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At Acotis Diamonds, you get an interesting range of jewellery from a variety of eminent brands as well as our own designs. Each item is designed with maximum care, to ensure that when you receive it, you go gaga over with your new piece of jewellery. When you are searching for the type of jewellery piece, browse through our repertory to find a piece, which you can enjoy for many years to come.

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Bespoke and Lustrous Diamond Jewellery

A forerunner of stunning designer jewellery, Acotis jewellery stocks their products from UK’s most-respected designers. Browse our collection of fine jewellery. Diamonds always mark those special moments in life. An ultimate souvenir, diamonds can be treasured for a lifetime. For a special occasion or a well-deserved indulgence, Acotis’s stunning range of diamond jewellery is the most befitting option – thanks to the variety.

Make Your Style a Notch Higher with Acotis Diamond Collection

Acotis Diamonds is a name synonymous with excellent craftsmanship, superior product quality and exclusive designs. At Acotis, jewellery is not just a product, but a complete expression of artistry. This is the reason why Acotis is a brand, which has an honour of being coveted by women in the UK. Quality is our motto at Acotis. From designers and craftsmen, to their creations, the quality checks implemented are of the highest quality – to ensure perfection. Acotis doesn’t waver from its promises of superior creations and purity.

Philosophy of Jewellery Designs at Acotis

A team of talented designers capture the celebration and beauty of different occasions in your life. The ornate diamond collection at Acotis is a proof of the hard work that goes in! Our designers draw inspiration from contemporary themes and antique legacies. Great care is taken while finishing – to ensure that the products that you buy are both on high quality and style. At Acotis, each month we craft a collection for you. Each repertory will shimmer with different designs. Each collection is genuinely inspired. What you should know beyond this is that each of the jewellery piece at Acotis Diamonds is set firmly in an unshakeable set of ethics and values. We source diamonds from trusted, known and certified suppliers. Each piece of jewellery is a labour of love – that stands testament to the beauty of the one who wears it.