then you might get him something that will grace his suit. Cufflinks are those fashion essentials that need to be top notch when a man dresses up. Brands like Trollbeads, Swarovski, and Links of London are offering you with their exciting range of cufflinks.


    Personalized Accessories

    A personalized gift for a father from his daughter or son is something that he will cherish for ever. The jewellery stores are stocked up with alphabetical charms, encrypted pendants and rings and a lot of personalized jewellery stuff. Get your hands on the best jewellery and let your dad know what he means to you!


    Cuff Bracelet- Carefree Vibe

    Is your father the “style guy” in the family? Then gift him this charismatic cuff bracelet of gold or silver with a simple yet classy design. You can find a wide range of silver or gold cuff bracelets in the collection of brands like Thomas Sabo.


    Flattering Rings

    If your father likes to keep it simple with accessories, then gift him a signet ring, birthstone ring or karma bead ring. These rings are one of the most preferred gifts which are expected to bring health, love, and luck. Make your dad stand out from the rest of the world because he is the best!


    Where to buy the best range of Father’s Day Jewellery?

    Finding a perfect gift for your father which is as amazing as he is, can be a little difficult. But, do not get confused with too many options, gift him something that he will cherish forever. Acotis Diamonds brings you a great collection of men’s jewellery, by UK’s most prestigious and trusted brands at a fair deal of the price. Make no compromises with the quality and material of the jewellery as your father deserves nothing but the best!

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    Eternal Style: Jewellery Trends that Will Not be ‘Leaving Soon’

    While most lifestyle bloggers and fashionistas talk about fashion in terms of the trending, forthcoming and possible disruptions along the way, we are going to talk about jewellery in a very different manner, i.e. trends that are here to stay no matter how our sensibilities change. Fashion-faithful folks realize that certain trends are meant to be repeated because they are eternally stylish. From award shows to gala events and special screenings, there are many celebrities across the world who continue to wear such classic jewellery, regardless of how dated/aged the design might be…why? Because people realize that just like an iconic historic building or once-in-a-millennium artistic creation, some things never really age. We have gathered some jewellery options that are here to stay for a long, long time…

    1. Rose Gold Rings

    Rose gold has become somewhat reclusive these days but this is because its beauty is seldom talked about. If you want to score a slam-dunk on glamour, if you want to bling it up with some classical options, a rose gold ring or more than one, can be the best bet. These rings can be adorned with a gemstone or have studded diamonds. Some have a marquise cut design. The best part about this metal is that it blends well with different gemstones or semi-precious stones. Rose gold complements all shades of skin tone too. It is a sensible option for adding a warm, youthful glow. Delicate jewellery in rose gold can be worn to the workplace. For special events/celebrations, it remains an eternally fashionable choice.


    2. Sports Inspired Jewellery Charms

    If you have sporty apparels and footwear then why can’t jewellery be athletically inspired? Sports charms are meant to celebrate achievements and inspire actions. There can be seasonal variations here. You can expect soccer-inspired charm jewellery when FIFA World Cup madness prevails. Tomorrow, the inspiration can be the NBA or MMA. All sports enthusiasts and those who connect with the physically active lifestyle, should try charm jewellery that underlines the zeal to prevail.


    3. Oversized Watches

    For the bold and those who like to live king-size, there is something about oversized fashion trends that continues to drive engagement every year. Fashion favourites here include oversized watches that are not going to leave us anytime soon. Women’s’ large face watches have now become de rigueur for those who have replaced their feminine timepieces with flashier and larger, men-sized watches.


    4. Zodiac Charms

    Whether you believe in astrology or not, despite what you might think of sun signs, there is something astrophysical and mystical about zodiac-inspired jewellery. Many people still love wearing birth-charms. Sun signs and zodiac symbols are not a fashion statement that can be easily forgotten. It can be flaunted with tattoos and zodiac charm jewellery.


    5. Personalized Jewellery

    Personalized jewellery items always make a buzz due to the touch of exclusivity. Alphabet charms and pendants with love notes or encrypted charms say a lot more about you than the usual range of fashion accessories. They reflect your way of styling and your lifestyle preferences.



    6. Chain Bracelets

    It is because these are classics designed so sleek that they match any attire you choose. So, being trendy without thinking too much means having some metal chain bracelets since they are not leaving the fashion scene for a long time. Stack it up with some heavy bracelets, cuffs, bangles or a nice dress to complete the look.


