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Monthly Archives: July 2018

  • 5 Charms for Your Jewellery Collection by Acotis Diamonds

    Since centuries, jewellery has been an integral part of the women’s styling regimen. Jewellery made of bones, feathers, shells and coloured pebbles. Nowadays, people prefer to wear their signature style jewellery; a piece of jewellery that signifies their unique personality. In the pre-historic period, people wore charms as amulets to avoid bad luck. In ancient Egypt, charms were a symbol of luck. And, in the medieval period, charms were worn by knights for protection.

    Jewellery designs can be personalized by adding elegant charms to bracelets and chains. Here are 5 charm jewellery styles that you can add to your collection.

    Animal Charm


    Showcase your love for animals with Animal Charm pendants! This collection of charms is very cute that it melts your heart. There is a wide range of animal charms available online, from crazy cat ladies charm, dog charms, penguin charm, teddy bear charm, rubber duck charm, and elephant charm to unicorn charms and owl charms. Unicorn charms are the most favourite out of all. Animal charms represent dreams and are available in a wide collection, from an elegant cut-out design to ultra-detailed 3D version.

    Zodiac Charms


    Zodiac charms take personalization to next level and are a perfect choice for people who think star signs determine their fate and influence their personality traits. From a vintage coin look charm to a zirconia pave star charm, zodiac charms are available in several styles. These charms look amazing when mixed and matched with birthstone charms offers an amazing look. They can be worn on a necklace or bracelet.

    Good Luck Charms


    Good luck charm is said to bring good luck to the wearer. A good luck charm is said to cheer the wearer when in need of a positive thought. Cloverleaf charm, horse shoe charm, ladybird, and heart charm make for the ultimate goof luck charm. You can also hang them in your bracelet or chain with your lucky number. Good luck charms also make for a perfect gift option.

    Letter Charms


    If there is anything, that can best describe your unique personality, then it is letter charms. Letter charms are unique and are said to be both, timeless and trendy. These charms never lose their appeal and are truly extraordinary. You can have your personalized charm jewellery with a letter charm of your name’s initial or you can also create meaningful words with them. Letter charms are ideal to be worn with bracelets and chains. You can choose between gold, silver, and other materials, one that perfectly matches your wardrobe.

    Country and City Charms


    This range of charms is specially designed for people who love traveling and explore new adventures! City and country charms are a perfect way to collect souvenirs of the fantastic places you have travelled with an element of glam. This collection of charms includes country and icons, flags, and their initials. You can wear them on a bracelet or chain. In addition, you can also mix and match these charms with letter charms, signifying the initials of the name of the city or country.

    Where to find the best collection of Charm Jewellery?

    There is something special about charm jewellery! A precious gemstone and statement collar may come and go, but a personalized piece of jewellery always stays with you. If you are looking for the best platform to buy charm jewellery, then Acotis Diamond is the right platform for you. The online platform offers the finest collection of authentic charms that you can use for different styles of jewellery. Acotis Diamonds is the one-stop shop for charms with a promise of premium quality at the best prices.

    Why trust Thomas Sabo for charm jewellery?

    Thomas Sabo’s collection features a stunning range of charms and charm jewellery. Being a versatile brand, Thomas Sabo offers trendsetting designs of jewellery for both, men and women. Redefining glamour, the brand creates exquisite jewellery pieces for wrists and necklines. All the jewellery pieces offered by the brand are uniquely designed.

  • 5 Popular Beads for Your Summer Jewellery Collection by Acotis Diamonds

    Summer is just the perfect time to show off your stylish jewellery collection. Beads form an essential jewellery component for unbelievably good accessories! Colourful beads make a casual outfit look outstanding. Beaded jewellery can be a perfect option when you do not want to go flashy but just want to wear an exquisite and appealing jewellery piece. If you are not sure about which ‘bead’ to buy, then this guide will help you pick a classy bead for your fashion taste.

    Here are 5 common classy beads to help you look phenomenal every day.

    Amber Beads


    Amber beads are the perfect way to jazz up your outfit. Amber beads are natural, unique, and different. Additionally, they have natural pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effects as well. Amber beads come in a range of colours, from black to transparent, and are available in different sizes and shapes. You can choose the one that you think will look the best. These beads can be perfectly used to craft bangles and bracelets for your summer wardrobe.

    Glass Beads


    Glass beads have a great finish. One of the greatest advantages of buying glass beads it that they are transparent and can be mixed with different colours and patterns to offer a gorgeous look. You can buy glass beads in summer colours and designs that perfectly suit your summer wardrobe. Glass beads are extremely light in weight as well. They look perfect on necklaces, bracelets, and bangles, and you can also mix and match them with silver beads or spacers. Be it for regular day outs or office, glass beads are a perfect option for everyday styling demand.

    Copper Beads


    For vintage charm, copper beads are one among the best options. In addition to being extremely classy and rustic, these beads also offer many health benefits. They improve immunity, maintain a healthy body, and are good for skin. And the best part is, they help in creating elastin that keeps skin flexible and prevents wrinkles, making skin look youthful. Additionally, copper material is extremely durable and is often used in products which are designed to last long. Copper beads can be used to craft bracelets, chains, and necklaces in different styles.

