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Monthly Archives: May 2018

  • Ravishing Diamond Trends Taking Over this 2018

    It is time to kiss goodbye to all the jewellery trends of 2017 and experiment with some new designs, colours and shapes. Subtle and smooth is a cliché now, while bold and vibrant is this year’s new go-to chic look to follow. Make an entrance with the kind of diamond jewellery that can make you look worth all the attention and the stares.

    Let’s just unwrap these few rocking diamond trends of this year that are going to sweep you off your feet.

    Queen with Diamond Cuffs

    Be the dazzling diva of your evening wearing the amazing diamond cuff bracelets. Whether the bracelet is sleek or broad, it is just perfect to make you look like the absolute queen of the show. Cuffs are known to be the timeless fashion classics that are now being redesigned to get you your very own style statement.





    Layer it up to blend in

    If you are the one who does not get satisfied wearing just one thing, then you must experiment with layers. Get that flawless whimsical look you always wanted to have by layering up your diamond necklace chains, rings or even sleek bracelets. For the necklace layering always go for the necklaces of varying lengths to add fun to your attire. Mix and match the diamond chains in silver and yellow gold or stack your rose gold ring with a white gold diamond ring. Layering is all about adding a little fun element to your outfit and rocking every look.





    Style in Rose Gold to be in Vogue

    Originally dubbed as ‘Russian Gold’ is now being referred to as Rose Gold is making way to the stellar look books of this year. Rose gold metal chains, rings, earrings and bracelets adorned with white diamonds are a slam-dunk sign of glam. This pink gold perfectly complements your diamonds and gives you a royal vintage look with a touch of modernity. Styling the rose gold jewellery will make you fall in love with its alluring shine and harmonious tone. Rose gold also looks great worn with other metal hues, lending itself well to stacking and layering.





    Go Pear or Go Bare

    If you are someone who is too inspired by the Hollywood accessory styling, then you have your accessory mantra for this year, which is to go bold with the ‘pear’ shaped diamonds. It is the high time to stop crushing over the pear-shaped diamond ring of Liz Taylor and getting one for your own! The marquise-cut pear shape of a diamond is everything that is sensuously alluring. A pear-shaped diamond necklace does not require an Elizabeth Taylor necessarily, but it requires someone who could carry it with similar poise and grace!





    Get your hands on the best trend-setting diamond Jewellery

    There are plenty of online stores offering you the charismatic collection of diamond jewellery. Always look for the authentic yet affordable vendor who is going to offer you with the unique pieces crafted with everlasting grace. For all those who have been looking for the latest jewellery collection in trend just like the one listed above, you can visit Acotis Diamonds. Check out their mesmerizing diamond jewellery collection.

    Why trust Hot Diamonds while shopping for Diamond Jewellery?

    Hot diamonds is one of the most promising brands dealing with the ground-breaking collection of diamonds. The shapes, sizes and the uniqueness of the design is their primary concern which makes their collection stand out. The brand ensures that every single piece rises to the occasion. Also, the success and the flawless craftsmanship of this brand has never gone unnoticed as they were the winners of the prestigious UK Jewellery Brand of the Year in 2001 and 2003. Create a charismatic imprint wearing the minimalistic diamond jewellery from Hot Diamonds.

  • Watches Trends that are going to Sweep You Off Your Feet

    Accessories add to your stunner looks and you sure would not want to mess with it by ignoring even the minor details. What kind of a Fashionista would you be if you do not own a collection of classy yet tempting watches.? Just like last season’s styles can become passé overnight, the watch trends are bound to change every now and then. For all those who have an obsession for wearing and collecting the most stylish watches we have got this amazing itinerary for you!

    Few Gorgeous Watch Trends Pour Femme

    The range of women fashion cannot be described because it varies infinitely. Every outfit demands different accessory detailing and women just can’t afford to give this fact a miss. There are plenty of brands dealing with the manufacturing of gorgeous women watches with different styles. A few of them are making their way straight to the category of ‘the hot favourites’ in this year’s fashion look-book.

    Street Fashion Stunner with Bracelet Watches

    The bracelet watches are perfect to compliment your lazy laid-back look. If you are someone who like to keep it raw all day long wearing a crop top or a cool T-shirt then these timepieces are just tailor made to match your style.

    Flaunt Royality with Metal and Ceramic Watches

    Human love for metals like gold and silver is just beyond imagination and when it comes to women then you cannot stop them from being a lover of luxurious goodies. Metal watches can never go out of trend and to our surprise the ceramic watches with big dials and leather straps is the new cool for this year.






    Get Your Fun Element Out with Boyfriend Style Watches

    First, it was stealing your boyfriend’s jeans, then it came to his T-shirts and now it’s his watches; fashion is really teaching us how to steal the show. Pair these large-face watches with your sexy ensemble and get the minimalistic celeb look inspired by the styles of Miley Cyrus and Milla Jovovich.






    Dazzle like a Diva with the Glitzy Watch with Stones

    If you are someone who wants to be the show stopper wherever you go then studded watches are just the perfect companions for you. Pearls, rubies, gemstones and zodiac stones are the real deal for this season studs. Shine on and on with the perfect piece of studded watch.