    Why trust Thomas Sabo for buying genuine jewellery?

    Thomas Sabo has been making long strides in the niche of fine jewellery since 1984 with its versatile and innovative range. Each design at Thomas Sabo is structured intricately to make sure it can be worn repeatedly without getting vague. The brand continues to drive huge customer recommendation and recall value. For women and men, Thomas Sabo’s has a vast classic collection where you get jewellery that does not seem to age with time!

    Where to buy the best in eternally fashionable jewellery online?

    Being up-to-date with changing fashion trends can be tricky. There is help as you can leverage your wardrobe with accessories that will always be adored. Online jewellery stores make things a lot easier. However, Acotis Diamonds offers the best retail experiences, ensuring you get the best deals without compromising the quality or authenticity!

  • Links of London

    Jewellery Essentials that Every Style Savvy Woman Must Have

    Accessories and jewellery are indispensable to a woman’s wardrobe. From a businesswoman to homemaker, from party animals to show-stoppers on the ramp, every woman wants to have a chest full of mesmerizing accessories. The online world has brought shopping platforms within easy reach and shopping for jewellery is no different. However, unlike other things you can buy online, buying jewellery is slightly different. There is a huge room to make fundamental mistakes even if someone has been shopping for ages.

    This discussion helps you understand basic checks that everyone buying jewellery online should follow…

    Buy Better! Overview of Basic Checkpoints…

    Always remember this one fashion rule for jewellery shopping—choose simplicity when you cannot differentiate any longer, with confidence. Only a simple piece of jewellery can blend in with different colours and outfits. There is nothing like truly outdate or irrelevant jewellery. You can still wear the most basic stuff if you know how to match it with your wardrobe and pull it off. The second mantra to jewellery styling—choosing versatile options rather than investing in overtly exclusive stuff. This is the key to dressing classy and sophisticated. Don’t lose to the appeal of exclusivity unless you very sure about the premium pricing and the boutique appeal. Simpler designs are any day, more classic. This does not imply that you cannot buy jewellery that uses metals like gold, silver, titanium, and platinum. Experiment with these metals too. Take the time to move upwards on the style ladder and go slow with experimenting different finishing options. More suggestions that will undoubtedly help you shop for jewellery better, include…

    1. Never Give-up on Diamond Stud Earrings

    Having diamond stud earrings is playing safe and still not turning-out boring. This piece of jewellery is largely non-debatable. Why? Diamond earrings can be simple in design or exotic but either ways, they are regarded as a classic. Even ageing diamond studs are most likely to be called classically designed or retro themed rather than being termed traditional. This is about owning fashion staples that make sense with most things in the closet. These earrings work wherever, for whomsoever, from business lunches to date nights and special occasions. Diamond studs add sparkle without competing with other fashion accessories.


    2. Pearls, Pearls and Pearls

    Pearls have always been timeless classics—work with nearly any wardrobe and never look out of anyone’s league. These tiny little teardrops of the moon are known for their versatility. As Jacqueline Kennedy once stated, "Pearls are always appropriate". She was correct, as pearls always fit the role, in necklaces, earrings or even charms. If you are confused about the large array of designs or want minimalism with loads of grace, choose Pearl jewellery!


    3. Contemporary Chain Bracelets

    If minimalistic trend is your thing, then adding a gold or silver chain bracelet to your collection seems like a very wise decision. It gives you a choice to stack it up and layer it with other charm bracelets or fashionable bangles for an ultra-chic style. Fashion bloggers, and even celebs like Gigi Hadid, advocate this trick with chain bracelets. A simple chain bracelet adds a great accent to any outfit.


    4. Dress Watches

    The trend of wearing a watch as a fashion accessory is not restrictive. Easy to couple with your work attire or semi-formals, dress watches look stunning no matter how you wear them. Whether you have to accessorize to rock a party or look stunning at a business conference, dress watches get the job done. You need at least one simple Metal Dress Watch in either gold or silver/platinum finishing.


    5. Classic Hoop Earrings

    Hoop earrings might remind you about the style books form 80s, but they have certainly made a comeback. They add that extra drop of stylishness that works with almost any outfit. 2018 is more about experimenting, and you can have fun with different types of classic hoops in fun shapes and styles. If you want something trendier, try beaded and crystal-heavy hoops.