    Stone Beads


    Stone beads are versatile and an attractive choice for a beautiful jewellery piece! There are number of precious and semi-precious stones available which can make for a smart choice for summer jewellery. Stone beads are available in a vast variety of colours and shapes, offering everyone to choose the shape and hue which precisely matches their needs. Stone beads make for a perfect choice for necklaces, but you can also use them for other jewellery.

    Freshwater Pearls



    Freshwater Pearls are timeless and sophisticated, and stand for charm, purity, and love. They are uniquely designed in stimulating shapes and vibrant and variant colours. They represent a world of elegance, culture, and refinement. They are widely used in jewellery making and have the ability to bring glow to even a plain outfit. You can craft jewellery with freshwater pearls alone or match them with other beads.

    Where to buy beads from?

    Beads are the best option if you are looking for a minimal jewellery option for this summers. They are available in different material, with a wide range of colours, textures, designs, patterns, and styles. Shop for the best beads from the variety available at Acotis Diamonds. The online jewellery store has a mesmerizing array of collection of beads from the most trusted brands from across the world.

    Choose Trollbeads for Personalised Jewellery with Charms and Beads

    Incepted in 1976, Trollbeads is one of the most trusted brands offering exceptionally charming beads that can be used to create customized bracelets, necklaces, bangles, and much more. Trollbeads jewellery is a combination of premium quality, creativity, uniqueness, and style, making it stand apart from others jewelleries. Apart from beads, the brand also offers chains, necklaces, bangle chokers, necklace pendants, spacers, and much more.


  • Engraved Jewellery Say a LITTLE & Mean a LOT

    Contemporary jewellery doesn’t have a precise definition for narrative jewellery. This too adds to the undefinable charm of this elite genre of exclusive jewellery that is thoughtfully personalized. Without delving into academic definitions, you can interrupt narrative jewellery as embellishment that communicates and has a soul. It is much more than just visual brilliance.  The whole idea behind the creation of Engraved Jewellery is to capture emotions and create memories.

    What to expect?

    Boutique creations with unparalleled personalization

    This collection is low on numbers. The emphasis is solely on creating boutique pieces, perhaps some not-to-be-repeated designs. Each jewellery offers unrivalled room for embellishment in the form of Engraving Imprinting, Etching, or Embossing. This is not about mere style or grace. Engraved narrative jewellery caters to those who believe that lesser said things convey messages beautifully. This range is about indulgent personalization where each alphabet or symbol needs your creative pondering. The outcome is meaningful pieces that can be treasured for a lifetime, some perhaps even heirlooms and others that are immortalised with the intimate thought they carry. Yes, it wouldn’t be wrong to define this niche as Keepsake or Soulful Jewellery—this collection is about transformational pieces that are about you and not what style gurus preach!


    Narrative Jewellery

    Making Inanimate Creations Emote & Express

    There is a thin line that separates symbolic jewellery from narrative jewellery. Either ways, these are exclusive pieces that have a persona. Rather than accentuating your wardrobe, they have a tale to share. Everyone involved in the process of creating something so special – the wearer, owner, creator – needs to understand that such a narrative cannot be categorized. It cannot be categorized for being correct or flawed. What might seem like eternally charming pieces to you might seem creatively flawed to others. However, these are not imperfections. This is the essence of narrative jewellery. It communicates to a few in a crowd, its splendour is restrained, and is unaccountable worth is more emotional rather than being a computed number. Narrative engravings can be abstract ideas or rooted in pure materiality—there are no standards to follow here. Links of London collection of narrative necklaces include sterling silver mini disc charms and petite engravable pendants embellished with stylish chains. With these narrative necklaces you can get your message engraved on both sides of the pendant to make it extra special.


    Not Just Fashion Accessories!

    Keepsake Jewellery that Tells Stories

    Engraved jewellery is much more intimate, sentimental, unique and therefore, precious! The smallest of words, initials, monogram or a date can be very meaningful. A lesser known fact about engravings on jewellery is that it is one of the oldest art forms practised and this has been impressively documented. However, the finesse has evolved over the decades. This is apparently when you view the detailed artwork-like engravings we render on traditional signet rings where family names or signatures are often the preferred option. Now, customized engraving jewellery range includes rings, charms or cufflinks. The engraving choices usually include significant date, names of places with a connection, or anything that is at par with a legacy to continue. You can get more creative and try doodled motifs—there are no rules to what you want to get imprinted on a ring or charm. These are not fashion accessories. You are buying keepsake jewellery that will forever be the best conversation-starter!


    Creative Process

    Impossible to Acquire Art Fuelled by Passion

    Engravable jewellery is not for the standard craftsmen. This is not an acquired art or trained skill. This is about using years of experience in shaping forms and thoughts and then applying it to customized jewellery. The engravings are essentially distilling and condensing ideas or thoughts. In a way, the challenge lies in saying the most but with canvas struggling with minimal room for visual representation. For many jewellery-makers, narrative jewellery includes sensual possibilities while others interpret it as jewellery that is more connected with the human form. A bracelet or dangler disc carrying the etching is an exhibition of feelings—an artwork that is seldom given its due credit. These striking pieces can be about lust, love, achievements, remorse, redemption, or celebrations!


