Mother and daughter laying on the grass look at each other and smile 02/03/2022
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Revealed: The 10 Best Mother’s Day Gifts Of 2022

Are you ready for Mother’s Day? On Sunday 26th March, it’s time to celebrate the incredible women who made us. We think that giving the leading lady in your life some gorgeous jewellery is the perfect way to show your appreciation. If you’re not sure what to get your mum for Mother’s Day, don’t worry! At Acotis, you’ll find the ideal gift for mum.

pearls and white lace 02/02/2022

Our Tips On How To Care For Pearl Jewellery

Pearls are a staple for every jewellery box. This stunning gemstone boasts a rich history that has contributed to why pearl jewellery is unique and valuable. Let’s explore what pearls are and why they’ll always be the perfect accessory to any outfit.

Wedding Ring Cleaning 17/11/2021

How to Clean Your Engagement Ring

After all the browsing, research and efforts you have put into finding the perfect ring for your better half, it is important to know how to care for it too. Not only is an engagement ring probably one of the most expensive pieces of jewellery in your collection, but the sentimental values attached to it make it all the more precious. It is really important to clean your ring the proper way to preserve its beauty and make sure it remains timeless, just like your bond. Over the years, general... Read More

Woman wearing anklet bracelet 18/08/2021

Here Comes the Sun: Summer Jewellery That Makes You Sparkle

With the summer in full swing, it’s time to pick out some fresh summer jewellery for those sunny days ahead. Whether you are heading towards a leisurely outdoor picnic with your loved ones, beach parties, or simply running errands for the day, our summer jewellery will elevate your looks in an instant. Melding your glitzy outfits with mood-lifting chunky pieces, eye-catching ankle bracelets, and sparkling diamonds, our womens jewellerywill add a glamorous touch from top to toe. Assemble the most dazzling combinations of everyday jewels to make your fashion statement this season. ... Read More

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Kids Jewellery for Your Little Gems at Acotis Jewellery

The birth of a baby is a moment to cherish. For parents and babies, gifting the new arrival with some children’s jewellery is a wonderful memento of this precious time. Our collection of exquisite kids jewellery is a wonderful introduction to the world of jewellery for young children. Be it gifts for newborns, their older siblings, or a sweet gift for the new parent’s baby box, our collection of children’s jewellery has exactly what you need. The best jewellery for kids Our collection of children’s jewellery comprises adorable stud earrings, necklaces, pendants,... Read More

Couple dancing at the wedding, the ohoto is zoomed in on them holding hands 17/08/2021

How To Photograph Your Wedding Ring

When you decide to seal your friendship with your partner into a marriage, the one thing that is symbolic of this union is your wedding ring. It is the emblem of love, a symbol of devotion, and a promise of a lifetime. You must have spent days and months to find that perfect wedding band that resonates with the personality of your partner; it should convey your feelings beautifully and effortlessly. Finding the perfect stone, diamonds or platinum is way trickier than you could have imagined. But isn’t the whole... Read More


Class of 2021: Graduation Gift Guide

Congratulations class of 2021: you did it! If anyone deserves a graduation gift this year, it’s you! There’s nothing like the triumphant feeling of finally wearing that cap and gown, walking down the aisle to collect your degree after all your hard work as your family look on with pride. This special day is the moment where you step into the crazy and unpredictable world of adulthood – however, you’ve already weathered enough storms so early.  Throughout the academic year, the class of 2021 has had to face even more... Read More

Wedding Band 17/06/2021

How to pick a metal for your wedding band

Once you have picked out and locked down the type of diamond you want for your partner’s engagement ring, it is time to choose the band metal that will hold that precious stone. This is an important choice as it should complement the diamond that you have chosen. There is a myriad of metals to choose from, including yellow, white and rose gold, platinum, silver and more. These metals are gender neutral and will beautifully enhance the premium look and feel of your wedding attire.  You can find soft metals... Read More

Diamond shapes 14/05/2021

The difference between Diamond shapes

Finding the engagement ring that you or your partner has always dreamt of can be greatly impacted by the main stone it has been crafted with. With the numerous types of shapes floating around the market and social media, you may have spotted a design that you like but don’t know a lot about. Each diamond sparkles differently and can influence the wearer’s daily style. The shape of the stone can have a traditional and classic look, a vintage edge or even a sleek, modern look that is flawlessly shaped. ... Read More