    Why trust Links of London when shopping for jewellery?

    Links of London is an iconic brand which has an international presence. Captivating people with their exquisite range of jewellery and statement watches, Links of London has a unique inventory of necklaces, charismatic charms, gorgeous bracelets, designer rings, and much more. The brand continues to impress with improved techniques and pays special emphasis on quality.

    The Most Fashionable Online Inventory for Women’s Jewellery!

    If you are fashion conscious, you are most likely to invest in grooming a collection of fine jewellery and fashion jewellery. However, you need that assurance of buying genuine merchandise. With so many brands and designs on offer, making a choice can get tough. However, with Acotis Diamonds you get the promise of uncompromised quality and style at a reasonable price—expect charismatic jewellery options from the most trusted brands!

  • 5 Fall Fashion Jewellery Trends to Follow in 2018 by Acotis Diamonds

    Just like there is a wardrobe overhaul when season changes, jewellery collection too needs to be re-assessed and updated. Fall is one of the most loved seasons of the year if you are into fashion jewellery. Fall season clothes allow ample room to wear funky, traditional and trending jewellery. 2018 has been high on taking liberties, experimenting and being better than what has been done before. This Fall, look stylish by pairing your fall season outfits with 5 accessories that we have handpicked for you…

    1. Leverage the Lustre of Heavy Metals

    Sandwiched between summer and the winter season, autumn signals time to say goodbye to your vibrant summer apparel and accessories. Invariably, the build-up to winters comes with a heavy dose of blues & greys—perfect to be contrasted with metallic accessories! Like mini-light globes, they add some radiance, brightening your wardrobe which can be a little more neutral at this time of year. Metals like gold and silver are versatile, boosting that well-groomed aura. Experiment as much as you want to with the shapes & sizes. Some of the most renowned designers, like Tom Ford and Hellessy, talk about winter and how this season can be used to revisit the glory days of Glam Rock ear. This time, before the winter cold takes over, flaunt some scintillating metals!


    It is almost like an unspoken fashion rule—this Fall, colours are getting more impactful, not choosing to play passive. Fashion designers are increasingly seeking the help of shades that exude power. Different hues of red, with varying intensities, are being increasingly worn across the ramps. This passionate shade is associated with energetic, optimistic vibes. Its richness stimulates and helps to convey that you are alive and liberated. Let this colour of the season find & inspire you—invite it into your wardrobe with jewellery that has red stones. Get ready for some serious compliments at the workplace or from your friends with these crimson red earrings. You might want to consider a dainty necklace pendant with red gemstones.


    1. Nature Inspired Fall Jewellery

    Falling leaves and trees getting increasingly bare, mark the commencement of autumn. Jewellery designs too can take cues from the natural world. This means designs inspired by acorns and leaves and fall season colours. Expect more of reds, greens, oranges and browns as you take firmer steps towards winters. Some jewellery options even have tree charms—considered a carrier of good luck. These are essentially different types of seasonal jewellery pieces that are rather popular and are not leaving us anytime soon!



    1. Classic Grey/Black Accessories

    Women can manage their accessories better as compared to most men—though controversial, this supposition is more likely to be true. Women are more adept at blending and mixing but fashion for men become a little difficult. However, colours like grey & black provide men the chance to experiment without creating room for an absolute failure. These shades are classic choices and are great at accessorizing during Fall, without being ostentatious. Gun-metal grey jewellery is one such option. It has lovely, muted tones. There are more subtle-yet-stylish options in this colour scheme. Addition of some semi-precious stones can add a touch of glamour. Similarly, grey/black cufflinks are as good an option as charms, and bracelets in these conventionally correct colours.


    1. Perfect Shades of Butterscotch and Caramel

    Not all colours that men wear should be predictable. Break the clutter of boring colours and choose more vibrant-yet-earthy shades like Butterscotch or Caramel. These colours still have a masculine aura about them and fit somewhere between contemporary and classic. You might want to consider camel coat shade that is considered warm but butterscotch seems to have more warmth to it. These shades mean warmer-toned accessories that will stand their ground when dressing-up during the winters too. Thomas Sabo is one brand that has got a vast collection of Butterscotch Shade Watches apart from watches, bracelets and rings.



    Why trust Thomas Sabo while shopping for winter accessories?