    What makes the Links of London engraved jewellery collection special?

    Links of London believes in creating bespoke jewellery. Expect less of the regular and more imaginative designs. The uncompromised craftsmanship shows in never-attempted-before silhouettes. The interplay of beautiful materials and textures has something special in every collection. There are many timeless classics on offer, including those that are still relevant and will be stylish even in the distant future. Internationally-acknowledged excellence underlines the authenticity associated with the brand. Take the time to explore an enlightening range of necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, charms, tie bars, and much more!

    Acotis Diamonds is the preferred online shopping destination of discerning jewellery buyers. You get marquise-cut engraved jewellery pieces from the most renowned jewellery designers and globally popular brands.

  • Acotis Diamonds: Jewellery Pieces that are Pocket Friendly

    Jewellery is perhaps the best fashion accessory a lady can own – if chosen carefully, there is a sense of eternity to it, as jewellery styles always resurface, ensuring your collection is never really out-of-sync. Grooming a jewellery collection also ensures you always have something special to transform an ordinary outfit into something special. With smartly chosen jewellery pieces, dailywear and most casual outfits can look stylish. Earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other types of jewellery pieces should be in every lady’s wardrobe. But how can this be accomplished without hurting the pocket? This is when you need to shop smarter, buy lesser units, lesser priced items but more stylish creations. Acotis Diamonds can be your personal haven for jewellery choices that don’t make you spend big but still deliver impressively in terms of authenticity and style. Read ahead to understand what type of jewellery pieces should you own and explore jewellery that is a great blend of price, quality and elegance…

    Circle Stud Pierced Earrings

    Circle stud earrings are sheer elegance! These Swarovski earrings are high-fashion products and work better with evening dresses and get-ups where elegance is the objective. This pair of earrings in white is especially designed for styling on-the-go as the studs tend to complement nearly every color in the wardrobe. Choose these earrings for their affable styling and the flawless rhodium plating—an ideal fashion accessory that takes care of most eveningwear ensembles. The eye-catchy design has a restrained sparkle, just about right to add some radiance. The design works well with subtly designed outfits and is easy to blend with other fashion accessories when you want to grab the spotlight!

    Silver Plated Bangle


    Accessories for the wrist walk the tough line of being practical, hopefully with an unfussy design and should have a style that is relevant for most occasions, from casual movie nights with friends to a business lunch. The silver plated bangle does this with amazing ease. This versatile wrist accessory adds a stunning touch when combined with matching danglers or necklaces—it can help you turn glamorous without investing much time. The silver radiance comes at a comfortable price-point. Most women need such multipurpose jewellery options. The pendant coin adds a bit more fun to the otherwise perfect design. Rhodium plating ensures a sleek finishing. Stainless steel construction makes it a great pick for career-juggling moms, travelling women and those chasing deadlines at the office!

    Fun Charm Bracelets


    What outfit can be truly fun or relaxed without a happy bracelet? Yes, fashion accessories is not just about pricey options dense with gemstones. There is a big room for bracelets that help you stay positive and exude optimistic vibes. This mesmerizing charm bracelet wraps your wrist gently. Instantly, you can feel those bright colours communicating with a smile. The Thomas Sabo bracelet with freshwater pearls in multicolour can be paired with any outfit—there is nothing that can beat its versatility! Additionally, it can be worn to any occasion, from an office meeting to a casual day out with friends.

    Emerge Open Heart Ring


    Women of all ages need some romance in their wardrobe too. This can be a great way to pamper themselves and connect with moments that were about true passion. Then why not invest in jewellery that helps you reminiscence and feel optimistic about love. The Emerge Open Heart Ring is a truly elegant option. The Hot Diamond ring is adorned with a diamond minus all the fluff that sometimes competes for attention and drives the prices crazy. This statement ring is especially designed for women who love graceful jewellery. This rhodium plated ring is worth every dollar it commands!

    Calista Pendant


    Inspired by organic shapes, this beautiful Calista Pendant underlines why simple styling can sometimes be as gorgeous as the most exquisitely crafted jewellery. The pendant has a soft, very feminine silhouette. The gradation of crystals, combined with crystal pearls, creates the visual effect. You can wear this statement pendant with basic tops, sweaters, and cardigans for a charming look. This exquisite pendant by Swarovski comes with an adjustable palladium-plated chain.

    Little Secrets Lily Bracelet


    A bit artsy, slightly unconventional and more like a trending fashion jewellery—this defines the Little Secrets Lily Bracelet. This is a must-have for women who want that relaxed, causal look. It is the perfect gift for women who admire the power of simplicity. This elegant Thomas Sabo bracelet comes with adjustable sliding clasp and can be a part of formal get-ups too. Accented with a sparkling infinity pendant, this grey bracelet offers a lot of graceful and can be your trusted buddy when you need to dress-up in a jiffy.

    Crystal Ring


    No matter what we preach about updating your jewellery collection, there is always space for a gorgeous crystal ring in every woman’s wardrobe. Why? Some classics are meant to be rejoiced for centuries. Perhaps, slightly pricier than other jewellery options discussed here, it deserves your attention. Recommended for all women, who love dressing boldly or in a restrained manner, the uniquely designed Swarovski ring with brief detailing cannot be ignored!