    Dress to Kill with these Watch Trends Pour Men

    Men always go for the accessories that adds sophistication and style to their looks. A branded wrist watch is their all-time favourite saviour for every outfit. Men are known for not experimenting with many accessories and styles, but this one thing they are sure to have a strong opinion on is their choice and collection watches. Following are some watch trends that are being loved by every man on the globe from celebs to non celebs.

    Follow the League of Evolution with Smart-Watches

    For all the multi taskers who are used to do 2 or more things at the same point of time, this invention of technology can be your assistant in disguise. Apart from doing much more things from just telling the time, it is the new version of telling people ‘I am a smart man wearing a smart gadget.






    Let your Black and Gold Watch Describe Your Royalty

    If your style is always about staying classy, making a luxurious statement and outstanding others, then black and gold in combination in a watch is what you should be looking for.






    Always a Step Ahead with Waterproof Watches

    This one is an ideal watch to have for every man, which can safely see you through splashes, showers, swims and more. This category is special because it has in way ended all your woes of being careless with your expensive and prized possessions when you are anywhere near water.

    Get Your Pick from The Best Collection of Watches for Men and Women

    The online markets are the bizarre of new and trendy watches being sold. If you are a wristwatch lover, then you might know the importance of buying authentic and durable watches. There are only a few stores like Acotis Diamonds who can be trusted. They have got an exclusive range of watches to satisfy your obsession for watches.

    Why to trust a brand like Thomas Sabo for buying Watches?

    Thomas Sabo is a brand that features an iconic range of watches that can help you achieve the everyday phenomenal kind of look. This brand is known for its line of designer watches. Each timepiece is crafted from the very finest materials and is an excellent example of how watches can be just as beautiful as they are functional, especially when they are produced by one of the finest jewellery designers currently active in the world today.

  • How Charm Jewellery is Still a Contemporary Classic

    Style savvy women prefer wearing charms and pendants as an accessory because it helps them create their very own style statement. The beauty and glitz of charm jewellery pull all the attention and admiration. Charms once known to serve the talismanic purposes in ancient times, have now transformed to being the favourite fashion essentials for everyone. If you have been looking for the perfect piece of accessory that reflects your personality, then adding beautiful charm jewellery to your collection is the right thing to do.

    From History to Fashion — Journey of Charm Jewellery

    Ever since the time of our ancestors when they had no knowledge of fashion and trends, charms and pendants have existed. Christians in Roman Empire used to wear fish charms for the identification of people from same community. Many of them wore charms, believing it to be the special tokens to ward off evil and bring luck.

    It was in the mid-nineteenth century when Queen Victoria introduced us to the fashionable charm jewellery. It was worn only by the women of elite and noble classes back then. The screen stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Crawford popularised the trend of wearing charms in necklaces and bracelets in the 1920s. Somehow, these charms have always been able to work their charm to stay in fashion and would continue to be in trend for an eternity.

    Be One Step Ahead in Fashion with Charm Trends

    There is a specific kind of charm for everyone to satisfy the styling needs and highlight the true personality in a glamorous way. Following are some intricate charm trends that are making an imprint this season:

    Zodiac Inspired Charms

    Wear a personalised charm pendant that reflects your personality and style. Not only this is the current most followed trend but also gives you the positivity needed. These zodiac charms are known to bring good luck whilst keeping you in the good books of fashion.






    Moon Star Charms

    For all the peace loving fashion enthusiasts, moon-star charms are all that your accessory collection needs. You cannot just get enough of the various celestial wonders dazzling your jewellery range, making you look gorgeous even when you are wearing a simplistic attire.






    Signary Charms

    The customised signary charms are the perfect kind of souvenir you are looking for. The range varies from an alphabet charm to different kinds of letter charms in any language. It can be anything from a symbol of love to some expression containing a message. This makes them very special.






    Animal Charms

    Animal-themed charms are one of the most loved and adored categories. They enable your lovability to just flow flawlessly. This type of charms features owls, butterflies, elephants, cats, turtles, crab, and more. There are so many beliefs surrounding these creature trinkets, making them your perfect good luck charms.






    Gemstone Charms:

    If you wish to add an aesthetically antique allure to your attire, then you must go for the trendy gemstone charms. They have existed in fashion world ever since the beginning. Gemstones are believed to carry many healing properties as well and are the astrologer’s favourites. Wearing the right gemstone can heal and bring harmony to your soul.






    Nature Inspired Charms:

    The charms of this category keep you real close to nature and infuse your mind with positivity. There are leaves, trees, feathers, sun, fire, water, pearl, sea, earth and so many other elements of nature, which are being carved into these charms. For all the nature lovers seeking fashion accessory solutions, this type would serve you well with intricately designed charms that would become the embodiment of your pure personality.






    Where to Find the Best Collection of Charm Jewellery?

    Good quality and affordability is a rare combination to find these days. Online stores are swamped with replicas and frauds. There are a few stores that can help you find the finest collection of authentic and original collection of charms. Acotis Diamonds is your one-stop shop where you can get all the above mentioned variety of dazzling charms with a promise of premium quality at the best price. Grab this opportunity to choose from the best collection online.