    Thomas Sabo defines versatility in design. Expect innovative and trendsetting jewellery. The brand specializes in creating scintillating pieces in Fall-inspired colours. The collection features over 600 charms exquisitely crafted with durable materials like 925 sterling silver and those with 18k yellow gold plating and 18k rose gold plating.

    Where can you buy the best autumn collection jewellery for men & women?

    Accessorizing during autumn can be confusing but if you put some thought into it, accessories can be your saviour. But how do you shop with the assurance of buying genuine stuff? It is difficult to find a collection that has something for every season. From fashion pieces displaying the revival of 80s to oversized chains and frosted jewellery, you should have a wide array of options to choose from. Throw in some chunky rings and statement pieces inspired by the catwalk and you have the perfect mix! Acotis Diamonds is one such retail platform that caters to every fashion jewellery trend, showcasing the best from the world’s most renowned brands!

  • Acotis Select 5 Necklace Pendants that every Woman Should Own!

    In some way, every woman has this inherent desire to look fashionable no matter how crazy the daily schedule gets. From her shoes to the handbag and dress, everything should be sorted for looking stylish. But sometimes, this is hard to accomplish. There is always a chance of dressing-up in a hurry for a just-finalized date night. Impromptu party invitations too can upset the freedom to accessorize. This is when women need style elements that instantly transform their looks—a thoughtfully chosen touch of bling can do this effortlessly. Vibrant pendants are one such option!

    To accessorize better, consider these 5 pendant choices that are a must-have this season:

    1. Romanticise your Outfit with a Heart-Shaped Pendant


    This pendant is an iconic piece of jewellery which symbolizes enduring love and romance. According to fashion historians, Heart-shaped Pendants gained popularity during the previous century when King Edward VIII presented his love Wallis Simpson, a heart-shaped charm. It was inscribed with the quote, “the heart has its reasons”. Fashion look books have always loved this design. Heart-shaped pendants aren’t just Valentine’s Day gifts. They have a mesmerizing aura and represent warmth and passion—traits that look good in any jewellery collection!

    2. Shine Bright like a Star with these Star Shaped Pendants


    From contemporary writers to historically popular authors and poets, people have always gazed at the sky and stars, seeking answers and romancing the vastness of Life. The same qualities are captured in beautiful Star Pendants. A star can symbolize many things for different people. For some, it reconnects them with their cultural or social beliefs. The significance of stars in Pagan religion is well documented. For many celebrities, stars are about being feeling confident, perhaps a next-gen fashion statement.

    3. Elegance for an Eternity with Infinity Pendants


    From Emily Throne to Blake Lively, many celebs have been spotted wearing ‘infinity charms’. These charms symbolize the endurance of something, usually a belief or a memory that is worthy of being preserved. Over these years, we have seen people using these symbols on their wedding bands. Infinity symbol tattoos can be a cliché, but Infinity Pendants can never lose their allure. Many jewellery stores, like Hot Diamonds, ensure that infinity-themed jewellery is always available to discerning customers.

    4. Fall in LOVE with Nature Inspired Pendants


    You cannot preach admiration for the outdoors. Some people are drawn towards wildlife and natural phenomenon that continue to perplex Modern Science. For those who love animals or the wilderness, a neckline adorned with a flower-shaped pendant or an animal charm is about staying connected with the things they love. Bumble Bee Pendants and Butterfly Charms are some of our favourites in this niche.

    5. Celebrate yourself with Alphabetical Pendants


    Fashion is more than just looking good. It is also about reflecting who you are. Personalized jewellery, like Alphabet Pendants, customizes your looks, adds more to your persona. Worn by men and women, many celebrities are spotted wearing such pendants. This includes the Duchess Kate Middleton, Beyoncé and Jennifer Aniston. You can grab the best deals on Alphabet Pendants at stores like Hot Diamonds. These can be fantastic gifts with a touch of personalization.

    Why consider Necklace Pendants by Hot Diamonds?

    Hot Diamonds prides itself on the quality and craftsmanship of its jewellery. It is one of the leading jewellery stores in the UK. Debuting in 2001, the brand has delivered the most promising designs, and continues to grab headlines every season due to its wide array of jewellery choices. The collection is continuously enriched with new, interesting options—essentially more affordable diamond jewellery.