    Why trust Acotis Diamonds for fashion jewellery?

    Offering an exquisite range of jewellery, Acotis Diamonds has gained popularity as an online store that serves the perfect mix of eclectic, classic, contemporary, Boho-chic, boutique, and special edition jewellery. The store has all the popular designs, from engagement and wedding rings to earrings and necklaces sported by celebrities. Customers get complete control in their purchase journey, assisted by the customer care team. The online jewellery store chooses to showcase creations from all the renowned jewellery brands, with most items handpicked by its team of industry experts and jewellery designers.

  • 5 Bracelet Designs you cannot Ignore! By Acotis Diamonds

    Bracelets are not just another type of wristwear. These chic fashion accessories that can make or break the impression you want to create with your wardrobe. Often regarded the ideal accessory that borrows the best features from wristwatches, cuffs and bangles, bracelets can be the most impressive ornament to wear at an event or a fashion accessory that completes the look. There is more to bracelets than their sparkling presence. They are available in a variety of designs, patterns, and come with infinite material and finishing choices. The chain itself can take so many forms—beaded, mesh, snake, Byzantine, Venetian, rope, cable or wheat type. When choosing the right bracelet, a woman should have more-than-basic information about what is trending and styles that are eternal classics. Let us take a look at 5 types of bracelets that should make sense to every contemporary woman…

    Trendy Leather Bracelets: Humble Fashion Accessories for Layering


    Leather bracelets are the most sensible alternatives to metal bracelets if you want less of the bling and more natural tones in your wardrobe. The right leather bracelet can also be about adding more layers of elegance and can transform your look. There can be something very unconventional and edgy about the aesthetics of a leather bracelet. Some have the most unique patterns of beads or color combinations. Leather bracelets are lightweight unlike slightly heavier metallic bracelets. They seem to have more workplace acceptance than big, blingy bracelets. Now available in a number of colours, from black, brown, and grey to pink, red, and turquoise, leather bracelets can be about subtle elegance or announcing your style. They come in various textures and materials and many times, they are worn in conjunction with other bracelets or watches to create a more layered look.

    Uniquely Designed Charm Bracelets


    Charm jewellery continues to trend and the only big change visible is the plethora of options now available. Charm bracelets are a good example of contemporary jewellery getting more creative, less predictable. Such charms can be worn as the most important, standalone accessory or in-sync with other charm jewellery, ranging from necklaces to earrings. Comprising of a chain and a dangling charm, bracelets add a new dimension to the conventional idea of a bracelet. You have so many options including the chain of the bracelet which can be in silver, gold, or even stainless steel finish. The presence of a charm jewellery adds a touch of fun to the overall look. There are so many options, whether you want charm bracelets with grandeur or petite creations. Luxury options in this segment include bracelets that use gemstones or precious metals. Many people also choose an alphabet charm bead in gold or silver material to add something very individualistic to the persona. Additionally, charms can also be personalized and sport the wearer’s favourite quotes or phrases—these can be great, customized gifting options!

    Traditional Chain Bracelets


    Anyone who says that the romance with classic jewellery is fading away probably has not seen the entire range of chain bracelets that have trended over the last, few decades. The conclusion is simple—chain bracelets are here to say despite some fashion experts opining that they can be loud and tend to offset the entire look. Contrastingly, there are dedicated chain bracelet wearers who vouch that these are the most elegant type of fashion accessories. This is about personal choices. The chain bracelet can have an in-your-face attitude or it can be quietly layered with other bracelets or wristwear options. There are so many finishing and material choices, ranging from silver, gold, and metal to other materials that make the bracelet more durable and fashionable. This is perhaps the easiest piece of jewellery to own. It does not need fitting or piercing. There is little guessing about the sizing and when worn correctly, chain bracelets can add panache to any outfit!

    Exquisite Pearl Bracelets


    Pearl jewellery has always been in vogue, be it a pearl necklace or pearl earrings. Pearl bracelets too are a constant favourite with women. They are relevant for the sleek and traditional look. Depending upon the size of the pearls and the bracelet materials, the appearance can be very eclectic or a bit more subdued. However, pearl bracelets are largely interpreted as being a fashionable choice, perhaps more relevant for a date night or evening party rather than the workplace. They come in so many colours these days and with such a price range that you can easily groom a collection. You can wear these as standalone fashion accessories. There is a pearl bracelet for every skin tone, whether you prefer cool, warm or neutral hues. Yes, these are a somewhat traditional choice but they have never really been out of the popularity zone. You can rock them with a cocktail dress or denims!

    Special Edition Bracelets


    When you want a special gift for someone or you want to buy yourself a present for acing that business meeting or having excelled at university exams, you need bracelets that have something more than just beautiful materials or designs. Special edition bracelets are the ideal option for such occasions. These may not be uniquely designed to the extent that they stand apart but invariably, special edition jewellery has more recall value. You can bond them with special moments in your life easily. Many jewellery brands offer special editions for different seasons or occasions, most of them around the festival or holiday season and many of these creations are not repeated. One such offering is the Vine of Dream bracelet offered by Trollbeads. This special edition jewellery is styled with an abundance of hearts and flowers swirling into each other with an exquisite blend of spirituality and imagination!