    Why Trust Thomas Sabo while Shopping for Charms?

    Thomas Sabo, being a versatile brand, brings you innovative and trendsetting designs of jewellery. The Thomas Sabo Charm club has redefined glamor with intricately created pieces for the necklines and wrists. All the designs are crafted with a unique ability to highlight your attire by providing a special radiance. The collection features over 600 charms exquisitely crafted with durable materials like 925 sterling silver, 18k yellow gold plating, and 18k rose gold plating. This stunning range of charms enables you to stun everyone with your exuberant vibe.

  • Your Ultimate Guide to Buying the Perfect Stone

    Gemstone jewellery can be perceived as a blend of fashion aesthetics with astrology. The endearing gemstones are worn in the form of a ring, bracelet, pendant, earrings and necklace. Stones are being used in designing jewellery, crown and costume since antiquity. They not only bring charisma to your appearance but also carry healing properties. A jewellery stone can bring myriad positive impacts to your innate energy fields with its distinctive features. Combining and wearing these stones together can bring you a whole set of benefits.

    There are many precious and semi-precious gems that carry concealed energy along with external grace. We have delineated a compact list of gemstones, describing their beauty and influences on your physical and intellectual personality.

    Amethyst: Transformation of Spirit

    Amethyst is a beautiful gem with unusual healing powers. This stone is associated with nobility, spiritual awareness, peace, balance, and positive transformations. Purple amethyst is the most sought after and highly regarded healing crystal. Thomas Sabo February violet charm is an amethyst pendant, which is best suitable for people desiring inner peace and self-awareness.

    Moonstone: Shield of Humane Soul

    Moonstone is a sacred stone associated with powers of moon and goddess Diana. This stone fosters good luck, hope, happiness, abundance, and wisdom. It is also considered as a protective shield against pain, illness and negative energies. This stone is believed to stimulate easy childbirth, new beginnings and safe travels.

    Opal: Stone of Fertility

    Opal is a quite attractive gemstone, deemed to enhance your ability to understand your own desires. It is worn to bring marital bliss, fertility, companionship and to degenerate harmful behaviour. People born in October are recommended to wear this stone to get blessed with all the luxuries and comforts of life. Although opals come in a variety of colours, but the most precious ones have a variable internal colour play. Discover the whole range of genuine opals at Acotis Diamonds.

    Pearl: Purity and Wisdom

    Pearl, the oldest known jewel stone has its own lustre, shape and size and need not to be modified. This stone is vastly known to foster purity, integrity, concentration, wisdom and innocence. It is also recommended to people with short temper, aggressive behaviour and those born in the month of June. Thomas Sabo Silver Freshwater Pearl Zirconia carries two beautiful pearls embedded in a silver ring.

    Sapphire: Symbol of Wealth and Charm

    Sapphire has a privileged position among all the gemstones for its amazing colour and merits. Blue sapphire is the most eminent and attractive of all the available colours. If worn during the right phase of one’s life, it would bring instant wealth, amazing luck and sincerity. Sapphire is also available in yellow, purple, orange and green colours and is polished to appear like jewels.

    Rose Quartz: Feeds Love to Heart

    Rose Quartz is one of the most beautiful gemstones that enhance all forms of love. The presence of several minerals gives this crystal a pink hue, making it the first demand of most women. This stone leads our heart to kindness, peace, care, forgiveness and unconditional love. It also fosters self-acceptance, self-love and personal worth.

    Emerald: Perfect Healer Stone

    Available in yellow, blue and green colours, Emerald is known to hold unusual healing powers. This stone strengthens the respiratory tract, eyesight, liver functions and even immune system. Its energy range is considered to detoxify body and bring growth, peace, fidelity and much more to the wearer. Acotis Diamonds offers you with the purest, green and transparent emeralds to outshine your jewel box.

    Diamond: Beauty of Victory

    Diamond is the hardest and strongest substance on earth, prized as the rarest stone. This stone gets its brilliance from three factors of light — reflection, refraction and dispersion. Diamond attracts strength, power, purity, harmony and abundance while also filling the negative inner spaces with love. Apart from immense beauty, it also uplifts the wearer with victory over enemies. Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Ring is a beautiful embodiment of faceted pave diamonds circling a cultivated freshwater pearl in an exquisite ring.

    Finding Genuine Gems and Stones

    Find the perfect gem that matches your personality and get yourself a finely decorated jewellery piece. Acotis Diamonds is a leading provider of genuine, stunning designer jewellery in UK. Acotis offers latest fashion trends from the most sought-after jewellery designers in UK and Europe. This online platform has jewellery pieces from best designers, including Thomas Sabo, Links of London, Hot Diamonds, Swarovski, Trollbeads and Nomination. The company regularly upgrades new designer bangles, necklaces, watches, beads, earrings and other jewellery pieces to its inventory. Jewel lovers can get styled stone jewellery from this collection to complement their gemstone jewellery collection.

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