    Explore the Best Necklace Pendants Online

    Wearing jewellery can also be about grabbing the spotlight. When it comes to choosing pendants, you might want to consider options like the intensity of bling or how some pendants complement your personality while others might create an extreme contrast. More importantly, you should have access to vast options, trending & traditional. This is why an online jewellery store like Acotis Diamonds seems relevant. It helps you revamp your jewellery collection, always ready with the best picks from top brands in this segment!

  • 4 Contemporary Amber Jewellery Additions to Your Jewellery Box

    Looking to add some newness to your jewellery box? What would be a better idea than incorporating some unique charms and beads to your jewellery? Amber beads studded in a stunning piece of necklace or bracelet can give you a gorgeous look.

    The History behind Wings of Amber

    Amber is a gleaming natural gemstone. The history of amber dates to the times of ancient civilizations. In recent times, the use of amber beads has been profuse in jewellery making. Amber has always been used as a protective stone for decades.

    Update Your Wardrobe with Some Intricate Designs of Charming Amber Jewels

    Amber Sphere Necklace

    A unique design, featuring a blend of elegance, minimalism and style. The contemporary Y necklace can make you look beautiful on your romantic dates or special dinner parties. The golden, spherical amber beads are studded in sleek, sterling silver chains with different lengths. This lightweight jewellery is apt for everyday use.


    Unique Amber Bracelet

    For all chic bracelet-loving enthusiasts, deep rich golden amber bracelet is all what your jewellery box needs. Not only is this trendy, but it also gives you a dazzling look. This bracelet includes amber beads with multiple shapes, arrangement in a sterling silver chain with a lock.


    Gorgeous Bright Dangle Amber Earrings

    A pair of charming round dangle earrings is the elegant way to accessorize yourself. This appealing pair of earrings feature stylish oval shaped amber stones decorated in an impressive handcrafted sterling silver pattern. This can be an adorable addition to your accessories collection. These dangle earrings can go with almost every attire and would make you look classy.


    Wings of Chamber Bangle – Limited Edition

    Every jewellery closet deserves an aesthetically allure addition. This unique piece of silver bangle with two embellishments, amber bead with cute wings on the top and fascinating bee spacer. The wing of amber beads are limited-edition beads used to decorate many accessories. Offering a unique illusion of a beautiful fly on the top shore of sea sparkling by the drops of sunlight inside the beads, this beautiful bangle is not an afterthought.


    Where to shop for unique jewellery collection?

    Fashion trends go and come! All you need to do is to ensure that you are keeping up with it.

    Finding the best jewellery provider can be a daunting task for you. Online shopping stores like Acotis Diamonds can help you to find unique jewellery. At Acotis, you can find a large selection of designer jewellery, designed by some famous jewellery designers like Trollbeads and Thomas Sabo.

    Why trust Trollbeads for authentic Jewellery?

    Not every brand can offer the perfect combination of intricate designs and superior quality. It can be a tricky business to find the most authentic and unique collection for your wardrobe. Fortunately, there are few brands that can assist you to get some desirable jewellery collection with great quality. Trollbeads is a renowned brand that bring the most authentic and chic designs of jewellery, including a wide range of necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings and much more. This brand also brings a splendid collection of natural beads, from the wings of amber to pearls, enabling you to customize their jewellery by their own.

  • Travel in Style: 5 Beaded Jewellery Ideas to Look Stunning this Vacation by Acotis

    Holiday season has almost begun! Adding some charismatic accessories like beaded jewels can surely add a fashion statement to your vacation-wear. You can accessorize even a simple attire to look exceptionally beautiful all the way through your vacations. Whether you are going for a soothing beach vacation or spending a few days in romantic cruise dates, we have shortlisted some stunning beaded jewellery that you must try.

    Surreal Elegance of Pearl Drops

    Vacation jewellery does not need to be boring! And these oval pearl drops earrings have proved it. These simple yet contemporary earning can go with almost everything you wear. Referred to as the ‘Queens of Pearls’ and the world’s oldest gem, pearl drop jewellery is something that you would want to wear on a beach date.


    Ocean-Themed Layered Necklace for Relaxed Wear

    Layered necklaces have become a new way of accessorizing simple outfits. A subtle medley of layered neckpiece can confer you a perfect summer look for vacations. The ocean coloured layered necklaces can give you a soothing vibe.


    Beaded Bangles

    What vacation outfit would be completed without an alluring piece of bangle? This charming gentle wavy bead can wrap your wrist elegantly. The gentle waves in the bead look like the soothing waves of a sea. What extra could you ask for?