    Why to trust Trollbeads while shopping for Summer Jewellery?

    Being in the business of creating boutique jewellery pieces for more than four decades makes Trollbeads a category specialist. Today, it has grown into a worldwide phenomenon with many never-attempted-before designs. The jewellery store creates charms and has an adorable beads collection. Explore an expanding inventory of personalized bracelets, necklaces, bangles, and more at Trollbeads.

    Where will you find a genuine collection of exquisite bracelets?

    Bracelets are one of the most stylish jewellery pieces that can embellish the wrists and accentuate your overall appearance. However, you need to be careful about what you buy—there are too many choices with abundant patterns, styles, designs, and colours. You can shop for beautiful bracelets and other jewellery essentials at Acotis Diamonds. The online store deals in a wide collection of bracelets procured from the best brands. Expect only genuine merchandise from all the renowned brands across the world!

  • Diamonds Are a Girls’ Best Friend: Takes You to the World of Sparkle

    Well, nobody can deny the fact that ‘Girls Love Diamonds’ and when nothing works, diamonds does! Diamonds being the epitome of love and joy always makes us celebrate and adore the abundance of the sparkle stone. Diamonds are forever—the timelessness and elegance of a diamond in any jewellery lends the refinement and grace to the appearance.

    For every girl out there, who is the journey to find the best diamond jewellery with unsurpassable craftsmanship to upgrade her jewellery collection; this is just the right doorway.

    Just Add Love Necklace: Quintessential Symbol of Class and Brilliance


    Add more refinement to your lively spirit and enduring charm with just add love necklace and walk out to dazzle! The minimalistic yet classy design of this necklace adds on-trend dimension to your layered jewellery look. Diamond necklace always remains close to heart of a woman and when she puts it on she knows it’s a good day! Crafted in Sterling Silver, the Add Love Necklace with a heart in a centre and two spherical balls on each side perfectly keeps your style theories intact. Perfectly suits the occasions like anniversary, birthday, Christmas, or valentines!

    Capture Me Bangle: Conveyor of Charms


    Add eccentricity to your appearance and draw attention to your wrist! Whether simple or stylish, bracelets always hold an important position in jewellery collection. Among the wide range of bracelet designs, bangle bracelets with an open-ended design are sure to make a statement and create a striking flair! Capture me bangle with its twisted interlocking design wraps around the wrist with perfection and evinces with impressive vibes.

    Trio Earrings: Creating a Style Statement

    Superstar Silver Charm: Exhibiting Flawless Character

    Be the superstar that you are! Every charm tells a unique story about you especially when it is adorned with a diamond! Beautifully crafted from sterling silver, the star charm adds the extra fun element to your appearance. Charms being the symbol of belief can be perfectly used to celebrate a bond of friendship or as a gift accessory on birthday or anniversary, or can simply as a stylish accessory. There are a myriad of designs which can truly define your style! From meaningful symbols, to beautiful shapes, to initials, there are loads of options when it comes to styles of charms. The diamond heart shape charm is perfect as anniversary present, or just as gift to express your love to someone close.

    Where to Get the Classic Range of Diamond Jewellery to Upgrade your Fashion Goals?

    Getting perfection in your jewellery wardrobe can be little cumbersome. We are here to end your journey of finding a reliable online store to meet your diamond requirements—the designs, the cut, studded diamonds and all that you always desired to get in diamond jewellery! If you want to keep up with upcoming trends or create your unique style, Acotis diamonds can help you in that! So, keep your jewel worries aside, and be ready to explore the timeless range of Hot Diamonds—designed by renowned designers across the world. Be ready to flaunt!

    Why Trust Hot Diamonds for Authentic Jewellery?

    2018 is definitely an extraordinary year of all the girls who share a bond with diamonds! Hot Diamonds has curated the best designs to make that bond stronger. Offering a classic range of necklaces, bracelets, charms, earrings, bangles and more, Hot Diamonds is a true combination of creativity and authenticity. From glamour-worthy to minimalistic diamond jewellery that should be worn to the workplace, we have the perfect mixture, ensuring there is something for every taste.

  • 5 Irresistible Watch Trends that Men Cannot Ignore! By Acotis Diamonds

    Gordon Bethune once said that “watches are the only jewellery men can wear unless you're Mr. T.” He was so apt! The niche of men’s accessories underlines this truth. Men cannot war real jewellery if they are dressing-up for a party or the workplace. The watch is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of gracefully designed men’s jewellery. From hotshot celebrities to stylish business tycoons, each person who walks the red carpet has been spotted wearing a wrist watch that is bespoke and oozes style. Some watches can blend the dynamics of a bracelet and women’s jewellery. A growing collection of carefully selected watches can help you redefine your style without bothering too much about what the fashion gurus are preaching this season. However, wristwear has many dynamics to it and some of these are seldom understood. In this discussion, we are helping you how to go about accessorizing better with wristwatches and how to choose stylish watches…

    1. Dress Watch – Less is More!

    With thousands of options out there, picking the right one can be daunting. But, if you are specifically looking for a watch that adds elegance to most outfits then opt for a Dress Watch. For someone who has a great social life or who is busy with formal meetings, this watch can boost the well-groomed look. Dress watches are known for being stylish and adding sleek style to even casual outfits. Now, we know how Tom Cruise manages to look such well-dressed when stepping in the courtroom or working as a secret services agent who takes pride in dressing sharply. Yes, you don’t want to wear this watch to the gym or when beach-vacationing, but otherwise it has you covered pretty much in every other place!


    1. Vintage Watch – not just an accessory, a watch with a STORY!

    This category is the most flattering if you take pride in owning fashion accessories that are definite conversation-starters. A vintage watch is not retro-inspired but instead, retains nearly all of the angles and cuts that defined the original, an era ago. The graceful silhouette is sustained in such watches. Owning a vintage watch is like investing in an acquired taste that cannot be reasoned with or taught. Vintage watches have a story to tell. Yes, this is about ostentatious extravagance and it comes at a serious price. When worn with semi-formals or suits, vintage watches are about swag, sporting a style that is always in-vogue!


    1. Subtle Watches – NOT 50 Shades of Grey!

    Some men believe that colours are not kind to them. They don’t like to dress-up in too many vibrant shades. For such men, there are plenty of not-so-colourful options too. We know for sure that grey is not just another color. It is almost like a lifestyle choice. From furniture and office chairs or cars in sleek grey to leather shoes with different hues of grey as the patina, some men love the sober, laidback elegance. Grey is ideal for folks who like subtle accessorizing without giving-up on the idea of dressing-up for the day. Grey lends more elegance and now, you have so many luxury watches in various shades that you can groom a personal collection of different grey-coloured watches in varying intensity of color/hues for different events.


    1. Bi-metal Watch – Everlasting Class

    Most people love the detailing of a metal watch and bi-metal is like adding a little, extra touch of ‘amazing’. For those who think that bi-metals were a fashion favourite in the 80s should realize that it is back and here to stay. Bi-Metal Watches have strong corporate-office vibes, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It works, and not just because David Beckham proved it’s a timepiece capable of being worn with everything from a denim shirt to a suit!


    1. Black Watch – A flair for the Spectacular

    Ian Fleming once quoted that ‘a gentleman’s choice of timepieces says as much as does a luxury suit. This couldn’t be truer! For all the black swans out there, who want to flaunt their prestigious legacy, a black watch can be the missing piece in your wardrobe ensemble. Wear these watches to a formal occasion, official meeting and at special dates—you are going to look spectacular without failing!


    Why trust a brand like Thomas Sabo for buying Watches?

    Thomas Sabo is not just a brand. It is the legacy of fashion & lifestyle choices that have been curated by the best. The brand believes in boutique creations that captivate the heart. The brand is known for its mesmerizing products, including luxury watches. Each timepiece is crafted from the finest materials and is an excellent example of how watches can be as beautiful as jewellery despite being highly functional.

    Online fashion brands and retail stores are swamped with new collections. While buying a watch, you must make sure that you are investing in something that is authentic and worth the money. Acotis Diamonds is one such trusted retail store that gives the best value for your money. You can easily explore a wide range of jewellery and luxurious watches without worrying about the authenticity of merchandise or the quality on offer.


  • Not Just Another Fashion Accessory Discussion: Discover How to Stay Stylishly Graceful!

    It is difficult to define who qualifies to be called a fashionista but ask any fashion designer or a lifestyle and luxury industry expert and one, common opinion arises—anyone credited with have an incredible fashion sense will always wear the most smartly chosen accessories. Accessorizing demands vary a lot but you need to have a collection that is versatile and provides a solution for any wardrobe choice. You cannot wear the party or funky jewellery to work when you want to call the shots at a business meeting. Similarly, you cannot afford to blend traditional jewellery with more contemporary creations at social events that have a defined dressing guide. These fashion rules and checkpoints are here to stay. Putting the right accessories together is a basic fashion skill but it can be very perplexing. It separates well-dressed people from those who look boring or too desperate. This discussion delves deeper into which fashion accessories qualify to make you eternally stylish, ticking all the right boxes for any season’s trends.

    Impressive Casual Styling

    When you are dressing up casually, it implies you are going to wear something that you feel comfortable in wearing and in terms of carrying a look. There is absolutely no need to wear any heels or overdo the styling with accessories that neutralize the casual, laidback aura. It is much evident that every minimalistically planned ensemble needs some accessories, even if you are wearing a casual white tee or shirt and perhaps 10 of them. You can team these with high-on-substance accessories like gorgeous belts or a sleek gold necklace. White and gold is a timeless combination—its beauty will never fade. A dainty long gold chain necklace worn with a plunging neckline is what you should be looking for. Explore more textures and chain lengths here. You want the necklace without any gypsy vibes. It might have some bling to it but overall, it should look like a slightly contrasted casual jewellery that gets you noticed for all the right reasons.


    Dressing-up for Corporate Meetings

    Dressing for success includes your attitude and your outfit. You should be particular about personal grooming. You accessories should not be a drastic contrast to your primary wardrobe selection. A career-chasing businesswoman cannot afford to look confused at a business meeting, corporate luncheon or when heading a team session at work. The aura should be of a collected, elegant attire. Nothing can destroy the seriousness of a corporate presentation like loud, overtly attention-grabbing accessories. There is some degree of sobriety needed when you want to come across as a decision-maker, as someone who gets the job done. This should reflect in your attire as well. So large accessories are not a safe choice here. You can try a pair of sophisticated danglers that are more graceful than shouting for attention.