    Meditation Ring

    Just like a meditation calms your mind and soul, this fashionable ring can give you relaxing vibes during all vacation plans. This meditation ring embraces the perfect balance of nature and holds positive vibes to enlighten your mood. The shimmery gloss of the turquoise bead is definitely a must-have accessory for you.


    Where to shop for the best collection of beaded jewellery for your upcoming vacations?

    Finding a perfect jewel piece for picture-perfect vacation moments can be a bit of a task. To get exceptionally attractive and authentic collection of beaded jewellery, you can explore some online reliable stores, like Acotis Diamonds that offer a great deal of impressive jewellery options, designed by renowned designers across the world. The unique collection available at Acotis is made from premium quality materials like rose gold, gold and silver. Pick the best jewellery piece to make your vacation-outfit look stunning.

    Why to trust Trollbeads while shopping for Summer Jewellery?

    Trollbeads has succeeded in gaining popularity as a worldwide phenomenon by offering exceptional charms and beads collection that can be used to create customized necklaces, bracelets, bangles and more. Trollbeads jewellery is truly a combination of creativity, premium quality, authenticity and uniqueness that make them different from others. They offer alluring charms and beads with the aim of inspiring people to personalize their jewellery and cherish them forever. Established in 1976, this brand brings elegant jewellery pieces that can be added to your accessories collection.

  • Royal Ascot - A Collection that Captures Elegance and Iconic Style as its Hallmark

    Royal Ascot is not just about elegant dresses, smart suits, and beautiful hats, its inventory of beautiful and on-trend accessories will surely make you explore more! Every year we come across a bizarre of photographs from the events being awestruck and star-struck with the attires and accessories of the racegoers.

    Well, everything that is royal and special has some history associated with it and so does the Royal Ascot. Let’s dig a little deeper to know more about ‘Royal Ascot’.

    Royal Ascot: A Royal Heritage

    It has been over 300 years that the Ascot racecourse is considered to be synonymous with prestige, tradition, and heritage. Ever since then it has been a highlighted event on every social calendar. The tradition began when Queen Anne, in 1711, saw the potential of a site as a racecourse. It has been an event which is thoroughly enjoyed and occupies a special place within British psyche. Watched in around 200 countries every year, the dresses and outfits worn by the racegoers at the event have always grabbed attention and soon became the fashion trend. And, the tradition still continues.

    Explore the Classy Accessories carrying Style and Legacy of Royal Ascot

    Ascot has a range of exclusive jewellery pieces specially designed to revamp your styles for an Ascot-Inspired look. Here is a quick style scoop introducing you to some of the best designs of the Ascot collection.

    Gorgeous Drop Earrings

    Whether you are heading to a racecourse event or a special party, Ascot collection of gorgeous drop earrings will give you multiple options to get you the style edits. Adding elegance to your attire, the forever-trendy drop earrings lend class and elegance to your attire. Ascot’s range of drop earrings has also been favored by the likes of Duchess of Cambridge. Well, there can never be a better inspiration for Royal Ascot than the royals themselves!


    Rose Gold Ascot Charms

    Rose gold is like the new fashion favorite for everyone these days. What can be better than wearing an Ascot charm on the event with a rose gold touch to match the theme and be on top of your fashion game? You can pair these pendants with more stylish and feminine outfits like a collared shirt or a dress and let them be the statement piece of your look.


    The Royal Cufflinks

    The collection of Ascot is not just limited to the ladies. It has a whole new range of cufflinks for men who are more particular about their looks and styles. You may explore, Crown TBar Cufflinks, Barbell Cufflinks, Knot cufflinks, Cross Cufflinks and other varieties and choose the one to grace up your suit.


    Gold Crown Charms

    An absolute treat to eyes, the crown charms is a range of exclusively designed pendants for a classy and poise look you adore. Very elegant and rather subtle looking because of the settled color, you can easily play around with other jewelry items for a personalized style ensemble.


    Sterling Silver Bracelet

    Going bare hands is not what Royals do! A classy alternative to the casual strap watch is a classy silver bracelet which is a versatile little wonder and looks perfect when paired up with your Ascot outfit. Find out the best piece that reflects your style and fashion sense! These feminine bracelets are enough to add a generous scattering of glitz and glamour to any look.


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