    Accessorize for Social Gatherings

    The social events, including the ones hosted by social media event planners, are essentially gatherings where there is more room for exploring fashion accessories you have not tried. However, this does not mean dumpling the poise. Instead of spending the big bucks on jewellery from expensive brands, buy lesser but more sensibly spread out range of accessories. This can be a mixture of some minimalistic designs along with layering options that combine well to put you in the spotlight as a fashionista rather than someone utterly confused about her “individual” sense of style. New collections from the brands lie Links of London has got some amazing designs for statement bracelets. You can stack multiple of these or wear them solo.


    Accessorize Party Attires like a PRO

    Parties are meant to sparkle, to engage compliments and play it up with your choice of jewellery. You can choose standalone accessories that are grand enough to be the highlight of your wardrobe or smaller ones that help the dress to magnetize more conversations. You can choose subtle or heavy bling, but neither should look confused, as if not knowing what kind of look, you had in mind. Cluttered pearl necklace or layered pearl necklace with a beautiful dress watch or a cuff bracelet on the wrist can help you dazzle in the right way. Larger earrings with a sleek necklace or a bracelet can be a party attire option too!

    Get Date Night Ready

    That little black dress which has been waiting in your wardrobe can become more perfect at a date night if you choose fewer but more chic fashion accessories. A special day requires special accessories to make you look interested, with that zeal to explore the night and come across as a person who takes the time to dress-up. Long gold or silver Vermeil Necklace, a chain bracelet, a beautiful minimalistic ring and loop earrings can be the perfect date night accessories.


    Why trust Links of London for jewellery accessories?

    Links of London is a brand closely associated with international-level excellence. Captivating the hearts of customers, this brand continues to make unique necklaces, charismatic charms, gorgeous bracelets, designer rings, and much more. The best part about their accessories is that they always have something new to offer. They believe in functional designs across a wide price range, ensuring that you can shop for contemporary classics and fashion must-haves without looking elsewhere.

    Where to buy genuine fashion accessories online?

    There are too many options these days. The ideal blend of quality, authenticity and pricing correctness seems impossible to find. You have numerous online stores that provide a wide range of options but only a few are worthy of being explored beyond the first glance. Acotis Diamonds is an online jewellery & accessory store that has made all the right noises when it comes to a regularly curated inventory of stylish fashion accessories for the modern woman. Choose better, invest time in such reputed online stores and buy jewellery that has relevance beyond a single season!



  • 5 Jewellery Options that Make YOU Ascot-ready!

    Royal Ascot is among the most watched events in Britain, always a big attraction on its social calendar, engaging guests and media attention from other, European countries too. It is one of the most anticipated events where the latest fashion trends are seen and often, the Royal Ascot racecourse inspired events highlight which trends are worthy of being adopted. Preserving an interesting bit of British heritage dating back to the early part of 1700s, the event is closely related to Queen Anne and now, every year, the Ascot is hosted during June. It receives thousands of visitors from all over the world!

    Yes, most people need help to decipher the Ascot way of dressing it up!

    Needless to say, the royal way dressing defines the real Ascot aura but there are other attires too that become the talking point. Watched closely by fashion gurus and trend-spotters, Royal Ascot often gets aired on the TV too. However, decoding what really trended and what failed to make a mark at the event is not easy. There are too many opinions out there. The dazzle of jewels and designer collections can be mindboggling. We help you in understand the real Ascot appeal and share some jewellery options that are worthy of being worn to the event or at a social event inspired by the Ascot…

    1. Accessorize White Monochrome Attires


    Ascot attire of newly-wed Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle grabbed a lot of fashion headlines. We loved the monochrome white Givenchy dress but her complementary accessories were equally well chosen. Her dress was accessorized with gold earrings that added subtle radiance. Fashion stylists praised her stylists for coupling metal accessories with a white dress and matching hat. Metal accessories in gold & rose gold prove to be the perfect as they added grace without getting overwhelming.

    2. Jewellery for Volume Sleeves and High Necks


    One big takeaway from the event is that voluminous sleeves and high neck dresses are stylish and much adored. This also underlines that you do not need to overdo your attire. Wearing a wristwear or neckwear is optional. What you can do to make the attire look like more elite is adding some statement earrings. Bigger blingy earrings can really work wonders with such dress—the contrast can be restrained and very tasteful. Make sure that the hat does not hide your earrings and doesn’t neutralize the bling.

    3. Accessorize with Jumpsuits


    Don’t stress just because jumpsuits are in the niche of chic casualwear. Luxury jumpsuits are making a big influence. The news of ‘jumpsuits’ getting entry in the royal Ascot couture made everyone sit-up and take notice. For all those confused about how to accessorize Ascot jumpsuits, just take some clues from the Countess of Wessex—all you need a statement necklace and a minimalistic watch to cut away any sense of sloppiness associated with jumpsuits! If you are someone who likes to dress-up differently, a jumpsuit accessorized with a beautiful chain necklace can be a good pick.

    4. Ascot Keepsake Accessories


    Ascot is not just a high-octane social gathering, but a way of recreating grandeur of an era gone by that should impress everyone who understands elegance. Ascot is the only time, apart from the royal weddings, when you see most members of the royal family gathered, along with celebrities. Links of London brings a variety of beautiful Ascot inspired charms for keepsake or you can wear them like themed accessories at a similarly-themed event!

    5. Accessories to go with Fascinators & Cravats


    A princess has a certain way of carrying herself. Stunning looks are complemented by a unique styling sense. This applies to the Ascot-inspired range of fashionwear too. A true Ascot ensemble is about wearing huge fascinators and cravats complemented by minimalistic accessories to complete the look. Some sleek Chain Bracelets are a smart fashion accessory here. You can also consider diamond bracelets that add some sparkle without getting too loud or predictable.

    Where should you shop for Ascot-inspired jewellery?

    Pulling the Royal Ascot style is achievable if you know about the fashion rules and are aware about the right places to shop for meticulously designed jewellery options. You don’t need royal stylists or designers—all you need is a perfect dress and an online store like Acotis Diamonds. There are few online jewellery platforms that have so many worthy contenders when it comes to Ascot-relevant range of jewellery. At Acotis, you get the best creations from premium brands without any apprehensions about the authenticity or sticker prices—shop with the confidence that you are buying the best!

    Why should you trust Links of London for Ascot-worthy Jewellery?

    Nothing is as genuine as Links of London when it comes to bespoke jewellery pieces—the brand has unequalled panache with layers of elegance mated into each offering. You get gorgeous creations, including some scintillation jewels and textures that are hard to find anywhere else. Recently, the brand was been honoured for being the official licensee manufacturing the Royal Ascot range of jewellery—this should dust-away any doubt!

  • A Jewellery Styling Guide That You Can’t Miss to Follow by Acotis Diamonds

    Style-savvy women always manage to look stunning with their simple and sophisticated style. They like styling their outfits with subtle jewellery. Keeping it elegant and sleek with minimal jewellery is what everyday styling demands. You do not have to limit yourself in terms of accessories but you really need to avoid being too flashy to dress up for your office or going out shopping. If you are not sure about where to start, then following is your guide to follow to look everyday phenomenal with these accessories.

    Sterling silver Bracelets and Bangles

    Silver is a versatile metal that enhances the appearance and style of any attire. To complete your everyday look, you need to add some simple yet stylish accessory like a lightweight bangle or a charm bracelet. The sheen of the silver construction is an ultimate classic when it comes to quintessential work wear. Many jewlelery brands like Hot Diamonds UK are offering you some intricately crafted pieces of silver bangles and bracelets which are ruling the current trends.


    Vintage Hoop Earrings

    Vintage jewellery and charms are a trend that is hopping back on to the everyday phenomenal fashion looks this season. If you are dressing up for your office or you are greeting someone over at your place, in that case, you do not have to be party ready. You need a perfect formal outfit accessorized with minimal accessories that are not vivid. Simple and elegant vintage jewellery like these chandelier earrings will complete your flawless everyday look.


    Stylish Typographical Charms

    If wearing plunging necklines is your thing then you must try some amazing alphabetical charms for an effortlessly chic look. These charm necklaces are perfect for your day-to-night wear and would brighten up any outfit. These charms also provide you with a way to express your persona with your style. Typographical and personalized pendants are the new trendsetting pieces in the market that everyone is enjoying wearing.


    Staggering and Layering up

    This is the most followed trend of this season, whether rings or necklaces layering makes you look flawless. If you are someone who likes to be unique every time with your everyday looks than stacking up necklaces is your way to do it without being too showy. Layering elegant and sleek necklaces is a perfect way to highlight your décolletage. While layering up, just make sure that your chains are of varying lengths so that each of them is highlighted.


    Charming Chain Bracelets

    Accessorizing your outfits with minimal chain bracelets goes perfectly well with the idea of minimal styling for your everyday wear. We often come across a phrase “less is more” and wearing modern and dainty minimalist bracelet justifies it. You can either stack it up with watches and cuff bracelets or wear it solo, it will continue to be a timeless classic on the wrist. 2K18 fashion trends are giving us some serious everyday styling goals with these beautiful chain bracelets.


    Where to shop for the best everyday jewellery?

    Fashion tends to fluctuate every now and then, but for all the fashion influenced people out there, it is important to keep up your pace with the change. Everyday styling can become monotonous at some point, but you can make it much more fun by adding new elements and trends to your style. Shop for the best everyday essential accessories at Acotis Diamonds. The online fashion jewellery store has a mesmerizing array of collection from the most trusted and stylish brands to help you redefine fashion with beautiful accessories.

    Why buy everyday essential accessories from Hot Diamonds?

    Hot Diamonds is a UK based jewellery brand that has now become a global retail jewellery store. The brand has always provided its customers with a unique blend of precious metals and stones carved beautiful designs. Hot Diamonds made its debut in 2001 and ever since then the brand is known for the unique shapes, stunning styles and classic appeal in its jewellery range. From a minimalistic pendant necklace to a stylish diamond ring, Hot Diamond has got all of it covered in their expanding range.

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